My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 813

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 813

Chapter 813 You Asked For It 

He knew Cherise was trying to cheer him up, thinking he was in a bad mood. In reality, he was not angry. 

Although he was furious about the past events, he felt somewhat relieved after confronting Raymond. Fortunately, despite his father and Raymond being brothers, his father was completely different from his brother. 

If he had not accompanied Cherise to Miles Manor at the time and met Patricia, he might still have doubts about his father’s character. Thankfully, it was all a misunderstanding. 

“Hubby, are you listening?” 

Seeing Damien remain silent, Cherise quickly tugged his shirt to grab his attention, “Did you hear anything I said?” 

Damien looked at her and smiled. “Can you repeat it?” 

“Fine, I’ll repeat it.” Cherise pouted and continued, “Stop daydreaming. You make me feel silly for talking to myself.” 

“You are a silly girl who talks to herself!” 

A drunken male voice interrupted just as Cherise finished speaking. Then, an overweight man holding a beer bottle sat beside Cherise. He stared at her, squinting his eyes. “Babe, your handsome boy is ignoring you! So why don’t you have a nice chat with me? I’ll pay full attention to you and listen to everything you say.” 

As he spoke, his gaze swept over Cherise’s chest. “Wow, quite busty, huh? Nice! They must feel great to 


Cherise turned pale and instinctively covered her chest. 

She wore a form-fitting dress to attend Zachary and Lyra’s wedding. The snug fit accentuated her naturally beautiful figure, exuding a restrained yet sensual charm, 

After the earlier incident, Cherise was unsettled and had not had the chance to change her clothes. Now, prompted by this sleazy man’s words, she realized the nature of her attire. 

“You’re too noisy.” 

Damien stood up before the sleazy man could speak again. 

Unexpectedly, the sleazy man was a skilled fighter and raised his hand to strike Damien. However, Damien swiftly grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted it hard. 

“Argh!”The man’s howl reverberated through the entire street. 

With that howl, the man’s companions behind him could no longer stay seated. A group of them aggressively overturned the tables and came menacingly toward Damien. 

“You should be honored that my friend wanted to flirt with your woman. How dare you hit him? I’ll make you regret it!” 


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She was so flastered that she didn’t even put on the jacks Instead, she frantically called Mr. Kolon and Biske for help 

Calling for backup 

As Cherise was using her phone, the sleazy man Dam had beaten up watched it away Have you seen how many friends I have? 

Damien sneered and glanced coldly at the group of people. His knuckles cracked as he clenched his hands. “So be it. I’m not in a good mood today. Although beating you is a bit beneath me, you asked for it.” 

With that, he took off his jacket and threw it onto Cherise. “Put this on.” 

The jacket obscured Cherise’s vision. By the time she pulled it off her head, Damien had already started fighting the thugs. 

She was so flustered that she didn’t even put on the jacket. Instead, she frantically called Mr. Kolson and Blake for help. 

“Calling for backup?” 

As Cherise was using her phone, the sleazy man Damien had beaten up snatched it away. “Have you seen how many friends I have?” 

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

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My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) "My Blind Husband" by Astrid Rose (Damien Lenoir) is a heartwarming novel that explores love, resilience, and the challenges faced by a woman married to a blind man, highlighting the power of their connection in overcoming life's obstacles. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband (Green FLower )

Online book excerpts My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

"You want to be with me? Are you not afraid you could die?" Rumors about the blind man, Damien Lenoir, said he was naturally violent and killed his biological elder sister and three fiancées. Cherise Shaw married him resolutely, even if she would die. She thought she would care for him after getting married but never imagined that he would instead pamper her to no end. He said, “She’s my woman. Only I can bully her.” He said, “I’ll torture whoever dares to touch my woman.” He also said, “My woman must birth many children for me.” Cherise was furious. “Who would want to birth many children for you?!” The man showed her the video at their wedding back then. In the video, she had an earnest expression. “I’ll try my best to give you children!” She denied it with a flushed face. “This doesn’t count. You lied and told me you were blind during our wedding!” He nodded. “Get ready. We’ll have another wedding.”

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Why did Cherise agree to marry Damien Lenoir despite the rumors about him being violent and causing deaths around him?
  • Cherise agreed to marry Damien because his family promised to fund her grandmother’s medical expenses in exchange for her marriage to him.
  1. How did Damien react when Cherise asked if she should undress and get on the bed first on their wedding night?
  • Damien removed his blindfold and asked if she was afraid of death.
  1. What was Cherise’s response when Damien asked if she was afraid of death?
  • Cherise responded that she was not afraid of death and that she would keep her promise to bear him children and care for him for a lifetime.
  1. What was Damien’s reaction to Cherise’s commitment to care for him and have children?
  • Damien sarcastically laughed and asked her to help him take a bath.
  1. How did Cherise react when Damien asked her to help him take a bath?
  • Cherise agreed and went to prepare the bath for him.
My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )  


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