Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 93

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Tarnished Reputation 

Am I right?Gianna’s voice dripped with sarcasm through the receiver

Levi felt no remorse whatsoever. You currently have no capacity to stand up to Simon. I’m doing this for your own good.” 

Put away your hypocrisy. If he dares to come after me, let him!” 

The call abruptly ended, and Levi stared at the darkening screen, a hint of rejected anger flickering in his eyes

Stupid woman! Let’s see how you handle it when the time comes!He thought to himself. His a*sistant in the front seat then reported, Mr. Rivera, Jason has sent a message. He says are some issues with the Flenning project, and he needs you to come in person.” 


Levi closed his eyes briefly, controlling his irritation. Understood. Book the earliest flight.” 

The business with Flenning was equally important, which was why he had put Jason in charge there

Lately, the company’s affairs had become more entangled, clearly busier than when Gianna was 


Levi decided to let Gianna go through some trials, and when she had nothing left, it would be much easier for her to accept his olive branch and return to work for Rivera Group

After ending the call, Gianna turned around to find Jonathan holding back Thiago, preventing him from rushing over to interrupt. When the call was finished, Jonathan released his grip. Why did you stop me just now? I wanted to help Gianna scold that scumbag!Thiago protested

your temper acting up again?” 


Jonathan’s eyes issued a warning, causing Thiago to immediately relent

Gianna had been feeling down after the phone call, but seeing this scene dispelled her gloom. How could it be that she was up against the whole world? She had her most important family and friends behind her

With them around, it was as if she had the whole world

Gianna chuckled and said, Jonathan, be more gentle. Thiago’s arm is just starting to get better.” 

You’re right! How could you be so rough with your beloved little brother? I’ll go tattle to Chaim and Grandpa!Thiago, finding support from someone, launched a counterattack

I didn’t touch that arm of yours.Jonathan calmly took a seat. If it’s really bothering you, call the family doctor over. I’ll cover the expenses.” 


Thiago pulled Gianna over. Gianna, reason with him.” 

Gianna quickly made an excuse to retreat upstairs. I’m going to bed. I have a pile of things to do 


The next morning, Kaylee called

Darling! The internet is in chaos right now!” 

Gianna was well aware of the situation and sighed, Is the entire Internet turning against me?” 



Chapter 93 Tarnished Reputation 

Kaylee was frantic. It’s not just turning against you. It’s fullblown online hatred now

I asked Kelly to help you take down the posts, but she said she couldn’t. Deleting comments and such isn’t having any effect!” 

Gianna hung up the phone and hurriedly checked the situation

Her name had once again become the number one trending topic across the entire internet

An influencer publicly called out Gianna, accusing her of having an affair with Simon while she was still married to Levi and using her connections with the CEO of the Empyrean Group to land the role of general manager

Beneath the accusation were supposed pieces of evidence. I was a picture of Gianna and Thiago driving home together before her divorce and a photo of Gianna meeting Chaim at a coffee shop in Dubai

After this, an individual claiming to be a former schoolmate of Gianna’s posted a video in which Gianna’s face was blurred out. There were some words stated. [She was known as the school’s bully. We didn’t even have to secretly record such videos. There are plenty of them!

These accusations of infidelity within marriage, combined with allegations of schoolyard bullying, triggered a storm of sensitive keywords online

The entire Internet erupted in outrage

[So this is the real Gianna’s true face!


[She had no power or influence and still managed to capture the attention of a tycoon, and then she even cheated on him during their marriage!

[Why couldn’t she choose someone else? She had to mess around with my idol, Simon!

[I can’t believe Simon would stoop to this level. It’s completely unexpected!

[Anyone who bullied their cla*smates in school can’t be a good person!

[Dig deeper! Keep digging!

Hashtags, Scheming Gianna, Malicious Gianna, were both trending at the top of the charts

Even the stock market was affected by appointing a person with such notorious misdeeds, causing it to fall by more than ten percentage points in a row

Thiago and Jonathan also came to her room, clearly aware of the trending situation

Gianna, are you okay?” 

Thiago approached and gently smoothed Gianna’s hair

Thiago, I’m sorry you’re being dragged into this mess,Gianna apologized

I have plenty of loyal fans. They won’t care about these petty things,” Thiago rea*sured her

I could help you delete all these posts, but the commption would attract the attention of the cybersecurity department,Jonathan added calmly

No need, Jonathan. Even if we delete them, more will come. This is a planned attack,Gianna sighed

Was this what Levi meant by Simon mobilizing the entertainment industry for revenge? It seemed to have a greater impact than previous incidents

Chaim just called and said the next flight is arriving soon. He wants you to stay home for a few days and avoid going to the company for now. Any business matters, let Erwin handle them first.” 

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

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Chapter 1 Narrowly Escaping “At 12:30 AM in Zenith City, a plane bound for Silver City unfortunately crashed upon landing, resulting in the death toll rising to 136 people, with only three survivors remaining.” The real–time report of the air disaster was broadcast on the hospital’s large screen, pulling Gianna Rivera’s thoughts back. As one of the survivors, she lay in the ICU bed, her legs wrapped in bandages and covered in injuries. Her phone, clenched in her hand, vibrated frequently with the words. “The number trying to reach is not reachable. Please try again later.” you are Since the accident occurred, her husband, Levi Rivera, hadn’t answered a single call. She couldn’t believe he was completely unaware of this nationwide shocking air disaster. The scene of the accident was filled with bodies scattered everywhere. The kind of fear that almost took her life still left her unable to breathe. While she desperately needed companionship, the man she had been married to for three years was nowhere to be found.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

1. What is the name of the main character in Chapter 1?
  • The main character in Chapter 1 is Gianna Rivera.
2. How did Gianna survive the plane crash mentioned in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna survived the plane crash, but she sustained injuries and was one of the three survivors.
3. Who is trying to reach Gianna on her phone in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna's husband, Levi Rivera, is trying to reach her on her phone, but he hasn't answered any of her calls.
4. Who is Maya Rivera, and what is her relationship with Gianna?
  • Maya Rivera is Levi's grandmother, and she is the only person in the Rivera family who cares for Gianna.
5. Why does Gianna want to leave the hospital in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna wants to leave the hospital because she believes that Rivera Manor is more suitable for her recovery, and she also needs to attend to her responsibilities as the executive secretary of Rivera Group.
6. What surprising discovery does Gianna make about Levi's whereabouts in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna discovers that Levi was at the hospital but did not notice her. He was with another woman and appeared to be deeply affectionate toward her.
7. What information do the nurses share about Levi and the woman in Chapter 1?
  • The nurses mention that Levi Rivera, the heir to the Rivera Group fortune, is at the hospital with his girlfriend for a prenatal checkup. They state that the fetus is already 12 weeks old.
8. What realization does Gianna have about Levi's schedule in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna realizes that Levi's travel schedule included a week-long business trip two months ago, which corresponds to the timeline of the woman's pregnancy.
9. What do the nurses say about the relationship between Levi and the woman in Chapter 2?
  • The nurses express their belief that Levi treats his girlfriend very well, and they speculate that Levi and the woman will soon make their relationship public.
10. How does Gianna confront Levi about his whereabouts in Chapter 2? - Gianna confronts Levi by questioning his claimed trip to Verdant City, stating that there was no record of his flight to Verdant City on the itinerary, which suggests that he may not have been where he claimed to be. Levi becomes defensive in response.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel


In the story, Gianna Rivera, the main character, discovers her husband Levi's infidelity while recovering from a plane crash. The revelation of Levi's affair with another woman deeply affects Gianna. The story revolves around her emotional turmoil and the strains in her marriage, setting the stage for further developments.


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