Rebirth of the Wife in Despair Chapter 75

Rebirth of the Wife in Despair Chapter 75

Chapter 75 There Is Only Her 

Eileen exited the cubicle and turned on the faucet to wash her hands. She couldn’t help but think about the new woman she saw with Elm. There was something familiar about her, as if Eileen had seen her somewhere before. 

isn’t Vera with Elm anymore? Why does he have a new girlfriend? 

No, that’s not right. Based on what I saw last night, Vera and Eric must be together now. That means Elm was dumped. 

Thinking back to their time in Peach Fishing Village, Eileen remembered seeing them. k*ssing. Elm lived right across from her. 

Actually, she wasn’t entirely sure if they were k*ssing or not. 

From where she was standing at the time, it looked very similar. 

Eileen didn’t know if something else had happened between them. 

But it doesn’t matter. These things no longer concern me, so I won’t get involved anymore. 

Eileen quickly washed her hands, grabbed two napkins to dry them, and threw them into the 

waste bin. 

After that, she headed to the lounge. 

When she reached the doorway of the lounge, she noticed a group of people gathered around Jasper. 

Why are they here? 

It was none other than Wendy and her friends from Petalburg High School. 

Several attractive young women were chatting with Jasper, and he had a smile on his face as he spoke. 

Wendy spotted Eileen and exclaimed with delight, “Eileen! What a coincidence! Why are you here? I heard from the vice homeroom teacher that you weren’t coming to school this term, right?” 

Eileen noticed Jasper looking at her intently. 

Despite feeling unsure of what to do, she walked over anyway. “Indeed, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect to run into you guys here.” 



Besides Wendy paying attention to Eileen as she approached, many quickly hid their expressions, avoiding direct eye contact with Eileen. 

Eileen greeted Vera, who was standing quietly on the side. “Vera.” 

Vera thought about the awkward situation from yesterday and wasn’t sure how to face Eileen. 

She must have heard everything I said to Eric yesterday! 

Vera smiled charmingly and asked, “Eileen, did you come here alone today?” 

Eileen shook her head. “I’m with a friend.” 

Vera asked, “Who is your friend?” 

Eileen was about to answer when a group of men outside the door came over, laughing and joking. “Elm, you’re so heartless,” one of them said. “She skipped cla*s just to accompany you. to this art exhibition and confessed her feelings, but you told her to get lost. That’s really heartbreaking.” 

Albert said, “Elm prefers someone quiet and gentle. Everything about her seemed fake, like she was pretending. She clearly isn’t as pure and innocent as she appears. There’s no way he could like her.” 

“Can you stop talking?” Elm’s eyes flashed with defiance. However, when he saw the people. inside the lounge, he quickly restrained himself and put the lighter back in his pocket, his pupils narrowing. 

Charlie and Albert also noticed the same thing, causing them to shut their mouths and avoid speaking. 

It felt as if they were frozen in place, sensing an invisible pressure weighing down on them. 

Jasper’s demeanor suddenly became stern. His eyes, as cool as the moon, shimmered with a cold, bright light. 

The atmosphere in the room instantly quieted down, and Eileen didn’t know what was happening. 

She glanced at Elm, then turned her gaze to Jasper. 

What is the connection between these two? Do they know each other? 

Jasper was the first to speak. “Eileen, it’s a bit crowded here. Let’s go to the second floor.” 

Eileen nodded. “Alright.” 


She stepped forward, leading Jasper away from the strange atmosphere. 

At that moment, Elm seemed like a roaring lion, but upon seeing a tamer, he turned into at kitten being gently stroked. 

Jasper rarely appeared in public. Even though he had started to take control of Smith Corporation, he remained a mysterious figure who never showed his face to outsiders. 

Others might not know who the person in the wheelchair was, but Charlie and Albert did. 

That was Jasper, the heir groomed by the Smith family of Hulbury. 

A few years ago, a car accident left him in a wheelchair, causing him to disappear from the public eye. 

The Jasper of the past was just as remarkable as the current Elm.. 

These two individuals were truly similar – both well-behaved yet arrogant and domineering, showing no respect to anyone. 

But now, Jasper was different from before. He seemed even more terrifying than in the 

A single glance was enough to put Elm in his place. 


Elm was Jasper’s half-brother from the same father, but in the Smith family, no one except their father recognized Elm’s identity. 

After all, Elm’s biological mother was just an ordinary woman who used to be a burlesque performer. Being born into a family of performers, the Smith family looked down on women with such backgrounds. 

Charlie and Albert had witnessed how ruthless Jasper could be. 

Previously, when something happened to Eileen, Jasper believed that Elm was behind it. 

So he had someone cripple Elm’s hand in the private room of the bar, then dragged him into 

the car. 

At that time, only Charlie, Albert, and Elm were in the private room. 

Even now, the memories of that event were still vivid for Charlie and Albert. 

Only after they had walked far away did Charlie dare to speak. “How did Eileen come to know him?” 

“Elm, are you just going to let the last incident go?” 


Though they spoke sofily, the others in the lounge sensed that something was happening. However, they couldn’t understand what was being discussed. 

Elm’s hand was in his pocket as he twirled his lighter. He lowered his head and chuckled. “This is interesting.” 

After they finished touring the art exhibition, it was already one in the afternoon. 

Eileen glanced at the time and suddenly remembered that they hadn’t eaten lunch. 


She apologized, “I’m so sorry! I forgot to take you out for a meal. You should have reminded 


Jasper gave a slight smile. “It’s okay. I didn’t want to disturb you while you were so focused on taking notes. What were you writing?” 

“Allow me to show you,” Eileen said, sitting down beside him and eagerly retrieving a notebook from her bag. “I have documented here the locations and times when Mr. Edward. goes to paint. I have recorded all the most breathtaking places he has painted. One day, I will definitely see them with my own eyes. 

She had been confined for far too long. Once she had the freedom to leave her current home, Eileen desired to explore the most exquisite landscapes in the world. 

The aurora, gra*slands, canyons, mountains, and flowing rivers… 

She longed for all these magnificent sights.. 

“Will you invite me again then?” 

Eileen remained silent, not uttering a word. She quietly put away her notebook. “I don’t know… The future is filled with too many uncertainties. Perhaps I will embark on this journey many years from now, or maybe it will be tomorrow…” 

Eileen didn’t want to disclose to him that her future plans only included herself, with no room for anyone else. 

He was her first opposite-S** friend, and Eileen was unsure how long this friendship would 


Now, she had become wiser, realizing that her past naivety and excessive trust in others had been her downfall. Those were the reasons she had gradually fallen into disgrace and had been treated as a joke, becoming nothing more than a plaything in their hands. 

Besides herself, Eileen didn’t believe in anyone else. 

The only one who could provide her with a sense of security was herself… 



Rebirth of the Wife in Despair (Eric & Eileen’s) Novel

Rebirth of the Wife in Despair (Eric & Eileen’s) Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: December 4, 2023 Native Language: English

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Novel Read Rebirth of the Wife in Despair (Eric & Eileen's) Novel “Eric wanted me to bring you this. The divorce papers. You have to sign them today.” Sarah gracefully tucked her hair behind her ear, retrieving a file from her handbag and tossing it onto the hospital bed. “Does Eric know I'm sick?” Eileen asked weakly, her l*ps pale. “Yes, he knows. In fact, he said you're a burden and you should just die off,” Sarah replied without hesitation. With her heart numb, Eileen knew with absolute certainty that Eric did say that. “All right. I'll sign it.” Eileen's hand, which was connected to the IV drip, trembled as she picked up the pen and signed her name on the divorce papers. ... In her past life, Eileen Swan's ill-fated love for her stepbrother, Eric Snow, leading her to a marriage against all odds.
Rebirth of the Wife in Despair (Eric & Eileen's) Novel
Unbeknownst to her, Eric harbored a devilish agenda—he endured humiliation and shouldered burdens within the Swan family just in order to take his revenge on them. Eileen's life unraveled, leaving her with a shattered home, profound loss, and the added torment of her husband's pregnant mistress at her doorstep. Stricken by illness, she faced remorse for her decisions. On her deathbed, she sealed her fate with a divorce agreement. Unexpectedly, fate granted Eileen a second chance at life. Determined to break free from Eric, she aimed to leave the Swan family and forge a life of her own. Just when she believed her path was clear, the dreadful figure from her past resurfaced. Drawing near, he whispered, “Eileen, didn't you love me the most?”

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