Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 49

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Let Derrick Take the Blame

Regarding the followup on Derrick and Caylee, she didn’t have much energy to pay attention anymore

Hearing these two names suddenly, there actually wasn’t much turmoil in her heart

Good or bad, it was the path he chose for himself. As long as he thought it was worth it, that was all that mattered.” 

Worth it?Eliana scoffed, I don’t think Derrick necessarily feels that way. A lot has happened recently, and Derrick has almost become a laughingstock in our circle. Let me tell you slowly” 

Kailey reached out her hand, Stop, let me work first, there are still many patients waiting outside.” 

Eliana also realized that she was now taking up the patientstime for treatment, feeling a bit guilty, but she couldn’t suppress the desire to share the news about the melon with her. So she stood up and said. Then I’ll wait for you in your office.” 

But unfortunately, there were an unusually large number of patients today, and Kailey didn’t get back to her office until after seven

Eliana immediately stood up, You’re finally back.” 

Kailey held her waist, a slight grimace of pain on her face, I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” 

Chapter 49 Let Derrick Take the Blarne

Why are you still being so polite with me?Eliana quickly took two steps to support her, somewhat worried, What’s wrong with your 


Auntie came.” 

I remember you used to not feel any pain, didn’t you? How come it suddenly startedEliana paused, seeming to realize something. Is this your first period after the abortion?” 


Every time the topic of children came up, Kailey always seemed a bit melancholy

Eliana also knew that although abortion was the most rational choice at the time, that child had become a permanent scar in her heart

Speak up, weren’t you going to cut some melon for me?” 

Eliana touched her forehead with worry, Are you really okay? It doesn’t matter whether you eat the melon or not.” 

It’s okay,Kailey straightened up and leaned back in her chair, I’ll rest while listening to you.” 

That worked too.” 

Eliana had started to sync all the latest news to her, like pouring beans out of a bamboo tube

Just a few days ago, the Garrett Group lost tens of millions again.” 

Kailey asked, Was it because of Caylee’s cousin’s mistake?” 

Chapter 49 Let Derrick Take the Blame

Eliana looked disgusted. These are two different things. Losing a big deal is one thing, this is another. Ever since Caylee’s cousin became Derrick’s secretary. he’s become incredibly arrogant, bragging 

everywhere that his brotherinlaw is a billionaire. He was drunk driving Derrick’s luxury car and ended up killing a traffic cop.” 

Kailey, who had originally been feeling somewhat listless due to pain. suddenly became alert

Traffic police?” 

Yeah,Eliana said, her arms crossed over her chest, a teasing smile on her face. It was Derrick’s car that was driven.” 

Thatdrunk driving resulting in a homicide, and the victim was a traffic cop, this matter is quite serious.” 

bawy were go 

Isn’t that so,Eliana continued, It seemed like to sentence him, but then Caylee made a fuss, crying that he was her only cousin and she couldn’t just watch him go to jail.” 

So, Derrick had settled this matter with money?” 

It wasn’t that simple. Derrick was rich, but the other party was a traffic cop after all. It wasn’t that easy to smooth things over.” 

How did it finally end?” 


If you ask me, that Caylee really ruthless. She had Derrick take the blame for her cousin.” 

Kailey was completely shocked

Chapter 49 Let Derrick Take the Blame

Let Derrick take the blame??? 

Eliana looked at her, chuckled and said, Don’t doubt it, that’s how it is. Caylee’s argument was that, after all, the car belonged to Derrick. As the car owner, he couldn’t escape responsibility. Besides, the Garrett family was powerful and influential. If Derrick took the blame, he might not have to go to jail, just pay some money.” 

Did he go then?” 

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

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What was the definition of an amicably divorced couple? In Kailey Campbell's opinion, first, the ex-husband should be a mature gentleman who always held himself together elegantly. And as the ex-wife, she needed to be equally emotionally stable. Therefore, when she met her ex-husband for the first time after the divorce, she was pleased with her performance. She even managed to greet him like an old friend. "Hello, Mr. Garrett. It has been a while. How are you doing?" It was at a party on a cruise with a bustling crowd. There was a strange fire in his eyes, but he said nothing. Soon, out of nowhere, she was dragged into a quiet corner by a pair of large hands. Her ex-husband had pinned her to the wall and wrapped his hands around her waist gently. He closed in, step by step.

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j


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