Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 50

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Time was a domineering good medicine

Haha, isn’t it funny? It was really the first time I had seen someone like Derrick You’d say he’s stupid, but he managed such a large company so well. You’d say he’s not stupid, but he was willing to do such a stupid thing.” 

Kailey said, Because of love.” 

Eliana scoffed at this, I really don’t understand, what on earth does Derrick see in that Caylee? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this is a disgrace, right?” 

Kailey’s comment was only eight words A willing hitter and willing 


Anyway, in the end, this matter was indeed blamed on Derrick. Your exmotherinlaw fainted from anger when she found out, and this incident has been spread all over the circle!“ 


What do you mean, ohDon’t you feel happy? Come on, let’s go ou and have a nice meal to celebrate We didn’t get to eat at that popular online restaurant last time, let’s try again 

Kailey shook her head. There are too many people, we still have to wait for a seat, we can just eat something casually 

Eliana disagreed, How could that be! I’ve been wanting to eat at that internetfamous restaurant for a long time!” 


Chapter 50 Time was a domineering good medic

Her stomach pain had improved a lot. Seeing that she was fine, Eliana took her out directly, stuffed her into the car, and personally fastened her seat belt for her

Seeing Kailey still slightly frowning, he winked at her with a grin, Don’t worry, I will never fall in love in my life, you can sit in my 

passenger seat whenever you want.” 

Kailey laughed

She felt a bit regretful, she shouldn’t have told her every detail about Caylee at that time

This girl was genuinely nice, but her mouth was truly venomous

Because of the copilot issue, every time she went out, she would have a lengthy discussion about the ownership of the copilot seat. In the end, she would bring up Caylee and scold her: She is just a typical green tea bitch, you shouldn’t have backed down at that time, you should have directly confronted her.” 

Kailey leaned back in her chair, looking out the window, not saying a word

Fired back, and then

Derrick would definitely protect Caylee

Why bother to unnecessarily stir up a bout of anger

Eliana mercilessly criticized her, You, always thinking that everything can be resolved gracefully. You may have had a dignified divorce, but you were the only one who got hurt. The two of them, however, are 

Chapter 6 Time was a domineering good medi 

happily living their lives.” 

Kailey chuckled, Is he happy now?” 

Of course,Eliana paused, quickly correcting herself. He must have been quite happy before, but this time the company suffered a huge loss because of Caylee, and the man’s career was affected. This is a different matter, I wonder if Derrick will still be as devoted to Caylee as before

On the road. Kailey checked the financial news for the first time in a long while

In the month since she had parted ways with Derrick, she deliberately avoided any news about him

It must be said, time really is a domineering panacea, actively cutting away, in exchange for peace of mind and letting go

When she saw his name in the news again, she no longer felt the initial 


Incredibly calm

The news was quite straightforward, simply stating that Derrick, the president of the Garrett Group, had driven under the influence, resulting in one fatality. The case is currently being further processed

Kailey asked, Eliana, you just said that the Garrett family lost tens of millions, does Derrick still need to go to jail?” 

I didn’t know. I’ll ask around later, and I’ll let you know when I have 

any news.” 

Chapter 50 Time was a domineering good medic.. 

No need,Kailey said, You don’t have to tell me anymore.” 

After a pause, she changed her mind, No, you should find out as soon as possible and let me know.” 

Eliana’s face instantly crumpled like a dumpling, You still care about him?” 

No, I was worried that if he went in, I wouldn’t be able to handle my divorce proceedings.” 

Eliana chuckled, but it was more of a comfort: Hearing you say that, I feel relieved.” 

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

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What was the definition of an amicably divorced couple? In Kailey Campbell's opinion, first, the ex-husband should be a mature gentleman who always held himself together elegantly. And as the ex-wife, she needed to be equally emotionally stable. Therefore, when she met her ex-husband for the first time after the divorce, she was pleased with her performance. She even managed to greet him like an old friend. "Hello, Mr. Garrett. It has been a while. How are you doing?" It was at a party on a cruise with a bustling crowd. There was a strange fire in his eyes, but he said nothing. Soon, out of nowhere, she was dragged into a quiet corner by a pair of large hands. Her ex-husband had pinned her to the wall and wrapped his hands around her waist gently. He closed in, step by step.

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j


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