Facade of Love Chapter 362

Facade of Love Chapter 362


Chapter 362 Charlie’s Here Too 

In a flash, before I could even close the app, someone had already hit likeon my post. Surprised, I figured it was a misclick, but when I checked, it was Idris

When did he start using social media so late at night

I remembered he was not a fan of social media and usually did not have them installed on his phone. Why the sudden like

Weird as it was, I was not nosy enough to ask

After a long, exhausting day, I was tired

I hit the bed and was out like a light in no time

The next morning

Early to bed, early to rise. I woke up, pulled back the curtains, and let the cozy sunlight flood the room, instantly lifting my spirits

It had been dark when I got here yesterday, but now, in the daylight, the sky was a clear blue, not the foggy haze of Lake City. It was an endless, vibrant blue, a stark contrast to Lake City’s barren trees and scattered leaves. Here, it was like stepping into another realm, with lush trees and wildflowers everywhere

Each city really did have its own vibe

After zoning out at the window for a bit, I headed down for breakfast

Madam Young was not around much. However, I bumped into her and Emily in the dining room. They spotted me and waved me over with warm smiles, and I happily joined them

After we settled into our seats, she casually checked in on me, wondering if I had gotten a good night’s sleep and if I was up for exploring later

I was still getting my bearings in this new place, but Emily chimed in with a suggestion to hit the botanical garden. She explained that while most cities start to look a bit gloomy this time of year, Tully City was an exception. Thanks to its warm climate, the greenery here thrived all year round, never changing with the seasons

I agreed, and Madam Young was on board too

Before long, the Young brothers showed up. Idris was all brighteyed, obviously having slept well last night. Liam, on the other hand, had dark shadows under his eyes that screamed that he had a bad night

He caught my eye and managed a stiff nod. I shot him a quick, sympathetic smile in return

We did not dive into chitchat. Instead, I found myself watching Emily as she peeled shrimp for Ash, not even glancing Liam’s way. There appeared to have been some drama there the night before

Shrimp?Idris’s voice pulled me back, his eyes flicking to the shrimp I had been eyeing in Ash’s bowl

Caught off guard, I did not even get a chance to say no before a peeled shrimp landed on my 


plate. That little surprise turned heads our way

I mean, it was not every day Idris showed this kind of affection. We had been married for a couple of years, and we were always pretty formal with each other, especially in front of others. This shrimp thing was out of the ordinary for us

The Youngs did not make a big deal out of it, despite it being unusual. They just gave us a quick look and went back to their food, all hushhush

Feeling a tad awkward and out of words, I just focused on the shrimp Idris had peeled for me, while he seemed totally oblivious to the sudden spotlight and kept on with his shrimp peeling

After gobbling up five shrimps in quick succession, I worried I would be too full to eat anything else. I glanced over at him and blurted out, I’m full.” 

Idris gave a brief pause, nodded subtly, and asked, What’s on your mind to eat?” 

Before I could even muster a word, a familiar voice called out, Yvette.” 

Could it beCharlie

As I hesitated, my gaze followed the voice. There he was. Charlie was looking sharp in a crisp white shirt, still in his wheelchair, his hair styled to perfection. He and Idris were both drop- dead gorgeous but in different ways. Idris had this regal, elegant vibe with an undercurrent of strength, while Charlie’s cool, gentle demeanor had a touch of roguish charm. Both were stunning in their own right

While I was still processing, Charlie had been wheeled over by Inch. The Youngs did not seem to know him, eyeing him with curiosity. Charlie was at ease despite the situation, warmly greeting everyone. Turning to me, he asked, Yvette, are these all your pals?” 

He was referring to the Youngs

I nodded, feeling a weird tension in the air

It was especially palpable when Idris and Charlie locked eyes

It felt like the restaurant’s temperature had just plummeted

Madam Young, being the gracious elder she was, seemed oblivious to the frosty exchange. She cheerfully invited Charlie to sit and have breakfast with us

Facade of Love Novel

Facade of Love Novel

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Yvette Scott had been married for two years, and while it wasn’t as bad as the internet told her it would be, it wasn’t great either. After their divorce, Idris Young told her that if they could start over again, he would never let her suffer so much or endure so much injustice. He would truly love her if he got the chance to do everything over. However, Yvette smiled and declined. She could no longer wallow in the good memories of the past: she had to move on. Every step she took in the opposite direction was another wave farewell. She had exhausted all her good fortune with him, so there was no point trying again. Facade of Love Novel


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