The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 100

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 100

Chapter 100 

The dining room quieted down as everyone eagerly awaited Alpha Nick’s response, which turned out to be far from what was expected

Isn’t it obvious that Sherry is who the pack needs?He asked rhetorically, causing Alpha Seiko to frown. He couldn’t believe the words coming out of Alpha Nick’s mouth and asked seriously

Are you suggesting that the moon goddess made a mistake in pairing you both? The Moon goddess never makes mistakes, and my mate is proof of it.” 

Alpha Nick couldn’t reveal everything immediately. Right now, he just wanted Charlotte to feel the pain Sheridan felt when she returned. Emotional torture was more painful than any physical torture

I would say that sometimes, our selfish dual nature causes a lot of problems for us.Alpha Nick k*ssed Sheridan’s hair, gently moving strands of it from her face to behind her ears. Sheridan smiled sweetly each time

and he would return it

Recalling the way Charlotte had sent thugs to kill her before, this was even better revenge, especially after Charlotte had said to her face that Alpha Nick would never love her

Sheridan had loved Charlotte when they were best friends, but everything went downhill because of envy. Well, more envy awaited her

Alpha Nick, you are not making sense. What exactly are you talking about?Alpha Seiko couldn’t stand Alpha Nick and Sheridan’s affectionate display, seeing it as an insult to the moon goddess

Tom and Charlotte lowered their heads, afraid that Goldie would say something. They should have silenced her then and there, but she left before the thought crossed their minds

You should all eat and enjoy your meal. Tomorrow, I will make an important announcement during training,” Alpha Nick smiled and said. His mood was so good that not even the sight of his enemies upset him anymore. 

Charlotte, aren’t you concerned?Alpha Seiko asked Charlotte, forcing her to lift her head just as Alpha Nick fed Sheridan a carrot with his mouth. The two giggled soon after, lost in their own world

Tears stung the corner of Charlotte’s eyes as she thought of a way to poison Sheridan since her previous attempts had failed. Forcing a smile, she replied


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Chapter 100 

Don’t think too much about it. Sheridan was there when I was kidnapped, so the pack members got used to her. When she left, Alpha Nick promised the pack members that she would be visiting from time to time. There is nothing serious about it. What they have is an extension of the contract after the divorce.” 

Charlotte convinced herself that was the case, but to everyone present, she just exposed her stupidity. It was clear that Alpha Nick was in love with Sheridan, and here she was spouting nonsense

Should that warrant all her brothers coming with her?Alpha Seiko asked thoughtfully, not believing that nonsense. The scene caused him to lose his appetite vehemently, but everyone else, aware of everything, kept a smile on their faces and ate heartily

Alpha Seiko, I really don’t know what you want me to say.Charlotte gave up. She couldn’t believe that Alpha Nick chose Sheridan over her, his mate, just because she was not as strong as Sheridan

Then again, she felt that he was just pretending. The moment they left the dining table, everything would be 


Alpha Nick’s attention was solely on the woman by his side. Tom and Charlotte had a secret affair, but he was going to have his relationship with Sheridan public

Sherry, have you had enough? Would you like some hash browns? They taste delicious.He picked up one of the hash browns and took a bite, moaning at the taste. Sheridan was tempted

I will try it if you say so, but I’m really tired and would love some rest.It had been a long journey, coupled with the fact that she had spent the whole night watching Daisy sleep

This was the first time she was separated from her daughter, but it was for the best. No one must know about them until Charlotte and Tom were dealt with

Please excuse us,” Alpha Nick quickly said, ready to honor Sheridan’s request. If she wanted to sleep, then that was exactly what she must get

He stood up, extending his hand to Sheridan. She grabbed it, stood up, and walked hand in hand with him. He would whisper something into her ear, her face would flush, and she would giggle like a kid

Everyone watched as they climbed the stairs, and Charlotte waited for Alpha Nick to take Sheridan to the Luna’s chamber. To her amazement, he was opening the door to the Alpha’s chamber, and that was all Charlotte could 



Chapter 100 

Nick. Why are you taking her to your room? That was not the arrangement.She was still his mate and would not allow another woman in his room. Alpha Nick never liked any one touching his things and Charlotte remembered what happened when she planned a surprise and slept on his bed

It was as if her skin was covered in leprosy by the way Alpha Nick chased her out and had it cleaned

Alpha Nick scoffed, glaring at her like a piece of trash. Did I discuss any arrangement concerning her return with 


Charlotte paled and quickly wiped away a tear that had betrayed her by falling down her cheek. Her mate was hurting her so badly

The next thing they heard was Sheridan’s moan when Alpha Nick k*ssed her passionately. Their tongues danced together as they battled for dominance. It was something they both could not resist, but it was still part of the 


The only difference was that they were overdoing it. His door was intentionally left ajar so everyone could hear 

the sound

Charlotte, unable to take it, quickly ran up the stairs. She couldn’t believe that someone like Alpha Nick, who cherished his dignity so much, was giving it all away for Sheridan. Fresh tears fell down her cheeks, and the more she wiped them, the faster they were replaced

Alpha Nick was indeed k*ssing Sheridan like he would never stop. He had never k*ssed Charlotte, his mate before but was k*ssing his excontract, Luna. Something woke up in Charlotte. Her cursed wolf

Nick, what do you think you are doing?She raged. Alpha Nick reluctantly broke from the k*ss and apologized 

to Sheridan

I’m sorry, but I would make it up to you tonight.Then he turned to Charlotte, who stood in the doorway, and asked, What does it look like I’m doing? I’m going to make love to my wife.” 

He shut the door in her face. To make love to Sheridan? They weren’t even mates.’ Charlotte was furious and ran down the stairs, running out of the pack house to the frontage, where she pressed the alarm bells. The pack sirens went off, awakening everyone

The pack siren was only used when there was an attack, but once the pack members realized there was no such threat, they automatically ran to the pack house. Perhaps there was important information


Chapter 100 

Thousands of people arrived at the pack house, and to their disappointment, it was Charlotte who had called

Are you crazy? Don’t you know that we have to sleep?One of the warriors rebuked, anger lacing his tone. Charlotte might be the Alpha’s mate, but she never earned their respect. This time, her cursed wolf gave her boldness, and she was suddenly not afraid to reveal it

Your Alpha has done something terrible.Her voice was tinged with pain

What is the offense?Another warrior asked in annoyance as she began to explain it to them

You all know that he is my mate, but he is cheating on me.Her voice was now teary, and she gave up trying to wipe the tears from her face. The pack members shook their heads, not believing her words

Alpha Nick would never do that.” 

Why don’t you go in and ask him? As his mate, I permit you,Charlotte said seriously

The crowd was about to rush into the pack house when a deep, cold voice sounded. No need. I’m already here.All those in the pack house equally followed to listen to the matter of concern

Alpha, is what she is saying true? Are you cheating on her?One of the pack members, an elderly man, asked 


The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 4, 2024 Native Language: English
The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna werewolf Novel is written by Author Glorious Eagle is the story of Sheila and her life up-down. It’s unique plot made it exciting read for everyone. Here is Where you can read complete Novel online on their official platform.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Summary

Years ago, Sheila managed to escape from a trap set by her best friend, Charlotte, who had intended to kill her. Since then, she has been living in disguise. In her quest for revenge, she accidentally crashed the wrong wedding, only to discover that the groom was the man she had secretly been in love with all her life, and his bride had eloped on the wedding day. After some negotiation, she became his contract Luna for six months.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

When the six months were up, Alpha Nick Thorax served her with divorce papers. “I tried, but I still don’t feel anything for you. I haven’t marked nor mated with you. You will find your mate and be happy.””Can it be delayed for three days? Could you pretend we are in love and go with me to the gala awards?” Sheila pleaded with Alpha Nick. Her hopes were crushed when she was hit with dismay.
He mocked her. “You don’t have anything to contribute there. Besides, I’m going with Charlote. Just name your price.”Sheila had left everything behind, but that night at the Gala awards, Alpha Nick Thorax saw a woman in a red dress while standing beside the woman he loved. This was the first time he had taken interest in any woman other than the one beside him. “Who is that woman in the red dress? I want to collaborate with her,” he asked. The b*dyguard was shocked. “Alpha, don’t you remember? She’s your ex-contract Luna whom you divorced.” Nick’s jaw clenched, and his knuckles turned white from balling his fingers so hard.

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