The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 418

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 418

Chapter 418 

Frank felt something on himself just as he was going to close his eyes for a nap

He looked down to find Aria’s hand on his lap, her elbow pressing against him as she leaned toward him

Frank shot her a cool look, only for her to smile and loosen her collar button, exposing herself without a care

Her legs were crossed, her stilettos already off her feet as she brushed her thighhigh socks against her leg

And when he did not react, her hands started to move boldly up Frank’s thighbut he caught her just before she reached his belt

Frowning, he growled under his breath, Keep your hands to yourself.” 

Aria simply flashed a bewitching smile, though she stayed in line after Frank warned her

Soon, Frank headed to the men’s room, intending to relieve himself

Seeing a chance, Aria promptly followed him, squeezing her way into his cubicle even before he could take off his pants

He frowned. Are you crazy? This is the men’s room.‘ 

Aria smiled nonchalantly. What’s the problem? There wasn’t anyone when I came in just now


That still doesn’t mean you can come in, and I’m someone, y’know. Just leave already.” 

No way.Aria pouted, shaking her head. And you saw that lingerie earlier, didn’t you? I’m wearing it right nowWould you like to check it out?” 

Aria smiled and took off her jacket, revealing the babydoll nightie underneath

Frank scowledto think that the girl could be so immodest

Aria even wrapped her arms around his neck and purred, Why don’t you just take me? I’m a good girlI promise I won’t try to fight Winter for you. No, I’d even help you win her over. I can give you anything she can give too, and even what she can’t.” 

Frank stared at her mascaracovered cheeks, amused by her invitation. Why do you insist on throwing yourself into my arms?” 

Because you’re rich,Aria said brazenly. Don’t worryI’m not here to bug you. Just give me some pocket money each month, and you can have me any way you want.” 

Frank rolled his eyesshameless people were truly invincible

He was certainly at a loss for words on how to describe her, what with her spelling out her conditions for him

After some thought, he said, Why don’t we do this instead? Help me watch over Winter on campus and make sure she’s safe, and I’ll give you pocket money worth five figures each month.” 

Chapter 418 


For real?Aria exclaimed in surprise. It’s that simple?” 

Of course, though you can forget it if you’re not interested.” 

Oh, yes, yes, yesI’m interested, and I promise to take good care of Winter from now on. You will know right away if any man gets too close to her.” Aria quickly nodded

Frank nodded in satisfaction. Good, so that means we now have a working relationship, and I’m basically your boss.” 

Of course,Aria said shyly

Then leave.” 

But you can ask for anything else too, Mr. Lawrence,Aria purred. I will satisfy any request

I mean, you’re quite good looking, and I won’t lose anything with a romp” 

Leave,Frank repeated

Chapter 419 

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu


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