The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Chapter 408

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Chapter 408

Chapter 408 

It was just something that flashed across her mind, and she soon snapped out of it. No matter if it was Viola or Evelyn, they had nothing to do with her

She was just standing by and watching the show

After leaving LeapCo, Melanie received a call as soon as she got into a taxi

Melanie had been receiving calls from unknown numbers, so she declined it subconsciously

However, her phone rang again. This time, it was from Theodore

Theodore was only someone she knew but was not familiar with. When she answered, she heard Theodore’s hesitant voice. Melanie?” 

Melanie greeted him. Then, Theodore asked, You didn’t answer the call from the hospital. Can you come over to Hearth City in the next few days

Peachie was sent back the day before. You’re aware of her parentssituation, and they won’t be back in a short while. However, the hospital wants a guardian of Peachie to be around. Moreover, she might suffer another leukemia attack again. They only have your phone number, so they have no choice but to reach out to you.” 

Melanie realized something seemed off and quickly asked Theodore, How did you know about Peachie?” 

Theodore was taken aback by that question and pondered before saying, My family owns a charity group, and Peachie is one of the people we’re helping. Moreover, didn’t you ask me to keep an eye on her? By the way, will you be free to come over lately? Peachie needs a guardian.” 

Theodore was brushing her off and only reminded her to go to Hearth City again

Melanie recalled Dylan telling her she did not need any money anymore when Melanie called

It seemed that Theodore’s charity group was helping Peachie

However, Theodore was not a friend or relative. His motive was easy to guess

Melanie rubbed her forehead, feeling her heart sink

As soon as the contract was signed, Burning Star Studio was busy again preparing for the project

Even a layman like Melanie was forced to join in. Xander was worried her shoulder might have not healed and only arranged simple stuff for her to do

However, the job was still complicated

Yvonne would visit once in a while, saying she was there to check on them

Reny and she were now friends. She quipped, Why aren’t you going on blind dates anymore?” 

Everyone knew Yvonne was often forced to go on blind dates. She shook her head and put on a sad expression. If you stop asking me this, we can still be friends.” 

Xander interrupted the laughter. Stephen told me Carlisle is coming back from abroad and 

Chapter 408 


his family has arranged a blind date for him.” 

Then, Melanie saw the smile on Yvonne’s face disappear. What does his blind date have to do with me? Is he going to ask me for advice?” 

She hid her emotions well and laughed again though it was just her disguise

Melanie guessed Carlisle might be the exboyfriend Yvonne mentioned who had asked her to bungee jump three times

Eugene texted her the date they would head to Hearth City. It was this weekend

Melanie wanted to get a few days off from Xander when he asked her, Have you recovered?” 

The wound was quite serious, and Melanie could barely move her shoulder. All she could do was the usual daily movements

Xander wanted to accompany her to Hearth City, but Melanie rejected. She said, It’s a personal matter, and I’ll be back in a few days as soon as I finish dealing with it.” 

However, Xander’s brows were still knitted together. He looked at Melanie as he asked in displeasure, Am I so untrustworthy to you?” 

Melanie froze, not knowing how to answer him

She could still deceive herself that Xander’s concern was just because he was her friend, but she could not do so now as he was going overboard. It would be a lie if she said she did not know what was on his mind

Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at Xander

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

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The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel defination is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around a powerful CEO and an unexpected heir, exploring love, secrets, and the complexities of family in a corporate world..

The Unfaithful Mr. Scott

Synopsis The Unfaithful Mr. Scott Novel

Melanie Smith had been with Eugene Scott since she was 18 years old. She was a confident young woman who believed she held a special place in Eugene’s heart. That was until Eugene introduced Melanie to a meek young lady who resembled her younger self.


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