Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 48

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j Chapter 48

Chapter 48 She hadn’t often thought of Derrick

When Kailey heard from Derrick and Caylee again, it had already been


Eliana had specifically come to the hospital to register. When Kailey 

saw that the patientwho walked in was her, she was truly taken aback: Are you pregnant?” 

Eliana closed the door behind her. patted her own stomach, and looked at her with a beaming smile

Kailey became even more panicked: Am I really pregnant?” 

Haha, don’t be scared. it’s not a child in my belly, it’s a melon

Eliana sat across from her, speaking as if pouring beans from a bamboo tube. Derrick’s company is in big trouble!” 

Kailey’s response was indifferent: Why are you telling me this? I don’t understand business matters.” 

Did you know why there was a problem?” 

Caylee, for some unknown reason. went on a rampage in the office, accusing Derrick’s secretary of seducing Derrick, causing quite a stir in the city.” 

Kailey recalled. Hannah?” 

Chapter 4 She hadit often thought of Denick 

I don’t remember her last name. I just know that the secretary was a woman.Eliana said. You don’t think it could be that Hannah, trying to imitate others and wanting to be friendswith Derrick, do you

Kailey shook her head. Hannah was married and even had children. When she was pregnant with triplets, she came to me for help. Besides, Hannah is a decent person and her relationship with her husband is quite good. Her husband cares a lot about her.” 

I knew it,Eliana said with an expression that suggested she had anticipated this all along. That Caylee is seeing enemies in every shadow. She climbed to her position this way, and she’s afraid other women will do the same, so she’s on high alert. She doesn’t even spare a secretary who’s already married and has children.” 

And then?” 

Eliana spread her hands, She was pregnant, crying and making a fuss at the company. No one dared to help her, afraid of getting involved. In the end, Hannah herself handed in her resignation and left the job a month ago.” 

Kailey had met Hannah and found her to be a very calm and competent woman. Moreover, it seemed that she had been with Derrick for many years. When she married Derrick, Hannah was already Derrick’s secretary

The job that was originally going well was messed up by Caylee, Kailey felt sorry for Hannah

Then came the crux of the matter, Hannah had already left, and this matter was considered to be over. Everyone should have just gone on with their own lives, but Caylee was not satisfied. She insisted on 

Sahib (of

having her cousin work as a secretary for Derrick

Her cousin? Was he also majoring in Secretarial Studies?” 

BullshitEliana exclaimed, That cousin of mine, he’s nothing but an uneducated wastrel. I heard he didn’t even graduate from junior high school. How could he possibly be a secretary? He only worked for a few days and managed to turn the whole company upside down. He even lost a very important document, which resulted in the cancellation of a previously agreed cooperation. The Garrett Group directly lost a huge order worth several hundred million!” 

Kailey had been listening quietly, occasionally flipping through the medical records at hand

In fact, over this period of time, she hadn’t often thought of Derrick

Since leaving him. Kailey’s days had been fulfilling. Although she was busy at work every day, watching the healthy and safe birth of children, and the faces of new mothers and fathers who were cautious but beaming with joy, she felt her job was particularly meaningful

After work, she would go to the gym for a workout, and then go to the supermarket to buy some groceries

I cooked for myself every day, brought my own meals, and ate healthily and nutritiously

She also consciously began to adjust her daily routine, going to bed. early and getting up early. She felt completely rejuvenated, as if her married life was something from a past life. Now when she thought about it, it all seemed like a distant memory

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j

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What was the definition of an amicably divorced couple? In Kailey Campbell's opinion, first, the ex-husband should be a mature gentleman who always held himself together elegantly. And as the ex-wife, she needed to be equally emotionally stable. Therefore, when she met her ex-husband for the first time after the divorce, she was pleased with her performance. She even managed to greet him like an old friend. "Hello, Mr. Garrett. It has been a while. How are you doing?" It was at a party on a cruise with a bustling crowd. There was a strange fire in his eyes, but he said nothing. Soon, out of nowhere, she was dragged into a quiet corner by a pair of large hands. Her ex-husband had pinned her to the wall and wrapped his hands around her waist gently. He closed in, step by step.

Mr. Billionaire Spoils His Ex-Wife Like a Princess by joyce j


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