Your Guise Is Sl*pping Miss Pearl Chapter 651

Your Guise Is Sl*pping Miss Pearl Chapter 651

Chapter 651 

That voice made Jenny’s expression change drastically

In the distance, Hugo slowly came over. He walked past Jenny without noticing her and went straight to Pearl

Are you full, Pea?He touched Pearl’s hand and sounded loving. It felt like they had a deep relationship

Jenny got angry but didn’t want to argue in public. She softened her tone and asked, Why are you being distant, Hugo? Did I do something wrong?” 

Slowly, Hugo turned to Jenny indifferently. I don’t have anything to do with you. Aren’t you in love with Rick? So why are you trying to get close to me?” 

Many cameras from the media were filming them during the fashion show, so Jenny couldn’t say much. She awkwardly smiled and said, We’re still family, even though I like Rick. You don’t have to be so cold to me.” 

That’s unnecessary.Hugo forced a smile at Jenny

Pea, I saw something interesting there just now-Hugo began, but Pearl suddenly tensed up before he could finish

He looked over in the same direction and found Richard standing not far from them, looking grim

Calm down. Didn’t he forget about his feelings for you?Hugo leaned close and whispered to her gently, He won’t mind even if we do something.” 

Pearl broke out in a cold sweat the moment she saw Richard. She could tell from his intense gaze that he was very angry and might want to hack Hugo into pieces

However, Hugo seemed oblivious. He moved closer to Pearl and nearly hugged her

Anxious, Pearl whispered to Hugo, Okay, stop. Don’t get too close.” 

Hugo raised an eyebrow. What’s the matter? You’re not still thinking about him, are you?” 

Pearl knew she couldn’t let Hugo discover that Richard had feelings for her again, or there might be trouble

You’re my companion today so we should be closer. I think it’s not out of line.Hugo held her wrist and felt the smoothness of her skin. It moved him


Richard, who had walked over, found Hugo holding Pearl’s wrist an eyesore. It’s not a good idea to be so affectionate in public.‘ 


Panicked, Pearl quickly pulled away and stood to the side. No, we’re not.” 

Finally, Richard was satisfied

Hugo was sharp, and he began to suspect something. He wondered if Richard had regained his feelings for Pearl

His doubt grew, and he decided to test it. He pulled Pearl close and looked at Richard provocatively. Rick, is it right for you to meddle in my relationship with my partner?” 

hapter BST 


All eyes were on the stage as the fashion show began. Richard, knowing they were alone, spoke honestly, It’s because the woman standing beside you is my fiancee.” 

What do you mean? Did you forget that you called off your engagement?Hugo found it amusing and wondered why Richard was so forgetful

Pearl didn’t like bringing up that past affair. Although she felt hurt because of Richard’s indifference, she knew he had no feelings for her at the moment. She had left him cruelly, so his actions were reasonable

Richard confidently replied, Why don’t you ask her who she’s going to choose? You or me?” 

Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl Novel

Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl Novel

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/23/2023 Native Language: English
“Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl” is a novel that explores the unraveling of Miss Pearl’s carefully constructed facade. As secrets and truths come to light, the story delves into identity, deception, and the consequences of maintaining a false front in the pursuit of personal goals.   Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl

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Title: Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  
  Your Guise Is Sl*pping, Miss Pearl/Review  An explosive piece of information became the highlight of Enswood’s news lines today. [Following a deal made in the past, the wealthy and influential Mister and Missus Waldorf ask a girl to choose one of their five sons to be her fiance.]Everyone was flabbergasted, and the media soon dug out the girl’s photo. She was a country bumpkin—tanned and plump. The netizens screamed their disapproval, saying she did not deserve any of the Waldorf brothers. But when her true identity was revealed, everyone was humiliated.She was the mystery chairperson of the Cerubleu Corporation, the globally famous singer, Nancie, and a top race driver!As her guise was slowly peeled away, nob*dy dared to say she was undeserving of the Waldorf brothers.It turned out to be the exact opposite!


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