Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Chapter 274

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Will You Break up With Him

Cordelia froze in place in astonishment

She wondered, So it is! The baby is all right!” 

Cordelia’s heart was immersed in a moment of happiness

But soon, Cordelia came back to her senses

Imogen traded her child for freedom with Ben

So, Imogen would part with her baby as long as she gave birth

Cordelia didn’t know how Imogen could suppress her love for the baby and decide to part with her baby

But she understood that even if Imogen had to give up her baby, she still wanted to break up with Ben

It showed that Imogen had been extremely disappointed in Ben

However, Cordelia decided to go find her and bring her back

At night, when Elijah returned to the Maple Villa, he found that the whole villa was dark

He entered the villa, immediately called Cordelia, and learned 

that she was already rushing to Imogen’s home. He frowned

Then take care of yourself and call me if you need my help,Elijah told her with concern

After hanging up the phone, Elijah felt that the Maple Villa was empty tonight

He came to Cordelia’s den, sat on the chair she used to sit in, and looked at the small objects on her desk

Women were really strange creatures, and they liked strange things, which were completely different from men

Took the small ornaments on her desk as an example. There were Action figures with different expressions, several fat orange cats sitting or lying down, and a mood ornament that could change the content

Now, the above content was having a rest.” 

Elijah directly changed the content to Fighting,then leaned back in the chair with satisfaction and began to admire his 


He saw several medical books on the desk, so he picked them up and looked through them immediately

In any case

he was kind of a beginner now. He had some basic knowledge reserve

He knew all about the alternative medicine content, such as 

herbs, acupuncture, and so on

So, he flipped through the book and found a page of old letter 


Elijah’s expression changed, and he subconsciously wanted to close the book

However, soon, his movements stopped

He wanted to see

He remembered that Cordelia had said that her grandmother called him the handsome guy from the Hansen family in the letter. Out of selfish motives, He really wanted to see it

So, he looked over the letter without hesitation

The content of the letter was, as he expected, very warm

However, when he saw some content, his pupils still shrank

Especially when he saw words like benefactor and Henry, Elijah’s heart suddenly skipped a beat

Just at this moment, Elijah’s mobile phone rang suddenly, which seemed particularly abrupt in this silent room

He couldn’t help touching his chest and then picked up the phone

Elijah, I’m back.” 

I see.” 

Come out and drink with me.” 

Go to my apartment. I’m going back to my apartment now.” 

Okay, see you later.” 

After Elijah moved out of the Maple Villa, he lived in an apartment

That apartment was in the same community as Cordelia’s small 


Half an hour later, the two men were sitting together in the living room

At this time, Ben took a shower and changed into a set of Elijah’s pajamas

The two of them had been about the same figure since they were young, and they fit each other’s clothes well

Ben said, She pretended to be ugly, painted her skin very rough, dressed in shabby clothes, and met me with that appearance on purpose. She thought I did everything possible to find her and ran all the way just to have sex with her?” 

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

Wake Up! You’re My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

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“Wake Up! You're My Ex Now by Sherri Roman” A hot romance CEO novel defies conventions as it sizzles with passion and power struggles. Amidst corporate intrigue, love ignites, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. Sparks fly as the CEO and their love interest embark on a thrilling journey of desire and defiance, setting hearts ablaze with each encounter. Read More Bride Behind The Mask ( Frederick and Mr. Winston )

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After 3 years of marriage, Cordelia found herself living alone in an empty house, while Elijah showed little love or concern towards her. Eventually, she asked for a divorce, left herself with nothing. Until one day, she stood shoulder to shoulder with a prominent figure in the business world, and to her surprise, he became visibly upset and tightly gripped her wrist, saying, "You once said that you loved me the most!"

Wake Up! You're My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel

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Wake Up! You're My Ex Now by Sherri Roman Novel


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