The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 86

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 86

Chapter 86 

Claire’s panicked voice seemed to have risen from the depths of her heart. 

“Gavin. It’s Gavin. Gavin is here to kill us!” 

At this moment, Claire’s face was deathly pale as she screamed in terror. 

The trauma left in Claire’s heart behind by Gavin was palpable. 

After all, she had knelt in front of everyone and shouted “Grandpa!” three times! 

However, her voice did interrupt the musings of the two Mason brothers. 

Claire knew that Gavin was still alive, but Zavian and Ethan didn’t! 

Therefore, Zavian turned around and waved his hand impatiently, saying to Claire, “Enough. It can’t be Gavin. Gavin is dead! Even if Gavin is still alive, he’s just a piece of trash!” 

“He must have someone helping him, but no matter who that person is, Ethan and I won’t allow him to leave this place alive!” 

Hearing Zavian’s comforting voice, Claire’s eyes regained clarity. 

“He’s right. They’re from the Mason family of Greenwald,” Claire thought. 

Although Claire had never met anyone from the Mason family of Greenwald before, the Mason family’s name from Greenwald was well-known to her! 

She couldn’t count how many times she had heard people in her family brag about how powerful people from the Mason family of Greenwald were in terms of martial strength 

This was something that the Dawson family had always yearned for, but never had. 

Moreover, she just did something she liked with the second son of the Mason family, Zavian. 

Through her judgment of Zavian’s prowess with his waist, Claire felt that Zavian of the Mason family was certainly nothing ordinary in terms of power! 

On her side, Claire heaved a sigh of relief. She lifted the blanket and staggered to Zavian’s side. 

She reached out to hold Zavian’s arm and said softly. “Zavian baby, you have to protect me! 

“You have to teach that country bumpkin Gavin a lesson!” 

Good lord: 

How old was Zavian? He was old enough to be Claire’s father, yet she actually called him “baby”? 

However, Zavian naturally fell for it. He gently patted Claire’s little face and said, “Don’t worry. Even if Gavin is still alive, he’s just a brainless idiot. I can easily kill him!” 

When Ethan saw the intimate scene between the two of them, it left a bad taste in his mouth, even giving rise to a different idea in his heart. 

If he came to the Dawson family and Zavian went to the Holman family instead, wouldn’t he be the one playing this happy little game with this vixen just now! 

Ethan didn’t feel it was fair 

After greedily taking in the sight of Claire. Ethan deliberately said in disdain, “Alright, you should put on some clothes!” 

As he spoke, Ethan turned around and walked out 

The mourning clothes on Claire were still tucked around the upper half of her body 

Ethan and Zavian could tell Claire was thinking from the she stepped out of the blankets so candilly 

However, she was just a plaything in Zavian i eyes, so what dad it matter of others saw her like 

Zavian even said to his third youngest brother. Ethan, after chasing after him, “Hey! Ethan, this woman isa’t bail. When the matter with that ba 

In resolve 

we give it a 

When than heard that he gland at Zavian To be honest, Ethan was a little tempted However, when Ethan saw Claire 

mour with Zavian, he coughed and said. “Tess sextle this 

eli be easy. Just watch how I will teachi 

Chapter 86 

Claire, who was following behind, heard Zavian’s words clearly, but it didn’t stir any emotions in her heart. 

Instead, she felt that it was only natural. She even felt a little anticipation in her heart. 

Of course, she looked forward to Gavin’s tragic death the most! 

Previously, she had called Gavin “Grandpa” in public! 

Moreover, her father and grandfather had both died at the hands of Gavin. 

Claire clenched her fists and sneered in her heart, thinking, “Gavin, I want to see how a country bumpkin like you will die!” 

Zavian and Ethan showed up at Caius’s funeral. 

They noticed that the 30-odd people that they brought with them were all standing in the center of the funeral hall, eyeing the outside warily. 

As for the butler and servants of the Dawson family, they all hid behind the pillars and secretly watched the situation outside. 

When the warriors of the Mason family saw Zavian and Ethan, they spoke in unison. 

“Mr. Zavian. Mr. Ethan.” 

Zavian nodded at them and frowned, asking. “Where is he? 

“Have you guys already killed that stupid bastard?” 

When he said this, Zavian looked pleased. 

However, the warriors of the Mason family shook their heads and said, “Mr. Zavian, the person who spoke doesn’t seem to have arrived yet.” 


Zavian and Ethan were stunned at the same time before asking. Then who shouted that sentence just now?” 

Just as Zavian finished speaking, two crisp sounds came from behind all of them. 

They were knocking sounds. 

Hearing these two soft sounds, Zavian, Ethan, and the rest of the people were shocked. 

They instantly turned to look in the direction of the sound. 

A young man was standing next to Caius’s coffin, knocking on it lightly. 

On the other side, Claire’s entire body had already begun to tremble violently. She screamed frantically, “Gavin! It’s Gavin! He’s Gavin!” 

So far, out of all the people present, Clair was the only one who had seen Gavin. 

Moreover, when she first met Gavin, she didn’t know that this person would bring such a painful experience to her family. 

Hearing Claire’s scream, Zavian reached out and pulled Claire behind him. Then, Zavian frowned and looked down at Gavin, demanding. “You’re Gavin?” 

When Zavian heard Claire’s scream and saw Gavin’s young face, Zavian was shocked. 

“Is he really Gavin?” Zavian wondered. 

Gavin didn’t directly answer Zavian’s question. Instead, Gavin looked at Caius’s coffin in front of him and nodded slightly 

“How is it? The coffin I gave the Dawson family is of good quality, right?” 


Gavin’s nonchalant attitude did no physical harm but it was extremely insulting, though Gavin was targeting the Dawson family with his words 

However, when these words entered the ears of the Mason family, they were distinctively piercing on their ears, especially to Zavian who stood in front of Gavin questioning him, yet Gavin dared to ignore hum! 

Gavin even mocked the people of the Dawson family so casually 

There were many of them from the Mason family standing in front of Gavin. Didn’t Gavin see them! 

‘Hey ka 

Zavuus took a step forward and pointed at Gavin’s nose, shouting. “You bastard! You’re about to die, yet you re still so 

donly turned 

and Zavian and asked curiously. “Who are you? Are you the Dawson, 

Chapter 86 

“The Dawson family?” Hearing Gavin’s question, Zavian said, ‘Are they worthy?” 

“What?” thought the Dawson family butler and Claire. 

After hearing this, the Dawson family’s butler and Claire didn’t seem to believe what they were hearing. They were clearly 


“Why did Mr. Zavian say such a thing at this time?” both of them wondered. 

However, Zavian and Ethan didn’t seem to care about the opinions of the people from the Dawson family at all. Ethan took a step forward and berated loudly. “Hey kid! 

“I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you’re trying to be mysterious or what, pretending to be a stray dog without a family and killing people from our Mason family! 

“You killed our fifth brother! 

“You didn’t expect this to happen when you killed our fifth brother, did you?” 

“Their fifth brother? Who is that?” Gavin wondered. 

Gavin’s confusion was practically written all over his face. 

To be honest, Gavin had killed too many people after he returned to Brookspring. It was impossible to remember every single one of them. However, Gavin was certain that every single person he killed deserved to die! 

While Gavin wondered who the Mason family’s fifth son was, Zavian, who was opposite Gavin, watched Gavin who remained silent, with a sneer on his face. 

“What? Are you afraid? 

“You’re an idiot! You didn’t think that the Mason family would be waiting for you at the Dawson family, did you? 

“You actually dare to come alone? Hmph!” 

Zavian stared at Gavin as if he was looking at a clown as he shouted, “Attack! Take this fucking bastard down!” 

However, what answered him wasn’t the same battle cry, but screams! 

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The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

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The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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