The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 99

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 99

Chapter 99 

Tom felt a strange sadness at the sight of Goldic. He had no idea that she was a cousin to the Alpha King’s daughter. Shame covered his eyes, but it was too late. Dustin was now Goldie’s second chance 

Goldie’s eyes did not linger on him for long before moving to Charlotte. The two recognized each other, and Charlotte was embarrassed, lowering her gaze. She will tell on us. I should have listened to you,she mumbled, only for Tom to hear

They were isolated from the rest, and she now regretted not taking Tom’s advice to elope earlier. If the truth was revealed, then all hell was going to break loose.. 

Tom could not offer any words of comfort, equally afraid because of Goldie’s presence. She had seen them on that day

Dustin’s arms wrapped around Goldie’s waist, and she felt the bond deepen. We need to talk, but for now, I need to speak to Sheila,Dustin said, regret resonating in his voice

Goldie nodded, so he moved away from her to where Sheila stood. Bree had no idea why Sheila and Alpha Ansaldo stared at each other that way but felt it was because Alpha Ansaldo stood beside her

Please excuse me. I need to apologize to Sheila. I was mean to her before.” 

When Bree reached Sheridan, the latter hugged her. Bree had tears in her eyes as she hugged Sheridan back. You don’t hate me? I’ve been thinking of a thousand ways to apologize to you, fearing that you won’t forgive me.” 

Sheridan smiled and patted her back, hugging her tighter. Only the goddess knew how much she longed to hug Bree like this when she lived in the pack. The girl was rather mean to her, and she endured it all

It wasn’t your fault. You did what you had to do to protect your brother.” 

Satisfied with Sheridan’s words, Bree pulled away and asked seriously, you are not leaving again, are you? And I found my mate today. We haven’t marked each other yet.” 

From the way Sheridan easily forgave, it was understandable why Alpha Nick went berserk in search of her. Bree wanted her to know everything about her life

Sheridan was amazed to hear that Alpha Ansaldo and Bree were mates but was happy for them. As for spiking hers and Alpha Nick’s drinks, she never intended on letting anyone know. If that had not happened, then how would she have had Daisy

Never. She’s not leaving again,” Alpha Nick answered on Sheridan’s behalf. She felt different. This was the same man who was eager to get her out of the pack before, and now, he did not want her to leave

Sheila, I was notDustin did not finish his words when Sheridan cut him off. It’s alright, Dustin. If I held grudges, I would have become ugly by now. Letting go is food for the heart and Soul. I’m just happy for us to be family.” 

Dustin shook his head in remorse. He should have known sooner that Sheridan was an extraordinary and kind woman. Since she said she had forgiven him, she had forgiven

Thank you.” 

No one had eaten, and those from a long journey plus the guests were all hungry, Alpha Nick thought that everyb*dy should have their fill before the drama begins, especially those from a long journey

Let’s all eat first. There will be time for more introductions.” 

Everyone moved towards the dining room, but seeing the pack members who had already gathered in front of the pack house, Sheridan could not ignore them. One of those people was Anita


11:03 Mon, 29 Apr

Chapter 991 

Let me just say hi to them,Sheridan said to Alpha Nick. He escorted her, not wanting to leave her side for even a second

Luna Sheila, are you leaving again?Anita threw herself into Sheridan’s arms and asked. Sheridan hugged her back and responded

No. I’m here to stay.” 

Anita was happy but then she could not help asking. What about the Alpha’s mate? Are we going to have two Lunas?” 

Alpha Nick did not want his plans ruined, answering in place of Sheridan. Anie, don’t get ahead of yourself. Go and sleep. Tomorrow, I will explain everything.” 

Annie nodded her head and hugged Sheridan again. She greeted the other pack members who were all bewildered as one of them asked

Why didn’t you ever mention that you were the Alpha King’s daughter?” 

Sheridan was speechless with the questions being thrown at her, but Alpha Nick took over once again

Reserve all your questions for tomorrow,he said, sauntering away with Sheridan. Dustin was already entertaining everyone when Sheridan and Alpha Nick returned

Their chairs were reserved, and Sheila sat right beside AlphaNick. Tedmond could not hold it in and finally said

I honestly feel ashamed, Sheila.” 

Sheridan did not want to ruin Alpha Nick’s revenge plan and quickly cut him off. Dad, it’s alright. Let’s forget about the past. Also, I would like everyone to address me by my real name. It’s Sheridan, but everyone calls me Sherry.” 

Tedmond was gladdened by Sheridan’s kind heart. If not, things would not be easy for Alpha Nick

I like Sherry better,Athena said. Sheridan smiled and responded, thank you.” 

The appetizers were being served, and Alpha Nick fed some to Sheridan. She nodded her head satisfactorily to the taste before Alpha Nick also had a taste

Alpha Knight, who had kept to himself and his Luna, was tempted to tease Alpha Nick. So Alpha Nick, I figured you moved straight to the yellow car when your Luna was in the first car. Why was that?Alpha Knight jokingly asked, and his Luna was equally interested

Yes, I wanted to ask but didn’t get a chance,” Alpha Lobo added his voice

With all the guns pointed at him, Alpha Nick hatchoice but to explain. The truth is, during our time of separation, she was always driving a yellow car, so I assumed she loved yellow cars. Can you blame me? There was one yellow Bugatti among eight.” 

Sheridan was glad Alpha Knight asked the question, as she also got the understanding of why Alpha Nick did that

You got your calculations wrong. Goldie is the lover of yellow. Can’t you see her yellow handbag and shoe? There’s always something yellow about her,Sheridan explained

Alpha Nick was slightly embarrassed to have mistaken Goldie’s favorite color for that of Sheridan

Since you are here now, I won’t ask the things you like. Trust me, I will figure them out myself, and for now, I will make your food choices for you.” 

Everyone watched in amazement as Alpha Nick filled Sheridan’s plate with tuna salad and grilled chicken. He was not done and filled her glass with red wine


11:03 Mon, 29 Apr 

Chapter 99 

Sheridan was touched, and so were her brothers and Goldie. I see you aren’t as aloof as I thought. You at least know her favorites,Goldic applauded, and everyone laughed two people and Alpha Ansaldo, who was a little tensed up



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However, Sheridan was enjoying all his promises, but the last part was slightly farfetched for her. From your busy schedule, I would love to see you doing all that.” 

Alpha Nick stared into her eyes and said, You have no idea of the plans I have for you. Your brothers would not have to look out for you anymore.” 

Sheridan giggled, and Charlotte could not even force a smile. Alpha Seiko was not liking this. He quickly asked

Alpha Nick. I’m quite concerned. Why do you treat your mate like nothing and all over your 


The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 4, 2024 Native Language: English
The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna werewolf Novel is written by Author Glorious Eagle is the story of Sheila and her life up-down. It’s unique plot made it exciting read for everyone. Here is Where you can read complete Novel online on their official platform.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Summary

Years ago, Sheila managed to escape from a trap set by her best friend, Charlotte, who had intended to kill her. Since then, she has been living in disguise. In her quest for revenge, she accidentally crashed the wrong wedding, only to discover that the groom was the man she had secretly been in love with all her life, and his bride had eloped on the wedding day. After some negotiation, she became his contract Luna for six months.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

When the six months were up, Alpha Nick Thorax served her with divorce papers. “I tried, but I still don’t feel anything for you. I haven’t marked nor mated with you. You will find your mate and be happy.””Can it be delayed for three days? Could you pretend we are in love and go with me to the gala awards?” Sheila pleaded with Alpha Nick. Her hopes were crushed when she was hit with dismay.
He mocked her. “You don’t have anything to contribute there. Besides, I’m going with Charlote. Just name your price.”Sheila had left everything behind, but that night at the Gala awards, Alpha Nick Thorax saw a woman in a red dress while standing beside the woman he loved. This was the first time he had taken interest in any woman other than the one beside him. “Who is that woman in the red dress? I want to collaborate with her,” he asked. The b*dyguard was shocked. “Alpha, don’t you remember? She’s your ex-contract Luna whom you divorced.” Nick’s jaw clenched, and his knuckles turned white from balling his fingers so hard.

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