The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 19

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Zachary Was Natalie’s Nightmare

Natalie was instantly drawn to a limited edition yellow dress that had just arrived in the store. The unique design of the dress caught her eye as she entered the shop.

Sensing Natalie’s interest, the salesperson took the dress down and encouraged her to try it on, complimenting her figure and suggesting it would look even more stunning on her.

Natalie had initially planned to leave the store immediately after purchasing the dress, wearing a mask to maintain anonymity.

However, when women set their eyes on beautiful garments, leaving often becomes a challenging task.

Natalie thought to herself, “I waited in line outside for three hours. It doesn’t seem worth it if I leave empty-handed for just 30 dollars.

“I may not be able to afford this dress, but trying it on is a treat in itself.”

With that thought in mind, Natalie took the dress and proceeded to the fitting room to try it on, still wearing her mask. Her impeccable figure made the dress look even more exquisite.

The salesperson continued to shower Natalie with compliments, “You look stunning in that dress. It appears as though it was made just for you.”

Upon hearing the praise, Natalie glanced down at the price tag of the dress.

In the past, Natalie had indulged in luxurious spending, but now she found herself unable to justify the cost.

Once a leading trendsetter in the entertainment industry, all the top brands used to seek Natalie’s endorsement for their latest collections, hoping she would set the trend with her choices.

Yet, these days, the title of the fashion icon in the industry belonged to Dolores.

Feeling the stark contrast between her present situation and her former glory, Natalie couldn’t help but question herself.

“I gave it all up for Zachary. I allowed myself to become a stepping stone for Dolores. Was it worth sacrificing everything I had?”

The shopping guide’s words interrupted Natalie’s introspection, “Madam, have you decided to purchase the dress? Are you finished trying it on, or should I wrap it up for you?”

“Please wrap it for me,” Natalie responded.

Returning to the fitting room, Natalie took off the dress. As she handed it back to the shopping guide, a sudden cheer erupted in the store.

“Oh my G od! It’s Dolores. She’s so stunning.”

“I never thought I’d see a big star shopping in person. I adore her songs, especially ‘Love Letter.’ The lyrics are phenomenal.”

“Is that Mr. Finn with her? He’s so handsome. They call him the most handsome and wealthiest man in all of Havenbrook. Do you think they’re a couple?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Dolores has publicly stated that she views Mr. Finn as her brother only. Their bond is pure. Isn’t Mr. Finn supposed to be with Natalie?”

“They got divorced last month. I think Dolores and Mr. Finn make a perfect pair. One is as pure as water, and the other is as gentle as jade. Natalie is like a seductive witch. She doesn’t deserve Mr. Finn.”

Natalie seethed with anger upon hearing these remarks.

Her fists clenched, she wanted to teach those people a lesson.

Amidst the ongoing discussion, Dolores and Zachary approached the store.

Dolores was dressed in a long, white gown, her dark, lustrous hair flowing down her back. She wore no jewelry, yet she radiated a delicate beauty.

Judging from her appearance alone, she truly appeared as pure as water.

However, Natalie knew better about Dolores’ true nature.

Despite that, what remained certain was that Dolores had engaged in a sexual relationship with Zachary when she wasn’t yet an adult.

Walking beside Dolores, Zachary, clad in an elegant gray suit of premium fabric, exuded a composed and refined aura.

As he walked toward the store against the light, Natalie couldn’t shake off the feeling of déjà vu.

Natalie recalled that when she first met Zachary, he seemed to be enveloped in a radiant halo.

That radiance had led Natalie throughout her youthful years, but now, due to a mere contractual marriage, Zachary had become her living nightmare.

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith’s Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

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Read The Novel The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora "I can handle all the household chores. I'm an excellent cook proficient in various cuisines. Which cuisine would you like to try first? If you marry me, you'll have delicious food every day! Mr. Griffith, will you marry me?" "Yes, I will!" Mr. Griffith eagerly agreed. After learning from the lessons of her first failed marriage, Natalie Laurier simply wanted to find an ordinary person as her second husband. However, the seemingly regular small business owner she chose turned out to be the primary heir of the wealthiest family in the country. After tying the knot, Lance Griffith surveyed the tasteless food in front of him and inquired, "What happened to the delectable food you promised?" Natalie untied her apron and sat on the table, teasing, "You have something better, don't you? There's no food more delicious than me!" Lance recalled the previous night and concurred, "You're absolutely right!"

The Graceful Husband Mr. Griffith's Thoughtful Devotion by Eleanora

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