Facade of Love Chapter 370

Facade of Love Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Lucas Might Not Be Dead 

That caught my attention. I frowned, Who? You know who’s behind this?” 

Idris inhaled deeply, his gaze drifting out the car window. i’ve got no proof, but it’s not a wild 

guess anymore. They’re just trying to keep me from finding someone, throwing obstacles in my way at every turn.” 

I was lost in his words, staring at him with a mix of confusion and curiosity. I could tell he was holding back something big, but I never pried, not even sure how to start. For instance, why was he at Hartfield five years back? He is Mr. Young, the one and only, always flanked by a squad of bodyguards. How does a guy like that end up in a water cell

The time in Macamer also puzzled me. Why did he beat himself up over Lucas’s death

Now, he was dropping hints about some someoneand they. Who were they, and why were they involved

Questions swirled in my head

However, we all had our secrets, right? I let it be

He caught my silence, looked down with those deep, warm eyes, and said, I figured you would be all over this. Why so quiet?” 

I just gave a small smile, You’ll tell me what you can. If you can’t, I don’t want to make it tough for you.” 

He paused, a shadow crossing his face. Yvette, you really trust me that much?” 

I looked away, playing it cool. It’s not about trust. I’m just not into digging too deep.” 

Then I heard his chuckle, that deep, magnetic sound. I glanced over and there he was, all smiles, and yeah, he was pretty easy on the eyes. I have known that forever. However, right then, that smile? It made my heart skip a beat. I raised an eyebrow, What’s so funny?” 

I’m just happy,he said, his smile growing

I rolled my eyes and clammed up

Gently placing my hand in his, he reached for it, and with a soft squeeze, he said, Yvette, thanks for always having my back.” 

I tried to pull my hand away, but he held it steady, his voice a low rumble by my ear. Ten years ago, my dad walked out on the Youngs and never looked back. After he left, my mom got sick and died. Grandpa started the search for him, but when he passed, I took over. Five years back, I heard from the cops he was at the border, so I went there solo. However, I did not find him. Instead, I got dragged to Hartfield, and that is where I bumped into you. When we got back home, I continued looking. I thought I could track him down through Lucas, but then Lucas supposedly bit the dust. Now, there’s a buzz from Officer Jackson’s crew at the border. They have caught wind of my dad.” 

I scrunched my eyebrows,together. With everything that has been happening, you think someone is out to stop you from finding your dad?” 

He gave a small nod, his forehead creasing. There is more. The cops from the Macamer case dropped a bombshell that Lucas might still be alive.” 

Chapter 370Lucas Might Not Be Dead 


That hit me like a ton of bricks, my head buzzing, disbelief washing over me. Alive? How is that even possible? I saw it with my own eyes. The explosion and the ship going up in flames. No way anyone could find even a piece of him.The possibility of Lucas being Houdini and surviving the blast was out of the question

He saw my freakout coming and gripped my hand tighter, pulling me in close. It’s all speculation for now. Officer Jackson has got people on it checking it out.” 

I swallowed the chaos of my thoughts and stared at him. Speculation? What’s that even based on?” 

Idris bit his lip, then let out a breath. Word from the Hartfield police is that Lucas got banged up bad but was stashed away somewhere secret to lick his wounds.” 

He glanced at me and said, Maybe the other side just wants to keep Lucas’s minions in line, make sure they keep on working without a fuss. Whether it’s true or not, who knows? Officer Jackson’s got people on it, and he’ll let us know the scoop as soon as he hears anything.” 

I bit my lip, a shiver running through me. Lucasjust the thought of him sends shivers down my spine. It did not matter if it was five years back or right now; he was like a ticking time bomb in our lives, ready to blow us all to smithereens

If he is still alive, knowing him, payback for the Macamer mess is just a matter of time

I took a deep breath, trying to shove down the panic clawing at me, and turned to Idris. “You think Jack and the mess today could be his doing?” 

Idris’s lips tightened, and he gave a slight frown. Hard to say right now.” 

The day’s chaos was off the charts, and someone had even lost their life. I looked at him, the worry clear in my eyes. With all this crazinesshow’re you holding up?” 

He met my gaze, a small smirk playing on his lips. Are you worried about me?” 

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Yvette Scott had been married for two years, and while it wasn’t as bad as the internet told her it would be, it wasn’t great either. After their divorce, Idris Young told her that if they could start over again, he would never let her suffer so much or endure so much injustice. He would truly love her if he got the chance to do everything over. However, Yvette smiled and declined. She could no longer wallow in the good memories of the past: she had to move on. Every step she took in the opposite direction was another wave farewell. She had exhausted all her good fortune with him, so there was no point trying again. Facade of Love Novel


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