The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 402

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 402

Chapter 402 


Walter was stumped. Let’s hope he’s worth the money.” 

Vicky hoped so too, since this was the first time she met Boran and the only thing she only offered him was her money

Either way, they need someone strong from Earthrank to help

As the other Turnbulls left, Vicky walked up to Frank. I’ve heard about what happened. I’m really sorry about that.” 

The Chandlers wanted Grande Pharma shares, but her mother immediately tried to force Frank to give up his

She felt sorry for him, to be honest

Frank waved her off nonchalantly and chuckled at the sight of her scowl. I never knew you could make that face.” 

Vicky breathed a long sigh. The Chandlers sent Drake, who’s really strong, whereas my uncle’s side of the family refused to help. To be honest, I’m not confident about this.” 

Then, turning in curiosity toward Frank, she asked, What level on Earthrank do you think you’d be?” 

Frank shook his head. “I wouldn’t be on that list” 

Vicky cut him short before he could finish, “Fair enough. You should leave Riverton as soon as you can if we lose the fight in three days. Even if the Chandlers have said they won’t kill you, they’d change their minds once they get the sharesI’m tired now. I’ll go get some rest.” 

Frank could not say anything at that, which left Vicky in the dark

He was not Earthrankhe was Skyrank

Three days later, at Tycon Dojo… 

The building itself was owned by one of the Chandlersassociates

The Chandlers had been spreading word about their upcoming confrontation with the Turnbulls, and many had gathered around the dojo. Most of them were just there to enjoy the show or reconsider their alliances

The Chandlerspurpose was simple, too: defeat the Turnbulls and promote themselves so that the minor bigwigs would defect to them

Cindy Zonda had come too. She loved joining in the liveliness, and Helen had to send her because she did not have the time for such a frivolous affair

She was also accompanied by a man standing over 1.9 meters tall, his muscles tight and large as if boulders

Hughie Steiner was her college classmate, and he built a business in fitness gyms after they 

Chapter 402 

graduated. They recently met again during an alumni meeting and soon found themselves under the sheets

Cindy certainly had fun, since fit people were simplybetter

Who do 

you think would win today, Hughie?she asked in curiosity

Hughie thought about it. It’s hard to sayThe Chandlerschampion is tenth in Earthrank, while the Turnbullsis eighth.” 

What? Doesn’t that mean the Turnbulls have the advantage?Cindy exclaimed in surprise

If anything, she would rather the Turnbulls lose, to the point they were stripped of everything

Frank certainly would not get to strut after that

That’s not set in stone,Hughie said. Two ranks means the gap isn’t that wide. We won’t know until the fight happens.” 

Cindy’s mood improved right thenshe was happy as long as the Turnbulls did not win

That was when she spotted a familiar figure, which was none other than Frank 

What are you doing here?!she promptly snapped at him

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu


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