The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 87

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach Chapter 87

Chapter 87 





A violent scream instantly sounded from behind Zavian and Ethan. 

The two brothers, Zavian and Ethan, were stunned. They instantly turned their heads to look behind them. 

The moment they turned around, the sound of something falling to the ground could be heard. 

The warriors brought by the Mason family all fell to the ground in a pool of blood, with their eyes wide open. 

In the middle of this group of corpses, ten figures in black stood quietly. 

Their expressions were cold and expressionless. Clearly, the pile of corpses on the ground was nothing in their eyes! 



Claire’s shocked voice came out with a pale face. 

Then, she didn’t even hide behind Zaxvian anymore and ran towards the butler of the Dawson family and hid behind the pillar. 

Claire leaned against the wall, trembling. Her legs kept shaking. 

A fishy smell wafted out. 

This woman was so scared that she peed her pants. 

However, Claire was clearly much stronger than the woman from the Holman family. 

After all, that woman was scared to death by Gavin. No one else could compete with that. 




Zavian and Ethan watched as the people they brought with them all turned into corpses. 

A series of emotions, including shock, fear, pain, and anger, caused the two brothers’ faces to contort savagely 

They turned around and roared at Gavin, “You son of a bitch! 

“How dare you kill people of the Mason family?” 

Although this matter was done by the members of Frostpeak Dark Warriors Team D, Zavian and Ethan naturally pushed the 

blame onto Gavin. 

Gavin didn’t care for Zavian and Ethan’s incompetent rage. Gavin only looked at Zavian and Ethan from afar and said, “III only ask you once! 

“When the Clifford family was exterminated, who else participated? Who instructed you to do so? 

Hearing Gavin’s question, the ferocious expressions on Zavian and Ethan’s faces did not change at all. 

Zavian roared at Gavin, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets. “You son of a bitch. You stupid son of a bitch. You have no right to ask me questions! 

“Go to hell, you son of a bitch!” 

After Zavian curved Gavin, Zavian turned around and crossed gazes with Ethan. 

Then, the two of them got into a strange posture at the same time! 

Then their auras also soared rapidly! 

This scene piqued the curiosity of Gavin and Frostpeak Dark Warriors Team D because they could feel it clearly 

Zavian and Ethan’s auras and energy were rapidly ring 

Deven exceeded the list of power that Zavian and Ethan should have! 

The two auras intertwined and seemed to break through the ak of the expert rank and sevited as if it was about to step 

Chapter 87 

into the supreme rank. 

“Was this because of the Mason family’s cultivation technique, or was it some other special reason?” Gavin wondered. 

Gavin could also see that this method of increasing energy and strength did not seem to be limited to just two people. 

More people could join. 

Only Zavian and Ethan were here. If they had other brothers with them, three warriors of the intermediate expert rank might really be able to unleash the energy of a supreme warrior. 

No wonder the Mason family had such powerful strength. He was an existence that the Holman family and the Dawson. family could not compare to. 

At this moment, Ethan was not calm at all. Instead, he had a sinister and ugly smile on his face as he shouted at Gavin, “Kid, you can tell, right? 

“Have you seen this energy before, trash? 

“Therefore, in the eyes of the Mason family, you are an ant, a maggot! You can be crushed to death on a whim!” 

Zavian revealed a sinister smile as he glared at Gavin. 


“You dare to go against the Mason family! 

“Be enlightened!” 

As soon as Zavian finished speaking, Zavian and Ethan roared at the same time. 


After that, it was followed by a vibration in the air that could be heard. 

With a bang, the stone slab under Zavian and Ethan’s exploded. 

The two figures seemed to have become one entity as they smashed down in the direction of Gavin. 

It was so fast that it appeared in front of Gavin in the blink of an eye. 

Gavin couldn’t dodge at all. He could only use his weakest body part, his head, to receive Zavian and Ethan’s toughest and fiercest punches. 

A loud “bang” sound was heard. 

Even the air rippled because of this violent collision. 


Screams could be heard. 

However, the screams were not from one person, but from two people! 

In Caius’s funeral hall, blood splattered everywhere. 

With a thud, the two figures were thrown out onto the ground. 


Screams and the sound of blood bring vomited were heard again. 

The two brothers, Zavian and Ethan, fell to the ground with pale faces. 

Their right fits had already disappeared, leaving only a badly mutdated arm. 

“No Impossible! 

“This is the dark warrior combat technique. Are you really Gavin Clifford 

At this moment, Zaviaris roar was so loud his voice broke. 

The two brothers were completely dumbfounded 

They weren’t dumbfounded by the fact the other party was powerful, but because they sensed the aura of Frostpeak. Dark 

Warriors on Gavin 

“You can’t be alive. You can’t have survived the sivage wat that was the Sunspire Resistance!” 

Zaviana Your Bounded | 


they could do even if they did not believe it 

Chapter 87 

They were not the only ones who were dumbfounded. 

Even the remaining people from the Dawson family were dumbfounded. 

Originally, the arrival of the Mason family people gave them endless confidence! 

It even gave them a sense of security. 

In the end, the people brought by the brothers of the Mason family were killed before they could even attack! 

When the Mason family brothers attacked Gavin together, the other only stood where he was, Gavin didn’t move at all, yet the two Mason brothers were severely injured! 

The people from the Dawson family remembered it very clearly! 

What did Zavian say when he came? 

“Gavin, that son of a bitch dared to provoke the Mason family, so the Mason family’s people will tear him into pieces!” 

“But now? 

“Weren’t you going to tear him into pieces? 

“Why are the two of you lying down now?” thought the Dawson family. 

There was a sound of something hitting the ground.. 

The Dawson family’s butler, who was hiding behind the pillar, had already turned pale. The butler fell to the ground with a despairing expression. 

At this moment, Gavin had already slowly walked towards the two brothers, Zavian and Ethan, who were lying on the ground. 

The two brothers, Zavian and Ethan, looked deathly pale. Sweat beaded on their foreheads from the pain as they looked at Gavin in horror. 

They never expected Gavin to be so powerful. 

This was definitely a strength that exceeded their understanding, 

Gavin’s cold eyes stared at the two brothers indifferently as he slowly said, “As I said before, I’ll only ask the question once, so you both die now.” 



Zavian and Ethan gritted their teeth and could only say one word cach 

Gavin’s right leg swept across them. 

The sound of “pfft” sounded twice. 

The upper bodies of the two brothers exploded, and they died. 

Only then did Caius’s funeral hall quiet down. 

Gavin took a deep breath. He was not affected by the tragic death of Zavian and Ethan 

It was nothing more than killing two more enemies. 

Gavin turned to give a look to the members of the Frostpeak Dark Warriors Team D 

The people from Frostpeak Dark Warriors instantly understood All of them drew the daggers at their waists and walked towards the remaining survivors of the Dawson family 

Screams and the sound of blades piercing through the air could be heard 

A woman’s scream broke the silence 


“Not Don’t kill met Spare my life I’ll do anything Anything” 

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

The Strongest Warrior’s Revenge by Valerie Bach

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The Strongest Warrior's Revenge by Valerie Bach

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