Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 202

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 202

Chapter 202 

Justin’s mind went blank. There were people coming and going on the streets. He was in such a big place, so how was he supposed to find her

Justin parked the car by the side of the road. After calming down, he drove to the airport, passenger station, dock, train station, and so on


n the end, he found nothing

Brian was in Capern City

His complexion was getting worse by the day. For two weeks, the entire Francis Group was in a depressing atmosphere

In the office, Brian was sitting in a chair with the morning news on the computer

Why is there still no news after so long? Are you all trash?” 

Camren stood in front of him, trembling in fear. He did not dare to say a word after being shouted at

At this moment, Camren received a message. He took out his phone and looked at Brian in surprise

Mr. Francis, I just found out that Miss Sherman withdrew a sum of cash from an ATM in Seefer City this morning and bought a plane ticket to South City!” 

Brian suddenly widened his eyes. What’s the flight number?” 


Brian smiled slightly. Buy the tickets immediately. We’ll go to South City!” 


At this moment, a piece of news suddenly appeared on the computer

Here’s some intercut news. This morning, a Seefer Citybound flight, CU8570, crashed in South City. Civil Aviation has confirmed the plane crashed. There were 151 people on board. The passengers.. 

Brian’s gaze gradually froze

Camren, who was about to leave, stopped in his tracks. At the same time, he received a trending post on his phone that read, An Airliner Crashed in South City.” 

Camren looked at Brian

Brian slowly raised his head and looked at him. He felt that his ears were ringing. Even when he spoke, he could not hear his own voice clearly. What was the flight number that you said just now?” 

Camren swallowed a bit and subconsciously tightened his grip on the edge of the phone. CU8570.” 

Brian’s fingers trembled violently as he muttered, It can’t beIt can’t be.” 

After mutter g a few times, he suddenly looked up at Camren and roared in a hoarse voice, What evidence do 



Chapter 202 

you have to prove that she was on this flight?” 

Camren lowered his head and hesitated for a moment. He found the email he had just received and placed his phone in front of Brian

Brian looked at the information on his phone and suddenly shoved it.. 

Camren was silent for a moment before he comforted Brian. Mr. Francis, we haven’t confirmed if she’s dead yet


At this point, he could not continue

The plane had already crashed. There was no chance of survival

Brian sat motionless on the chair as if he had lost his soul

Camren picked up the phone on the ground, turned around, and walked out of the office

Ava was leaning against the door when Camren opened the door and bumped into her

She looked at Camren and smiled, asking, Camren, did you just say that Grace was on the plane in the accident?” 

Camren glanced at her and left without saying anything

Ava snorted contemptuously at his back and knocked on the door

There was no reply from the office. Ava pushed the door open


Brian was sitting on the chair and staring at the computer screen. He acted as if he had not heard her

Ava couldn’t hear the conversation between Brian and Camren very clearly from outside just now. She only knew 

that they were talking about the plane. She wanted to confirm if Grace was really on the plane

Ava came to his side and asked softly, Brian, was Grace on the plane?” 


Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

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The Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Novel - Grace Sherman was married off to Brian Francis by her parents three years ago just to raise money for her younger brother, who was suffering from congenital leukemia. She knew it was all a contract, but she still fell in love with Brian. Married for many years, she willingly acted as his stand-in girlfriend, always fulfilling the duties of a wife. Soon, the three- year deadline was about to end, and Brian's proud and beautiful girlfriend was returning home. Compared to her, Grace was just a fake substitute, so she fled and hid.Brian Francis was a handsome and wealthy CEO who became Grace's husband for three years because of a contract. After three years, his girlfriend was returning home, and he resolutely abandoned Grace, only to discover that he no longer loved his girlfriend but his contractual wife.One day, Brian finally found Grace and pleaded, "Grace, come back, please. I know I was wrong." Would Grace go back to him?

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns

In a fancy room at the Francis estate, romance filled the air. Grace Sherman lay on the big, soft bed, traces of k*sses on her neck barely visible. She turned to the man beside her and tentatively asked, "Can you stay tonight?"

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns


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