The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 20

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 20

Chapter 20 I’ve Been Looking For You

Dolores, her eyes sparkling, exclaimed to Zachary, “Zacky, I saw the most gorgeous yellow dress in a shop as I drove past yesterday. I really want it!”

Tugging at the corner of Zachary’s shirt like an adorable child pleading for candy, Dolores continued, her tone filled with longing.

Zachary looked at her tenderly and replied, “You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll have someone get it for you and bring it home.”

“But that’s not the same! I love shopping with you. I’ll only buy it if you say it’s beautiful!” Dolores explained, her voice carrying a hint of pride and confidence, yet it was far from unpleasant.

She behaved like an infatuated young girl, compelling her boyfriend to go shopping with her. Her sweet words melted Zachary’s heart, prompting him to affectionately ruffle her hair as one would pet a cute kitten.

Natalie, not wanting to witness their affectionate banter, turned her back on them.

This seemingly normal interaction between a man and a woman was something Natalie never learned, causing her to feel out of place compared to Dolores.

“Ms. Laurier, Mr. Finn!” The eager shop assistant hurried over with a beaming smile. “Shall I clear the shop for you?”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Zachary responded, waving his hand. His polite demeanor made him approachable, instantly endearing him to the shop assistant.

Dolores scanned the store and inquired, “Hey, why didn’t I see the yellow dress in the window display yesterday?”

“A yellow dress? Can you describe it, Ms. Laurier?”

Before Dolores could elaborate, her gaze fell upon the hand of the saleswoman standing next to Natalie. “That’s the one. Fetch it for me,” she instructed.

“Of course,” the shop assistant complied, but the saleswoman hesitated, stating, “This lady selected the dress first. I was about to bag it for her.”

“How short-sighted can you be? There’s a stark difference between a big star and an ordinary customer. Can’t you tell who is more important?” the shop assistant scolded the saleswoman before swiftly seizing the dress.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Dolores turned to Natalie and asked, “Is it okay if I take the dress?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll look stunning on you. Besides, the lady hasn’t paid for it yet,” the shop assistant flattered Dolores.

“Please, go ahead and try it on. I’ll have a word with the customer to see if she’ll let us have it,” Zachary assured Dolores.

Dolores nodded, took the dress, and disappeared into the fitting room.

Natalie considered it a stroke of bad luck to encounter them there that day. Just as she contemplated sneaking away, Zachary suddenly appeared behind her. “Hello, Miss. My friend has taken a liking to the same dress you chose. Could you do us a favor and let us have it?”

Tension coursed through Natalie’s back muscles.

“I’ll compensate you for it,” Zachary added.

Natalie clenched and then relaxed her fists, eventually reluctantly turning around.

Zachary was taken aback upon seeing her. “Natalie?”

Despite the mask, Zachary recognized her eyes and forehead.

They had been married for six months. How could he not be familiar with her facial features?

Natalie realized there was no escaping the situation and mustered a smile beneath her mask.

Though her bitter smile remained hidden, Zachary couldn’t discern it.

“Natalie, what are you doing here? I’ve been searching for you everywhere!”

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

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Read The Novel The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora "I can handle all the household chores. I'm an excellent cook proficient in various cuisines. Which cuisine would you like to try first? If you marry me, you'll have delicious food every day! Mr. Griffith, will you marry me?" "Yes, I will!" Mr. Griffith eagerly agreed. After learning from the lessons of her first failed marriage, Natalie Laurier simply wanted to find an ordinary person as her second husband. However, the seemingly regular small business owner she chose turned out to be the primary heir of the wealthiest family in the country. After tying the knot, Lance Griffith surveyed the tasteless food in front of him and inquired, "What happened to the delectable food you promised?" Natalie untied her apron and sat on the table, teasing, "You have something better, don't you? There's no food more delicious than me!" Lance recalled the previous night and concurred, "You're absolutely right!"

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

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