The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 85

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 85

Chapter 85 

The Frostpeak Dark Warrior kneeling behind Gavin respectfully spoke, “Dark Lord, the people of the Masons from Greenwald have already arrived at the Dawson residencel” 

“Is that so?” Upon hearing the report from the warrior, Gavin raised an eyebrow slightly. 

In the first place, Gavin had intended to go to the Dawson family as the situation of the Dawsons was the same as that of the Holman family. All of their core forces had already been wiped out one by one by Gavin! 

Today, unable to contain his anger, he had massacred the entire Holman family. Initially, his next step was to go to the Dawsons to settle their affairs as well. But it seemed that the people of the Masons could not wait any longer and had sent men to the Dawsons. This could save him quite a bit of effort. 

With this thought in mind, Gavin did not pay any attention to the dazed Fate who was on the ground. He turned and walked toward the outside of the house, all the while giving instructions to the warrior. “Clear out this Holman family’s mess, check for any survivors, and eliminate them all. Also, search for any clues regarding the Clifford family’s annihilation back then in the house. 

“After everything has been checked, just set it all on fire. The Holman family doesn’t need to leave any trace in this world!” 

The Frostpeak Dark Warrior, kneeling on the ground, loudly replied, “Yes, my lord!” 

This Frostpeak Dark Warrior felt no qualms about indiscriminately wiping out any members of the Holman family on Gavin’s orders. If one were to say that Gavin’s ruthlessness in dealing with these defenseless people was a bit too extreme, then back when these people attacked the entire Clifford family, did they ever think about being merciful? 

After Gavin left, the warrior stood up and took out the short knife from his waist, walking towards Fate. After all, the woman. was the only survivor at the moment. When he arrived at the fallen body of Fate, the Frostpeak Dark Warrior hesitated for a moment, and a strange expression crossed his face. He crouched down and placed his hand on the wrist of her to take the pulse. Then he uttered a surprised sound, saying, “She’s dead?” 

That was right. Fate was not scared into fainting. She was frightened to death by the aura that Gavin exuded upon his 


The Frostpeak Dark Warrior was quite confused, scratching his head with a strange expression on his face. 

“Well then.” He put away his short knife and began to search inside the house, carrying out the task assigned to him by the Dark Lord, Gavin. The once-grand Holman mansion was set ablaze shortly after Gavin left. The flames rose high into the sky, illuminating the night sky. 

It was precisely this massive fire burning in the sky that made a convoy rapidly approaching this location pause for a moment. The convoy consisted of seven to eight vehicles, with the majority of them being box trucks. Each box truck undoubtedly contained a substantial number of personnel. Sitting in the back row of one of the vehicles was a middle-aged man whose appearance bore a striking resemblance to Zavian, who was now at the Dawson residence. Indeed, the man was also a Mason. This convoy was also originating from the Mason family in Greenwald. 

The name of the man was Ethan, the third son of the Mason family in Greenwald. Ethan furrowed his brow and leaned back in the rear seat. All of a sudden, his face was illuminated by the bright flames. He straightened up at once, a look of surprise in his eyes, and a sense of unease creeping into his heart. He quickly spoke up. “Is that the direction of the Holman family up ahead?” 

The driver responded right away, “Yes, Mr. Ethan. That’s indeed the direction of the Holman family” 

Ethan exclaimed, “Oh no, something has happened to the Holmans! Hurry up, go faster! Speed up!” 

But what use was it to speed up? As the convoy arrived at the Holman family estate in full force, the outer walls were already engulfed in flames. Inside the Holman residence, not a single person had escaped. It was evident that the family had been wiped out completely 

Ethan looked at the towering flames, a loud alarm sounding within his heart. He turned and rushed back into the vehicle. “Hurry! Head to the Dawson family They’re in danger!” 

The convoy did not hesitate. The driver accelerated and took a shortcut, racing towards the Dawson residence. 

Upon reaching the place, Ethan found that, unlike the Holman family, the Dawson family’s estate was not engulfed in flames. His brother’s convoy was quietly parked outside the mansion. 

Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, but he could not afford to slow down his pace. His top priority was to inform lus brother, Zavian, of what had happened to the Holman family. 

Edun hurried into the mansion. Inside the main hall of the house, the family’s butler was seated beude his master’s coffin He had not expected another group of prople to burst into the family estate Just as he was about to inquire, the people brought by Zavian, respectfully bowed to Ethan and said. “Mr. Ethan!” 

The buder finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly approached, expressing has gratitude. “Thank you. Thank you so much for having both Mr. Zavian and Mr Erhan here to help our Dawson family. We will never forget the great favor of the 

Chapter 85 

However, Ethan was too worried about his brother’s well-being, so he did not pay much attention to the butler’s flattery. He spoke directly with urgency, “Where is Zavian?” 

“Um…” The butler hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to explain the situation as Zavian was now having an intimate time with Claire in the room. He could only awkwardly reply, “Mr. Ethan, please calm down. Mr. Zavian is quite busy in the inner room. Why don’t you wait for a while?” 

“There’s no time for that!” Ethan pushed aside the butler and hurried towards the inner room. 


“Mr. Ethan! Mr. Ethan, wait! Don’t be rash!” 

The butler tried anxiously to stop him, but Ethan’s actions were too fast. With a swift push, he opened the door to the inner 


“Ahh!” A woman’s scream instantly rang out, followed by the angry voice of a man. “What the hell, who’s this fucking bastard?” 

At this moment, Ethan, standing at the door of the inner room, had an odd expression on his face. He saw his brother and a woman dressed in mourning clothes lying half-naked. It was evident that the couple was engaged in an intimate moment just moments before. 

Good lord! What a sight! This was unbelievable! 

On this side, Zavian hastily pulled up his pants at once, while on the other side, Claire swiftly dove under the nearby covers, covering her head, shivering with fear. 

Zavian, upon realizing that the intruder was his younger brother, blushed with embarrassment and cleared his throat. “Ahem. 

“Uh, Ethan Weren’t you supposed to go to the Holman family on orders? Why are you here at the Dawsons?” If Ethan had not come to the Dawson residence, he would not have stumbled upon this scene! 

Ethan then spoke loudly, “Zavian. I did go to the Holman family, but something happened to them!” 

Hearing his brother’s voice, Zavian was momentarily stunned, and then he immediately asked, “What happened?” 

Ethan responded directly, “I arrived one step too late! The Holman family is in ruins, they have all been slaughtered!” 

“What?!” Zavian exclaimed in shock. 

Meanwhile, Claire, who had been hiding under the cover, suddenly sat up upon hearing Ethan’s words, her eyes filled with disbelief. 

“Who did it?” Zavian shouted in astonishment. 

Before Ethan could answer, a voice, eerie as if from the netherworld, seemed to resonate through the surroundings. “Well, well. The vibe in the Dawson family is quite hyped today, isn’t it?” 

Upon hearing this, Claire, lying in bed, trembled all over, her face turned pale, and she stammered, saying, “It’s Gavin Clifford Gavin Clifford! He is coming to kill us!” 

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The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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