My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 30

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Shouldn’t Family Members Help Each Other?

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Cherise shook her head. She pushed him to the elevator and said earnestly, “We can be intimate at home. We don’t have to do this

“For example?”

“Like on the couch, and… in bed, and…”

The man scratched his l*ps indifferently. “You can be on top too.”

Cherise was dumbstruck.

Perhaps it was easier to feel sleepy on a full stomach. On the way to Lenoir Manor from Garden Paradise, Cherise leaned back in the genuine leather seat and fell asleep in a daze.

A sharp ringtone awoke her from her dreams after some time.

She reached out for her cell phone, half–conscious, and answered. “Hello…”

“Chérise, it’s Aunt Eriana.”

Eriana’s insincere voice rang on the other end. “I’m in Adania Hospital now. Your cousin got into a fight and is severely injured. I didn’t bring any money. Can you…”


Cherise took a deep breath, and her voice instantly hardened. She said coldly, “Aunt Eriana, you should know I’m still studying and don’t have much money.”

On the other end, Eriana laughed. “I know you don’t have much money, but aren’t you married now?”

“The blind man at home… No, your husband…”

“His money belongs to him. It’s not mine.”

Cherise was wide awake from the woman’s voice on the other end of the phone. She crawled out of bed and realized she was lying in the large bed in her and Damien’s room.

Did I fall asleep and sleepwalk back to the bedroom


Eriana spoke for a long time on the other end of the phone and shouted in displeasure when she was greeted with silenceCheriseI don’t often call you or ask for helpbut you’re acting like this?”

“Shouldn’t family members help each other? We helped you a lot back when you were in the countryside. right?

Cherise’s heart gradually turned cold as she held her cell phone.

It would have been better for Eriana not to mention what had happened in the past because Chense Couldn’t muster any sympathy for her when she did

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Chapter 30 Shouldn’t Family Members Help Each Other?


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When Cherise was in school, she wanted to help her uncle and aunt save money, so she ran to Eriana’s house to borrow Nicky’s old textbooks. In the end, Eriana had shamed her, and she had helped to do a week’s worth of farm work before Eriana was willing to lend her Nicky’s old textbooks.

She remembered how Eriana had shamed her back then. Still, Eriana was now saying that family members should help each other?

Cherise held her breath and hung up,

But how could Eriana be prepared to let it go?

Eriana called her multiple times, disturbing Cherise so much that she was no longer feeling sleepy.

She turned her cell phone off and went downstairs to make herself a gla*s of warm milk.

While heating the milk, she thought Damien might still be awake, so she made him a gla*s.

Three minutes later, she carried two gla*ses of milk upstairs with a tray. She heard Blake and Damien’s conversation inside when she pa*sed the study room.

“You’ve improved a lot, but you’re not using enough strength. Did you see clearly the darts I threw today?”

Blake’s voice was still stifled as usual. “No. It was too quick.”

“Of course, it has to be quick. Otherwise, others will see you making a move. Then, how can you catch them off guard?”

“I’ll work harder.”

Cherise was confused when she heard it as she carried the milk.

She didn’t expect Blake to be around, so she had only prepared two gla*ses for herself and Damien.

As she pondered if she should make another gla*s, Mr. Kolson’s voice rang from behind. “Mrs. Lenoir.”

The sudden voice made Cherise lose her balance slightly. She almost spilled the milk.



My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

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My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir ) "My Blind Husband" by Astrid Rose (Damien Lenoir) is a heartwarming novel that explores love, resilience, and the challenges faced by a woman married to a blind man, highlighting the power of their connection in overcoming life's obstacles. Read More Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband (Green FLower )

Online book excerpts My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

"You want to be with me? Are you not afraid you could die?" Rumors about the blind man, Damien Lenoir, said he was naturally violent and killed his biological elder sister and three fiancées. Cherise Shaw married him resolutely, even if she would die. She thought she would care for him after getting married but never imagined that he would instead pamper her to no end. He said, “She’s my woman. Only I can bully her.” He said, “I’ll torture whoever dares to touch my woman.” He also said, “My woman must birth many children for me.” Cherise was furious. “Who would want to birth many children for you?!” The man showed her the video at their wedding back then. In the video, she had an earnest expression. “I’ll try my best to give you children!” She denied it with a flushed face. “This doesn’t count. You lied and told me you were blind during our wedding!” He nodded. “Get ready. We’ll have another wedding.”

My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Why did Cherise agree to marry Damien Lenoir despite the rumors about him being violent and causing deaths around him?
  • Cherise agreed to marry Damien because his family promised to fund her grandmother’s medical expenses in exchange for her marriage to him.
  1. How did Damien react when Cherise asked if she should undress and get on the bed first on their wedding night?
  • Damien removed his blindfold and asked if she was afraid of death.
  1. What was Cherise’s response when Damien asked if she was afraid of death?
  • Cherise responded that she was not afraid of death and that she would keep her promise to bear him children and care for him for a lifetime.
  1. What was Damien’s reaction to Cherise’s commitment to care for him and have children?
  • Damien sarcastically laughed and asked her to help him take a bath.
  1. How did Cherise react when Damien asked her to help him take a bath?
  • Cherise agreed and went to prepare the bath for him.
My Blind Husband by Astrid Rose ( Damien Lenoir )  


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