My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 98

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 98

Chapter 98 You’re Fired

“The company will have a new expense after his arrival.”

Cherise was initially slightly annoyed by the discussions that filled the scene. Still, she felt more uncomfortable after hearing what the man said.

But she maintained her restraint and manners. “A new expense?”


The man looked up at Damien in the wheelchair with a taunting smile on the corners of his l*ps. “A new expense of inviting someone to conduct an exorcism.”

The meeting room erupted into loud laughter after the middle-aged man spoke.

Cherise’s hands clenched into tight fists by her side.

“This is Marvin Osmer. He’s a senior employee in our company’s planning department. All our company’s investment projects go through him.”

Bernard went to Cherise’s side and reminded her in a low voice, “He has a lot of henchmen in the company. You just started working here, so you can’t offend him.”

“If he’s unhappy and takes them with him to seek refuge in another company, we’ll be


Bernard sighed. “Ms. Shaw, you should just bear with it.”

Marvin was used to dominating the company with his abilities and vast connections. Even Randall couldn’t do anything about him previously, so Cherise couldn’t afford to offend him!

“You’re fired.”

Cherise said coldly after taking a deep breath.

The meeting room instantly quietened. There was a pin-drop silence.

Everyone was astonished.

Although Cherise wants to make bold changes after taking office, she shouldn’t destroy a foundation in the company, right?

Even our previous boss, Randall, could only turn a blind eye to Marvin. But Cherise wants to fire him on the second day after she a*sumed the position?


Marvin never thought that Cherise would fire him. He stood on the spot, stunned, before. he laughed lightly. “Little Miss Shaw is truly young and fearless. Do you know what my presence in the company means?”

Cherise flattened her l*ps. “Do I care what it means?”

Her eyes were bright, and she glared at Marvin stubbornly. “I make the decisions in the company now.”

“You can’t be so archaic and superstitious, and you can’t insult my husband!”

The petite woman held her head high a*sertively. “Also, everyone here should listen. carefully. Damien Lenoir is my husband. I won’t allow anyone to speak badly about him!”

“If you think my husband is unlucky, you can go to the human resources department for your last paycheck, like Mr. Osmer!”

After Cherise spoke, Marvin’s face instantly fell.

He threw the proposal he had prepared today on the table and glared at Cherise furiously. “What do you mean?”


you firing an old employee after taking office?”

“You won’t go far like this!”

Cherise pursed her l*ps and looked at him with an icy gaze. “I don’t know if I can go far. but I know that you must be polite no matter how capable you are.”

Marvin’s face paled.

But Cherise continued speaking like she didn’t see it. “You used these groundless. accusations to mock my husband without knowing anything. From what I can see, no matter how capable you are, you’re immoral and disrespectful.”

Marvin sneered. “A bearer of bad luck wants respect from others?”

Cherise gritted her teeth, and her gaze directed at him turned colder. “My husband has met with adversity since birth and was still a child when those incidents happened. How is he a bearer of bad luck?”

“He has no close relatives, and his remaining family treats him with disdain. When he was thirteen years old, his eyes and legs were injured. It’s unfortunate.”

“You’re using other people’s painful memories to ridicule them. So much for your character. I don’t need such an employee. Please pack up and leave!”



My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

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My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) "My Blind Husband" by Astrid Rose (Damien Lenoir) is a heartwarming novel that explores love, resilience, and the challenges faced by a woman married to a blind man, highlighting the power of their connection in overcoming life's obstacles. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband (Green FLower )

Online book excerpts My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

"You want to be with me? Are you not afraid you could die?" Rumors about the blind man, Damien Lenoir, said he was naturally violent and killed his biological elder sister and three fiancées. Cherise Shaw married him resolutely, even if she would die. She thought she would care for him after getting married but never imagined that he would instead pamper her to no end. He said, “She’s my woman. Only I can bully her.” He said, “I’ll torture whoever dares to touch my woman.” He also said, “My woman must birth many children for me.” Cherise was furious. “Who would want to birth many children for you?!” The man showed her the video at their wedding back then. In the video, she had an earnest expression. “I’ll try my best to give you children!” She denied it with a flushed face. “This doesn’t count. You lied and told me you were blind during our wedding!” He nodded. “Get ready. We’ll have another wedding.”

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Why did Cherise agree to marry Damien Lenoir despite the rumors about him being violent and causing deaths around him?
  • Cherise agreed to marry Damien because his family promised to fund her grandmother’s medical expenses in exchange for her marriage to him.
  1. How did Damien react when Cherise asked if she should undress and get on the bed first on their wedding night?
  • Damien removed his blindfold and asked if she was afraid of death.
  1. What was Cherise’s response when Damien asked if she was afraid of death?
  • Cherise responded that she was not afraid of death and that she would keep her promise to bear him children and care for him for a lifetime.
  1. What was Damien’s reaction to Cherise’s commitment to care for him and have children?
  • Damien sarcastically laughed and asked her to help him take a bath.
  1. How did Cherise react when Damien asked her to help him take a bath?
  • Cherise agreed and went to prepare the bath for him.
My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )  


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