Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 203

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 203

Chapter 203 

Brian still ignored her

Ava called out twice again. Brian? Brian, what’s wrong?” 

She reached out and waved her hand in front of him

Brian blinked and looked up at her. He did not miss the expectant look in her eyes

When he saw her face, he suddenly felt very frustrated. He did not answer her question but said gloomily, Go to the finance department immediately to settle your paycheck. You don’t need to come to work from now on ” 

Ava was stunned. BrianBrian, what’s wrong? What did I do wrong?” 

Brian looked at her gloomily. Didn’t I tell you that your position is only temporary?” 

Ava was dumbfounded. She was at a loss as she asked, Did I break into your office and make you angry? I knocked on the door and only came in because you didn’t answerBrian, I was wrong. I won’t make any mistakes in the future. Could you please not chase me away?” 

Brian became even more frustrated when he heard her voice. He grabbed the file on the table and threw it at her. Get lost!” 


The edge of the file scratched her check. Ava covered her face and roared at him while crying, “I know why you’re angry! Isn’t it because Grace is dead? That serves her right!” 

Brian suddenly raised his head and looked at her. His gaze was as fierce as a demon that had walked out of hell

He suddenly stood up and walked toward her. Say that again.” 

Ava had never seen Brian like this before. She retreated in fear

Brian suddenly grabbed her neck and narrowed his sharp eyes furiously. Who told you that she’s dead? Who told you that she’s dead?” 

Ava felt suffocated. Her face turned red as she slapped his hand desperately

Brian suddenly let go of her. Get lost! Don’t let me see you again!” 

Ava coughed so hard that she choked on her tears. She glanced at him, turned around, and stumbled away

Ava walked out of the office with a sinister smile on her face as she wondered, Looks like even God is helping me. Now that Grace is dead, as long as Louise doesn’t return at this time, I’ll have a chance to make Brian fall in love 

with me

The various apps on the phone were delivering news about the plane crash every day, but Brian had never clicked open a single one

He didn’t even want to look at his phone

After work, I drove back to the villa dully


Chapter 208 

The house was extremely quiet 

He stood in the living room and thought he saw her coming out of the kitchen with the dishes. She smiled at him gently. You’re back.” 

He subconsciously grunted in agreement

Suddenly, the figure flashed and disappeared from his sight

Brian’s b*dy trembled. Only then did he realize that he was hallucinating

He raised his hand and pressed the corners of his eyes. He told himself that it was normal for him to feel a little sad for Grace, who had shared a bed with him. She was just an interlude in his life, so she didn’t matter to him

Perhaps after a while, he would completely forget about her

Melvin walked over. Mr. Brian, it’s time to eat.” 

Brian glanced at the food on the table and said calmly, Tm not hungry. You guys eat

Brian turned around and went upstairs. At that moment, he heard two maids discussing

I have a friend who just got married. The couple took this plane to South City to take wedding photos. I didn’t expect such an accident to happen. I saw some videos posted by the locals on the Internet. The passengers are 

probably all dead.” 

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

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The Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Novel - Grace Sherman was married off to Brian Francis by her parents three years ago just to raise money for her younger brother, who was suffering from congenital leukemia. She knew it was all a contract, but she still fell in love with Brian. Married for many years, she willingly acted as his stand-in girlfriend, always fulfilling the duties of a wife. Soon, the three- year deadline was about to end, and Brian's proud and beautiful girlfriend was returning home. Compared to her, Grace was just a fake substitute, so she fled and hid.Brian Francis was a handsome and wealthy CEO who became Grace's husband for three years because of a contract. After three years, his girlfriend was returning home, and he resolutely abandoned Grace, only to discover that he no longer loved his girlfriend but his contractual wife.One day, Brian finally found Grace and pleaded, "Grace, come back, please. I know I was wrong." Would Grace go back to him?

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns

In a fancy room at the Francis estate, romance filled the air. Grace Sherman lay on the big, soft bed, traces of k*sses on her neck barely visible. She turned to the man beside her and tentatively asked, "Can you stay tonight?"

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns


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