Your Guise Is Sl*pping Miss Pearl Chapter 652

Your Guise Is Sl*pping Miss Pearl Chapter 652

Chapter 652 

Hugo turned to Pearl since it made sense to him

Quickly, both Hugo and Richard looked at Pearl closely

Panicked, Pearl didn’t understand why they wanted her to choose. It was driving her crazy

She stared at them, feeling helpless. She couldn’t find her voice

At that moment, Jenny, who had been quiet all this time, stepped in to help Pearl because she wanted the men’s attention. Rick, do you like Pearl?” 

Jealousy consumed her as she heard them compete for Pearl’s favor. She wondered what was so great about Pearl that two great guys were fighting for her

Besides, they used to be interested in Jenny. She felt that Pearl had snatched everything away. So, she couldn’t hide her hatred toward Pearl 

I don’t think it’s any of your business,Richard spoke harshly and didn’t want to talk to Jenny

Rick, I-” 

Hugo didn’t want to pretend anymore. He said lazily, Yeah, it’s none of your business. Stop meddling in it.” 

Jenny couldn’t accept their dismissive attitude because nobody had treated her that way. She forced a smile. I just-Before she could claim he was concerned about them, they looked away indifferently

She teared upshe couldn’t accept this kind of rejection. She didn’t care about the importance of the event and ran away

She would never forgive Pearl 

No one knew where Jenny went or when she left. Both Richard and Hugo kept their focus on Pearl

Hugo was almost sure of his suspicion. Richard had feelings for Pearl again and wanted to win her over

But Hugo wasn’t ready to give up on Pearl easily. After all, she was at his mercy

Pearl couldn’t make such a difficult choice as it involved her mother’s health and her love life. It was a tough situation for her

However, Richard and Hugo were unaware of each other’s thoughts, so they made Pearl decide

With a smile, Pearl changed the subject. Look at the woman on stage. Her clothes are so pretty. Should I ask her about the materials later?” 

Richard’s eyes turned cold. Don’t change the subject now.” 

Hugo also ignored the woman on stage as he kept his eyes on Pearl. Pea, you should make up your mind soon, or I can’t keep my promise to you.” 

Pearl felt a sense of threat in Hugo’s smile. She pursed her lips and retreated

Chapter 652 

It felt like she was drowning. She couldn’t make a choice

Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl Novel

Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl Novel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl” is a novel that explores the unraveling of Miss Pearl’s carefully constructed facade. As secrets and truths come to light, the story delves into identity, deception, and the consequences of maintaining a false front in the pursuit of personal goals.   Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl

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Title: Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  
  Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl/Review  An explosive piece of information became the highlight of Enswood’s news lines today. [Following a deal made in the past, the wealthy and influential Mister and Missus Waldorf ask a girl to choose one of their five sons to be her fiance.]Everyone was flabbergasted, and the media soon dug out the girl’s photo. She was a country bumpkin—tanned and plump. The netizens screamed their disapproval, saying she did not deserve any of the Waldorf brothers. But when her true identity was revealed, everyone was humiliated.She was the mystery chairperson of the Cerubleu Corporation, the globally famous singer, Nancie, and a top race driver!As her guise was slowly peeled away, nob*dy dared to say she was undeserving of the Waldorf brothers.It turned out to be the exact opposite!


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