Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Chapter 275

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Henry and Eason 

Ben’s tone was full of sarcasm, and his eyes were full of disdain as if mocking his previous behavior 

Elijah leaned forward, put his elbows on his knees, and examined him. I also think you just want to have sex with her.” 

Ben was unhappy immediately and asked, Why do you think 


Otherwise?Elijah said casually, You don’t want to have sex with other women. Do you want to solve your sexual desire by yourself for the rest of your life? Do you have the determination?” 

Ben leaned back on the sofa and said, I could have sex with other women as long as I cannot see their faces.” 

Elijah shook his head and said, It’s impossible. Above all, the feel is different.” 

You are so annoying. I really want to fight with you now,Ben said angrily

Elijah said, I am waiting for you.” 

It just so happened that Elijah was not in a good mood right now and was looking for someone to have a fight

Ben laid down on the sola directly and said, Forget it. I’m tired and have no energy.” 

Elijah continued to drink. He was silent and seemed to ponder something

Ever since he left the Maple Villa, he had been thinking about the name of Henry

He remembered that in one of Eason’s materials, Eason had a former name called Henry

Eason originally grew up in Beilve City, and when he was 18 years old, he was identified as one member of the Holland family

So back then, Eason had rescued Cordelia, but she didn’t seem to know it until now

Elijah really wanted to know what would happen if she knew 


Would she break up with him

Maybe she would break up with him. After all, Eason liked her so much. She just repaid him for saving her life with her promise of being his girlfriend

However, Elijah was not willing to see that

He was not willing to let Cordelia go like this and make it possible that she and Eason could be a couple

Elijah thought, Cordelia is born to be with me! We should stay together forever!” 

Ben opened his eyes, saw Elijah’s gloomy face, and suddenly smiled

He didn’t like to smile originally, but when he smiled like this, he was a little awful

Ben asked, Did you argue with Cordelia?” 

Elijah came to his senses from his wild thoughts in an instant, managed his expression immediately, and said calmly, She is going to pick up Imogen.” 

Ben’s expression froze, and then he said coldly, She is nice to Imogen.” 

They can share anything except for men,Elijah commented

Ben didn’t say anything more

Elijah looked at him and said, Do you want to use the baby to restrain Imogen?” 

If the baby is a boy, I can marry her for the sake of the child,Ben said disdainfully

It was like Ottilie finally married Baxter because she gave birth to a boy

But Elijah believed that Ben was not such a man as apathetic as he said

Could Ben give up pretending to be an apathetic man

Men just were such creatures

The first thing Cordelia did when she came to Imogen’s house was to clean Imogen’s house

Cordelia did not know what to say when she saw Imogen’s little but messy house

Two hours later, Imogen’s house had been completely cleaned 

  1. up

Imogen laid lazily on her little bed, looked at Cordelia with admiration, and said, You are so industrious. Cordelia, I’m going to fall in love with you!” 

Come on. If Elijah hears it, he will be going to scare you again!Cordelia said

Thinking of Elijah’s glum face, Imogen shivered unconsciously

Cordelia, can you tell the gender of the fetus by checking my body?Imogen suddenly asked curiously

Yes, I can.After speaking, Cordelia rolled up her sleeves and came to Imogen’s bedside, and she said, Calm down. Let me check your body.” 

A minute later, Imogen saw an intriguing sense of mystery on Cordelia’s face

A boy or a girl?Imogen asked anxiously

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

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After 3 years of marriage, Cordelia found herself living alone in an empty house, while Elijah showed little love or concern towards her. Eventually, she asked for a divorce, left herself with nothing. Until one day, she stood shoulder to shoulder with a prominent figure in the business world, and to her surprise, he became visibly upset and tightly gripped her wrist, saying, "You once said that you loved me the most!"

Wake Up! You're My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

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