Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 98

Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 98

Chapter 98 

Expose us? What are you going to expose us for?Lyra still didn’t believe Sebastian.. 

The painting you presented is a counterfelt. If we sold it, it wouldn’t go for more than a hundred dollars,Sebastian mused

Stop with the nonsense!Jordan was enraged, a hint of panic flashing in his eyes.. 

What a joke. Does he know who Mr. Hunter is? Why would he buy a fake? Who would believe you?Lyra 


That’s right. Mr. Hunter is the second son of the rich*st family in

City. His net worth is over a billion 

dollars. A few million dollars are pocket change to him.Belinda snorted

Exactly, Mr. Hunter wouldn’t care about a mere ten million dollars. It would only ruin his reputation to gift 

a fake,someone chimed in

I think he is just jealous of Mr. Hunter and wants to defame him.” 

The crowd gave Sebastian a disdainful glare

Lillian whispered, Sebastian, stop with the nonsense. Mr. Hunter wouldn’t give a fake.” 

Sebastian smiled. I’m not lying. That painting is indeed a fake. And Lucas’s gift is also a fake.” 

Lucas was both shocked and angry. You just lied about Mr. Hunter’s gift and now you’re trying to defame me too? You’re truly despicable.” 

Why did Ms. Smith marry him? He’s not only useless but also lacks integrity.” 

Exactly, he’s wrong for slandering others.” 

Evelyn went red with anger and pointed an accusing finger at Sebastian. Shut up! One more word and I’ll have someone throw you out!” 

Sebastian, I’m begging you. Please stop spreading rumors.Lillian’s gaze was full of disappointment

She had thought Sebastian was just prone to boasting, but she never expected him to stoop to such levels. She was deeply disappointed

Sebastian stared at Jordan. Since you claim it’s not a fake, can I inspect it?” 

Lyra angrily retorted, That painting is worth millions. How dare you inspect it? Who do you think 

ou are?” 

Belinda echoed, Exactly, you have no right to touch something worth millions of dollars. If you damage or soil it, you won’t be able to afford the consequences

Jordan huffed arrogantly. You and me are worlds apart. This watch I have is worth a million dollars. Someone like you can’t ever afford it, let alone a famous painting worth tens of millions

*Someone like you couldn’t possibly afford a look at the painting. But to prove you wrong, I’ll allow you to have a look at it. Mr. Smith, please let him look at it,” Jordan said confidently

Chapter 98 

Just as Sebastian had said, the painting he gave was indeed fake. Although he was the second son of the Hunter family, his net worth was not high. He was only given a few million dollars each month, which was not enough for his extravagant spending. He couldn’t afford to give expensive gifts

However, a cheap gift would be unfitting for his status as the second son of the Hunter family. So, he 

bought an expensive counterfeit that could pass as real. As long as it wasn’t appraised by a professional, no one could tell the difference

Moreover, Lyra had told him that Sebastian was just a useless freeloader. He wasn’t worried that Sebastian would notice anything

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

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Sebastian Wilder is the leader of the Supreme Platoon; he and his men roam the land while protecting it. He's also the founder of Phoenix Corporation and is worth trillions of dollars! When he returns to Ravenview City to search for his fiancée, he's shocked to find her in the middle of an engagement to someone else. She rips their marriage agreement to shreds and publicly announces that she won't marry him. She even goes so far as to insult him!

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel


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