Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 95

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton) Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Upbringing 

Emelie had anticipated that things might not end well between her and William, but she hadn’t expected it 

to escalate to this extent

Ultimately, he had indeed handed her over

The deed was done, no matter the method or circumstances

In a way, it was for the best

She was someone who cherished feelings deeply, yet William had destroyed that affection with his own 


Emelie placed the diamond necklace on the bedside table

It was too precious, and she would definitely return it to William tomorrow excuses to make things difficult for her

ould alving him any 

Struggling with her sore b*dy, Emelie got up and turned on the bedside lamp

She then neatly folded Samuel’s coat and placed it on the sofa

Only then did she return to bed and curl up under the covers

She was indeed drained, both physically and mentally, so she fell asleep quickly

However, her sleep was not peaceful. She was in a bad mood, and her b*dy wasn’t feeling well either

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have vomited on Samuel

Feeling dizzy from the cold medicine given by a server, she accidentally went to Samuel’s room

Samuel had noticed she had a fever and gave her fever medicine, but perhaps the combination of the two 

medicines caused her stomach to churn 

Even though she had pushed Samuel away in time, she still ended up vomiting on both of their clothes

Samuel’s manners were truly impeccable

He didn’t immediately distance himself from her, even in such a situation. Instead, he brought the trash can over and gently rubbed her back

Emelie hadn’t eaten much tonight, and what she had vomited later was mostly water

It wasn’t until she had expelled the pill that she started to feel a bit better

She felt extremely embarrassed and hastily apologized, I’m sorry, Mr. Swanson, I didn’t realize” 


Samuel poured her a glass of warm water

It’s okay. You’re just sick. It’s not your fault. Rinse your mouth first. I’ll call the doctor.” 

Emelie nodded and looked uncomfortable

Chapte 95 Upbringing 

Samuel handed her tissues and then called the doctor. While waiting for the doctor to arrive, he cleaned 

up the vomit on the floor

Feeling ashamed, Emelie said, I don’t know how I ended up hereI’m sorry, let me clean this up.” 

Samuel smiled. You’re in no condition to clean up now. Just sit tight and don’t fall over

I only told the doctor you had a fever and didn’t mention your fall, so he didn’t bring any medicine for it.” 

Emelie felt weak all over and couldn’t do much. All she could do was thank him again and apologize

Samuel casually remarked, If you really feel sorry, you can compensate me with the cost of another shirt” 

This brought up the memory of their first encounter, prompting a smile from Emelie

The doctor arrived promptly. He took Emelie’s temperature, checked her pulse, and provided her with some medication

She thanked him as he left. Shortly after, a stewardess arrived

Samuel suggested, Let the stewardess assist you to the bathroom to clean up.” 

Emelie didn’t think much about it at that moment. She was covered in vomit, and the smell was


She just wanted to get cleaned up as soon as possible

It wasn’t until the stewardess helped her undress in the bathroom that Emelie realized how inappropriate 

the situation was

She was alone in a man’s room. How could she allow herself to be in such a compromising position

Even if there were extenuating circumstances, it still wasn’t right. It was too ambiguous

She should have returned to her room to clean up

But her dress, which she had just taken off, was already soaked with water

Chapter 96 Thoughtful Gestures 

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)

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When Emelie Hoven was hopelessly in love with William Middleton, she almost ended up losing her life. But to William, she was only someone convenient who he thought couldn't live without him. And so, she decided to stop loving him. William didn't like that Emelie was too calm, too rational, and too independent. Later, his wish came true- he got to see her relying on someone and being gentle. He wasn't the recipient, though. On the day of Emelie's wedding, she smiles brightly as she sits on a chair and waits for her groom and his groomsmen to pass the test she and her bridesmaids have set up for them. The atmosphere is lively. Suddenly, William shows up out of nowhere. He gets on one knee before her and holds her hands, looking like he's almost worshipping her. "Leave him, please. Come with me. You loved me first, didn't you?"

Winning Her Heart back (Emelie Hoven and William Middleton)


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