Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 99

Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 99

Chapter 99 

Elijah nodded and instructed two men to unfold the painting

A chorus of awe echoed in the hall

Lyra crossed her arms and stared at Sebastian disdainfully. Go on, show us what a country bumpkin is capable of! But I’m warning you. This painting is worth over ten million dollars. Don’t touch it. If you soil or damage it, you won’t be able to pay for it.” 

Jordan sneered. Did you notice anything, brat?” 

Sebastian kept quiet, a playful smile playing on his lips. Then, he pich up a glass of water from the table and took a sip. However, he didn’t swallow the water. Instead, he suddenly sprayed it onto the painting

What are you doing?” 

How dare you?” 

Both Lyra and Jordan were furious, as well as Belinda, Elijah, and the others


Lyra pointed at Sebastian angrily. How dare you destroy that expensive painting. You must pay for it. Or you won’t be leaving here alive today!” 

Sebastian, what are you doing?Lillian was furious. After all, it was worth over ten million dollars, and even she couldn’t afford to pay for it

Ronan immediately piped up, Go to him for compensation. It has nothing to do with us.” 

How can it have nothing to do with you? This jerk is your soninlaw. If he can’t afford it, then you have to compensate!Belinda shouted harshly

Evelyn’scolded Sebastian angrily, What are you trying to do? Do you want to doom us?” 

Suddenly, Sebastian slammed his hand against the table, causing it to split into pieces. The cups and bowls shattered on the ground, leaving a mess. Everyone sitting at the table was startled, and Belinda and Lyra turned pale with fright

What are you doing?Elijah glared at Sebastian with a mixture of shock and anger

Sebastian, what are you trying to do? Please don’t cause any more trouble,Lillian sobbed

Don’t cry, Lillian. Just watch, Sebastian comforted with a smile. He didn’t want to lose his temper, but these people had gone too far, and he had enough

Then, he turned to the crowd. I know exactly what I’m doing. I wouldn’t have done this if this were genuine. But this is just a fake

Nonsense! I spent over ten million dollars on this. How could it be fake?Jordan was furious, glaring daggers at Sebastian

Exactly, my boyfriend is a nobleman. He wouldn’t give a fake painting.Lyra snorted


We can find out its authenticity by making on expert,Bebastian gave Natalie a look

Natalie understood immediately and said to an old man not far away, Mr. Stable, you’re an expert in paintings, Can you authenticate this pleas?” 

Mr. Stable is an expert in this field. He has every right to inspect it. But I think this is unnecessary. Mr. Hunter would never give a fake,” 

That’s right. Ten million dollars in nothing to Mr. Hunter. He wouldn’t give a fake.” 

The crowd expressed their opinions

Jordan grew a little flustered when he heard that an expert would nuthenticate It. The painting has been destroyed by the water. How are wed to authenticate it no

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

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Sebastian Wilder is the leader of the Supreme Platoon; he and his men roam the land while protecting it. He's also the founder of Phoenix Corporation and is worth trillions of dollars! When he returns to Ravenview City to search for his fiancée, he's shocked to find her in the middle of an engagement to someone else. She rips their marriage agreement to shreds and publicly announces that she won't marry him. She even goes so far as to insult him!

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel


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