Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 53

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Holding Grudges 

Some misunderstanding? That would be an incredibly coincidental misunderstanding!Gianna thought

Squinting at Maverick, Gianna recalled the incident where he had humiliated her. She believed that it couldn’t have been a simple misunderstanding. Well, I do have a bad temper,Gianna said. Although Gianna was usually amiable, she had a penchant for holding onto grudges

Thinking about what Chaim had told her, Gianna felt a mischievous pleasure in teasing Maverick. She didn’t want to reveal her true identity to him and wanted to watch him act clumsily around her

You better stay away from me, got it?” 

Maverick wasn’t paying attention to Gianna’s words. He opened the box, revealing a jade bracelet that emitted a soft glow. It was apparent that the value of the jade bracelet was much higher than the one Naomi bought in a fit of anger during their last encounter

I said I would give you a thankyou gift last time. Do you like it?” 

With careful selection and consulting with multiple experts in the field of jade, Maverick finally selected this jade bracelet. It was a sincere gift

Take this back. I don’t need it.” 

Gianna, I like you,Maverick confessed again, sounding very confident

He knew he was handsome and charming, and he believed that even if a girl held a grudge against him, she would still be captivated by his attractive and carefree demeanor. Unfortunately, the girl in front of him was Gianna

I do not like you.” 


You’re not my type.” 

Maverick felt hurt by Gianna’s words. So, she has her ideal type,he thought disappointedly. After hesitating for a moment, he decided to make efforts in that direction. He spoke to Gianna in a consulting tone, Please be more specific.” 

With a cold expression, Gianna replied, I don’t like foolish people like you. I’m worried it might affect the intelligence of my future children.” 

Maverick felt as if he had heard a big joke because he was a person with an IQ of 167. He said, I find it hard to believe your reason for rejecting me.” 

Gianna raised an eyebrow and asked, Really? But I heard that your department has been struggling with a difficult project. Isn’t it because of your foolishness that it not be done yet?Maverick immediately realized Gianna was referring to the competition for the ownership of options with Arcadiana Bank from Mandester

The project was indeed challenging, and despite Maverick trying various methods, they were constantly suppressed by Arcadiana Bank, resulting in no progress

Even if Gianna hadn’t mentioned it, Maverick had already been provoked by the other party’s dominance and planned to show them his abilities

Confidently, Maverick said, Gianna, I will definitely succeed in this project and show you that I am the most brilliant man

Chapter 53 Holding Grudges 

You have to treat me to a meal after I succeed, okay?” 

Seeing that her plan had succeeded, Gianna didn’t refuse Maverick anymore and said, Prove your abilities first.” 

Maverick laughed heartily as if it wasn’t a difficult task at all. He a*sured her, No problem, I’ll come back with victory.” 

The driver arrived in a Porsche, and Gianna got into the car and left

That evening, Gianna called Chaim, proudly reporting her recent achievements

Chaim chuckled indulgently on the other end of the phone. I’ve got it. I’ve already asked Erwin to bring back the prepared gift. Tomorrow, he will accompany you in participating in the Valken Group’s project.” 

Chaim, are you saying that Erwin will a*sist me?Gianna felt nervous

Erwin Church had been working for Chaim for over ten years. He was Chaim’s righthand man. Now that Chaim was sending his important person to accompany Gianna, it showed Chaim’s affirmation and support for her

Well, I know you can handle it all, but I feel less worried with him there.” 

Chaim, you’re nice to me.A warm feeling flowed through Gianna’s heart. Many people in Silver City were waiting for her failure at this time, but Chaim’s support provided her with the strongest backing

What nonsense are you talking about? Go to bed early.Chaim chuckled softly and hung up the phone

Gianna slept soundly that night

The next morning, she yawned as she entered the living room

Erwin, dressed impeccably, was already waiting in the living room. As Gianna approached, he introduced himself, saying, Ms. Lewis, I’m Erwin. I will be a*sisting you from now on.” 

Erwin’s tone was clear and devoid of any flattery, which was the type of professionalism that Gianna appreciated

Well, I see.” 

Gianna looked at the pile of gift boxes on the table, which were obviously gifts brought by Erwin as instructed by Chaim

Gianna leaned on the sofa, picked up one of the boxes, and opened it. Inside, she found a Chopard wristwatch adorned with 201 diamonds, shimmering in the morning light. The watch was beautifully designed and conservatively estimated to be worth around 300 million dollars

As she tried it on her wrist, Gianna smiled with satisfaction. Chaim’s taste was, as always, impeccable,Gianna thought

Gianna and Erwin arrived at the company together

In the office of the president, Erwin reported various data while Gianna verified each item

At that moment, Enrick burst into the office, ignoring the secretary’s attempts to stop him

Chapter 2 Waldraw the vested 

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

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Chapter 1 Narrowly Escaping “At 12:30 AM in Zenith City, a plane bound for Silver City unfortunately crashed upon landing, resulting in the death toll rising to 136 people, with only three survivors remaining.” The real–time report of the air disaster was broadcast on the hospital’s large screen, pulling Gianna Rivera’s thoughts back. As one of the survivors, she lay in the ICU bed, her legs wrapped in bandages and covered in injuries. Her phone, clenched in her hand, vibrated frequently with the words. “The number trying to reach is not reachable. Please try again later.” you are Since the accident occurred, her husband, Levi Rivera, hadn’t answered a single call. She couldn’t believe he was completely unaware of this nationwide shocking air disaster. The scene of the accident was filled with bodies scattered everywhere. The kind of fear that almost took her life still left her unable to breathe. While she desperately needed companionship, the man she had been married to for three years was nowhere to be found.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

1. What is the name of the main character in Chapter 1?
  • The main character in Chapter 1 is Gianna Rivera.
2. How did Gianna survive the plane crash mentioned in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna survived the plane crash, but she sustained injuries and was one of the three survivors.
3. Who is trying to reach Gianna on her phone in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna's husband, Levi Rivera, is trying to reach her on her phone, but he hasn't answered any of her calls.
4. Who is Maya Rivera, and what is her relationship with Gianna?
  • Maya Rivera is Levi's grandmother, and she is the only person in the Rivera family who cares for Gianna.
5. Why does Gianna want to leave the hospital in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna wants to leave the hospital because she believes that Rivera Manor is more suitable for her recovery, and she also needs to attend to her responsibilities as the executive secretary of Rivera Group.
6. What surprising discovery does Gianna make about Levi's whereabouts in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna discovers that Levi was at the hospital but did not notice her. He was with another woman and appeared to be deeply affectionate toward her.
7. What information do the nurses share about Levi and the woman in Chapter 1?
  • The nurses mention that Levi Rivera, the heir to the Rivera Group fortune, is at the hospital with his girlfriend for a prenatal checkup. They state that the fetus is already 12 weeks old.
8. What realization does Gianna have about Levi's schedule in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna realizes that Levi's travel schedule included a week-long business trip two months ago, which corresponds to the timeline of the woman's pregnancy.
9. What do the nurses say about the relationship between Levi and the woman in Chapter 2?
  • The nurses express their belief that Levi treats his girlfriend very well, and they speculate that Levi and the woman will soon make their relationship public.
10. How does Gianna confront Levi about his whereabouts in Chapter 2? - Gianna confronts Levi by questioning his claimed trip to Verdant City, stating that there was no record of his flight to Verdant City on the itinerary, which suggests that he may not have been where he claimed to be. Levi becomes defensive in response.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel


In the story, Gianna Rivera, the main character, discovers her husband Levi's infidelity while recovering from a plane crash. The revelation of Levi's affair with another woman deeply affects Gianna. The story revolves around her emotional turmoil and the strains in her marriage, setting the stage for further developments.


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