Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 100

Remorse After Breaking Up Chapter 100

Chapter 100 

Chester Stable walked over. Rest assured, Mr. Hunter. A little water won’t fool my eyes.” 

Then you better take a close look.Jordan’s voice was laced with a hint of warning

Chester approached and touched the wet area with his finger, only to get paint on it

It’s a fake!Chester was surprised at the unexpected result

Are you really an expert? Don’t go spouting bullshit!Jordan scolded harshly

Natalie chuckled. Mr. Stable is a professional. If he says it’s fake, then It’s definitely fake.” 

Jordan was both shocked and angry, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. However, he quickly reacted and roared angrily, I didn’t expect to be deceived. I was lied to, Mr. Smith! I’ll give you a more precious painting next time!” 

There’s no need for that, Mr. Hunter.Elijah wasn’t angry. After all, Jordan was from the Hunter family. Even if Jordan gave him a brick, he would still cherish it like it was a gold bar

It seems the kid was right.” 

It must be a lucky guess. He only glanced at it for a few seconds. He couldn’t have noticed anything.” 

Everyone nodded in agreement

Sebastian smiled faintly. The reason he was so sure was because the real painting was hanging in his 


Sebastian turned to Lucas. I said your vase is also a fake. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Mr. Stable 

to authenticate it.” 

Enough with the nonsense. You got lucky with your guess. But don’t think you’re all that.” Lucas rolled his eyes, but he was secretly panicking inside

Jamie scoffed. Even if Mr. Hunter’s painting is fake, he must have been deceived. He spent over ten million dollars on it. It’s worth more than whatever trash you called a gift.” 

You’re calling the pill trash?Sebastian laughed sarcastically

Jamie snatched the bottle from Sebastian and poured out a black pill from it

Take a look at this, everyone. Would anyone dare to eat it? Dad, look.Jamie handed it to Elijah.. 

Why should I look at some trash?Elijah’s face was full of disgust as he knocked it away

As soon as the pill hit the ground, several figures rushed forward to catch it

The first one was Herb Clinton. Having witnessed Sebastian’s medical skills, he knew that Sebastian had saved Elijah’s life with just one pill. So, he was inclined to believe Sebastian’s words. Since Elijah didn’t want it, he would take it in his stead

The second person was Natalie, the fully believer Sebastians worde 

And the third wan Clement Lisbon

When Sebastian told Clement he didn’t have much time left, he thought Sebastian was just scaring hum But he fell ill recently. If he hadn’t found Malt to treat him in time, he would probably be dead try hom 

But even Matt could only prolong his life for another half a month. This was when he suddenly thenga

thouDA CA Sebastian. He came with a generous gift in hopes of currying favor with Sebastian and getting him to treat his illness

When he heard Sebastian had made a pill that could cure all diseases, he had to fight the urge to rush up and snatch it. Since the opportunity arose, he naturally didn’t want to miss it, rushing toward the pill like his life depended on it

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel

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Sebastian Wilder is the leader of the Supreme Platoon; he and his men roam the land while protecting it. He's also the founder of Phoenix Corporation and is worth trillions of dollars! When he returns to Ravenview City to search for his fiancée, he's shocked to find her in the middle of an engagement to someone else. She rips their marriage agreement to shreds and publicly announces that she won't marry him. She even goes so far as to insult him!

Remorse After Breaking Up (Sebastian and Phoenix) Novel


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