The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 395

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu Chapter 395

Chapter 395 


With just a little squeeze, Zeb stopped screaming, his eyes wide open even as he died

No!!!Cram screamed hysterically at the sight of his son’s death, his eyes blood red as he bellowed at him, Frank Lawrence! You will die for this! Kill him! Kill him!!!” 

All of Cram’s men whipped out their weapons, their blades flashing blindingly as they charged at Frank. 

Hans was about to move, but Frank stopped him

Let me show you what it means to have power,he growled as the air around him swirled violently, his clothes flapping loudly in turn

He stepped one foot forward, and shot toward the crowd like a bullet

With a punch, four men were sent flyingthere was no way to withstand the weight of a truck crashing towards them

Even before blades could reach him, Frank would shattered the edges with nothing more than a gentle flake, his pure vigor flowing around him

Screams ensued wherever he passed, leaving Hans standing there in shock

Mr. Lawrence reached Birthright again?” 

Frank’s cultivation had been crippled before, but he was now Birthright again in just three years, perhaps even stronger than before

Trulyonce a genius, always a genius

As Frank took down the fiftyish bodyguards of the Larkins in no time at all, there was not so much as a smear of blood on his hands

It was as if nothing ever happened

“WWhat are you?Cram was completely dumbfounded, no longer feeling terror as he only knew confusion just then

Frank leveled a cool look at him. Frank Lawrence, apprentice of Mystic Sky Sectmention my name when you see the reaper.” 

He waved his hand, and Cram was instantly decapitated

Scarless Gorm was trembling even as he lay on the floor. Mystic Sky Sect? YYou’re Donn Lawrence?!” 

He never could have dreamed of provoking Donn Lawrence, the man who topped Skyrank

Was he not supposed to have been killed three years ago, at the battle of the South Sea

To think that the freak survived

Frank glanced at him./ 

Scarless Gorm recognized him, and that meant death

Chapter 395 

He beckoned at Hans, who nodded and swung his blade

And with that, it was another name lost from Earthrank

With that, Frank turned to leave, his hands clasped behind his back. Keep it clean.” 

Understood.Hans nodded repeatedly


After the Larkins were wiped out overnight, Helen was left exasperated

She wanted Zeb arrested, only to be told that he and his entire family ran away in fear of punishment

The next morning, she visited Frank’s hilltop mansion againonly for Winter to receive him

Who are you looking for?Winter asked, still in her pajamas and groggy from sleep as she studied Helen

Helen was pretty and had a perfect figure, accentuated by the black figurehugging shirt she 


Helen was surprised to see a pretty face like Winter in Frank’s house, and she looked young- as if she was still attending college

II came to look for Frank.” 


Winter raised a brow. Why were there always pretty ladies here every day, looking for Frank

Chapter 396 

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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Three years after getting married and striking it rich, the lady who scorned her husband's incompetence and divorced him realized afterward that he was the golden ticket she never deserved! "Sign this to finalize your divorce if you have no further questions," the woman in a flowery dress said as she pushed a sheet of paper toward Frank Lawrence. They were seated at Lane Manor, and Frank's sharp brows furrowed as he stared at the divorce agreement before turning to the woman who was his mother in law, Gina Zonda. "What's this?"

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu

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The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage by Chu


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