Facade of Love Chapter 365

Facade of Love Chapter 365

hapter 365 Accident 

harliewords might have been true, but they were too cold, too ruthless

knew he must have been through a lot, probably more than I could ever understand. People bandoned early in life often had hearts riddled with holes. They did not expect kindness from thers and were too scared to even hope for it, always knowing they were on their own

Was that really how it is, though? Could people truly be as unfeeling as trees and stones

Maybe they just have not felt it themselves, so they stopped hoping

When I did not respond, Charlie gave a wry smile and asked, What’s wrong? Do you think I’m Do cold to be your friend?” 

met his gaze. The guy was undeniably goodlooking. I took a deep breath and said firmly, ou won’t end up like that. Inch will not let you be pushed around, and neither will I.” 

le paused, surprised by my sudden leap in the conversation, and his expression hardened as e challenged, Are you that sure of yourself?” 

jazing at him earnestly, I knitted my brows. I’m not being cocky. I’m serious. I get that life is ull of curveballs, but hey, we’re friends now, right? If you ever hit a rough patch, I will be here, doing whatever I can to help you out.” 

fter saying it, I felt a twinge of embarrassment at my own naivety and quickly added, “But hat’s not gonna happen to you. You’ll always have a fire in you, right? You’re not gonna hit ock bottom, and nobody’s gonna push you around. So, this whole what ifscenario is nimportant.” 

le let out a soft chuckle, his deep eyes a mystery to me

mily came rushing over just as Charlie and I were about to head to the performance area to neet up with the others

called out, spotting her haste, Emily, what’s up?” 

he was sprinting, clearly in a bind, clutching her belly. Between gasps, she blurted out, vette, there’s trouble.” 

froze, clueless. What is going on? What happened?” 

he spilled it all in one go. The service area just buzzed with news. The mountain cable car as had an accident. Loads of tourists are stuck up there, including Ash and Liam. Madam bung nearly passed out from the scare, and I can’t reach Iddy. The whole place is a mess, the ervice center is swamped, and tourists are demanding answers.” 

oncerned her stress might harm the baby, I steadied her and said, Emily, take a deep breath

the cableway is just jammed, everyone is safe for now. They’ll be okay once things get oving again. I’ll check out the cable car station. You stick with Grandma, keep her calm, and ake sure she is alright. Idris must be tied up; I’ll get ahold of him as soon as I can.” 


he must have been freaking out because she seemed to lose her cool completely. After earing me out, she took a deep breath, her nerves settled, and she gave me a determined nod. Okay, I’ll go check on Grandma. You just make sure to keep me updated, okay?” 

gave her a reassuring nod in return

Chapter 365 Accident 


The park was huge, stretching from the performance stages all the way to the cableway station. To keep things under control, they did not let any outside cars drive in, so if you wanted to get around, you either hoofed it or hopped on one of the park’s tour buses. 

It is like all the tourist spots back home have this same setup

Charlie waved over Inch, and the three of us climbed aboard the tour bus, heading for the cableway entrance. This place was all about keeping things wild and untouched

A primeval, virgin forest meant no development and no messing with nature. If you wanted to see the sights, your only option was to take a ride on the cableway and get a glimpse of the forest from above

Facade of Love Novel

Facade of Love Novel

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Yvette Scott had been married for two years, and while it wasn’t as bad as the internet told her it would be, it wasn’t great either. After their divorce, Idris Young told her that if they could start over again, he would never let her suffer so much or endure so much injustice. He would truly love her if he got the chance to do everything over. However, Yvette smiled and declined. She could no longer wallow in the good memories of the past: she had to move on. Every step she took in the opposite direction was another wave farewell. She had exhausted all her good fortune with him, so there was no point trying again. Facade of Love Novel


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