Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon Chapter 41

Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon Chapter 41

Chapter 41 I Misspoke 

Sabrina realized that allowing Curtis to sleep on the bed might have been a bigger mistake than she had thought. He looked miffed immediately after waking up! 

“Did you sleep well last night?” she asked in concern. 

Curtis met her gaze but hesitated, biting back something he wanted to say. He convinced himself that people often had no idea what they did in their sleep, so she couldn’t be aware of her actions. 

It was just… God, she was a nightmare! 

After a moment, he finally spoke, “I guess I’m just not used to it yet.” 

He turned away from her pointedly. Just looking at her reminded him of what happened last night-which only made him feel even more pissed. 

“I thought this is your home, Curtis. How do people not feel at home… well, when they are at home?” Sabrina asked skeptically. 

Curtis couldn’t believe her response. As if he was the one who had kept her up and not the other way around! 

He smirked and dropped the topic altogether. There was no point dwelling in it when he was sure Sabrina would not understand. 

Sabrina, for her part, simply found his pissed vibe weird. 

As they had breakfast, she noticed Curtis rubbing his shoulders. Could the way she slept have been the 


Sabrina was unusually quiet on their way to work, keeping her distance from Curtis. 

Since Curtis wanted to meet Parker before going to the office, they went together. Sabrina’s distance stuck out like a sore thumb to the point that he finally pointed out, “You’re acting weird.” 

Sabrina smiled sheepishly. Should she apologize for last night? Maybe suggest that he sleep on the couch tonight? It didn’t sound like a fair deal, considering she wanted him to have a good night’s rest. 

So all she said was, “Nothing. Let’s get moving before we’re late to work.” 

They reached the hospital and went straight to see Parker. 

The doctor said that Parker, old as he was, needed more time to finally regain consciousness. His recovery was nonetheless very speedy, all things considered. 

Barry, who was now awake, noticed the tension between Curtis and Sabrina and made a clumsy attempt at humor. “Good morning! Hey, what did the two of you do last night? Curtis looks a little shit, ha ha!” 

Sabrina’s words evaporated from her tongue, and Curtis’ frown deepened. 

Barry realized he had misspoken and chuckled awkwardly at his poor attempt at humor. 

“So… How are things between you and Ada? You introduced her as your girlfriend as soon as you saw me. Considering how serious you are about relationships, I’m a little surprised to hear you call her your girlfriend so soon,” Sabrina said to change the subject. 

Barry smiled sheepishly. “Remember the last time I told you about how someone robbed us off our money? That sham doctor was about to make me shut up, but Ada showed up and saved me. And you know… the rest is history.” 


Sabrina was speechless, So… this was the not-so-classic tale of a knight falling for the princess who saved him, huh? 

She wondered if she could ask him about last night, but there was a high chance that Barry could not remember much. 

“By the way, Ada’s ex-boyfriend is a nasty piece of work. You need to tell her to be very careful whenever she’s outside, okay? Tell her not to go out alone! Oh, if you’re free, you should hang out with her whenever she’s outside! I don’t want Ada to get hurt…” 

Sabrina rolled her eyes. So he was worried for Ada but not her?! “Talk about not giving a damn about your own sister!” she grumbled. 

Barry immediately sealed his lips. It was probably a very bad idea to piss one’s sister off when one needed her the most these days. 

After their visit, Sabrina and Curtis went to work. As usual, she left Curtis’ car as soon as she was two intersections away from the office. She walked the rest of the journey. Today, she encountered Felicia, who looked like she was in the middle of an argument with one of the company’s clients. 

Sabrina knew Felicia had some rather… ambiguous relationships with some of her wealthier clients. Sabrina herself disapproved of it, but she never brought it up nor lectured Felicia. They both knew this as one of the irreconcilable differences in morality between two colleagues and tactfully danced around the issue whenever they interacted. 

Nevertheless, to catch Felicia in the middle of the act was pretty awkward. Sabrina wondered if she should take the longer route to the office to avoid the situation. However, that might make her late. 

She hesitated for a while before, finally, she decided to take the long route. It was then that Felicia spotted her and called out, “Sabrina!” 

Oh. There was no way out of this now. Sabrina put on a practiced smile. 

The client immediately let go of Felicia’s hands. His eyes were now all over Sabrina. 

The speed of the man’s change of attention stung Felicia a little, considering how hard she had worked to secure this client, only for him to be swayed by Sabrina’s presence. 

But then again, Felicia had to concede that there was no other way for her to escape this client without distracting him with Sabrina. 

“She’s one of my colleagues, too, if you know what I mean,” she whispered into the client’s ears before walking toward Sabrina. 

The man smiled, straightened his clothes, and followed her. 


Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon Novel Full Episode

Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon Novel Full Episode

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: November 11, 2023 Native Language: English

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The Novel Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon is an amazing story about Sabrina. Sabrina's world shattered into a million pieces the day she received shocking photos of her boyfriend and best friend locked in a passionate embrace. Betrayed by the two people she trusted most, her emotional refuge fell into ruins.In a whirlwind decision and a swift twist of fate, she married her elderly neighbor's grandson. She approached the union as a calculated, emotionless partnership, carefully managing her finances and aiming for a marriage that was as fair as it could be. Little did she know, her husband had a surprising secret: he was a business tycoon with enough wealth to ensure her happiness for several lifetimes to come.

Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon Novel

Critical reception

Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon has received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics have praised the novel for its unique premise, its well-developed characters, and its exploration of themes such as love, loss, and the afterlife. Others have criticized the novel for its slow pacing and its lack of world-building. Overall, Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon is an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. It is a well-written novel with a unique premise and well-developed characters. However, readers should be aware of the slow pacing and the lack of world-building before picking up the novel. If you are interested in reading this novel, you can find it online at this website. It

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Title: Hasty Vows with a Mysterious Tycoon
Author: myflm4u.cam
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Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

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