The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 85

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter 85

Chapter 85 

Alpha Nick returned to the pack in a sour mood, and Charlotte was the first to meet him. Nick, you’re back

Their relationship must have hit a rough patch, but Charlotte was still hopeful that things would soon turn around

Though Alpha Nick pretended that everything was fine until Sheila returned, he lost control and barked, Just stay away from me.” 

He was eager to find out Sheila’s location from Athena, and Charlotte’s presence irritated him greatly

Charlotte was stunned and moved to go after him, but Alpha Nick had already run upstairs. He knocked and opened the door to his mother’s room, but she wasn’t there. Only their personal maid was cleaning the room

Ma’am and the old Alpha went for a walk,the maid said to him without being asked

Knowing the places Athena loved to walk with the intention of enjoying the calm scenery, he removed his blazer, threw it in his room before hastily descending the stairs and running in that direction

Charlotte did not know what to make of him. This was not what she had planned. Everything was going well, so why did Alpha Nick suddenly change towards her

Was it right for him to hold a grudge against her because she lied to him about Sherry’s Couture? Looking around when the servants were not watching, she sneaked into Tom’s room. Both of them had been discharged earlier today from the hospital, and Tom was still sleeping

Tom, wake up. Alpha Nick hates me,” Charlotte nudged him awake with a pout. Alpha Nick was so patient with her before, but now, it seemed he saw her as an enemy anytime their eyes met

Tom woke up drowsily and pulled her into his warm embrace. Let’s sleep together. He’s not around.His fingers caressed her thighs as he was about to pull down her panty. Charlotte quickly grabbed his arm to halt his movement despite her need for him

Staying for over a month without S*x was more than she could take, but both she and Tom had been injured. This would have been a great time, but Alpha Nick was also back

He’s back, but he told me to stay away from him,Charlotte complained bitterly. Tom’s face was creased with a frown

Then you should do just that. Focus on training to impress him. My business is destroyed, and I have been banished from my pack. I am not in a position to help you in any way.” 

At this point, Tom did not care if she had to bed Alpha Nick to get what she wanted. What mattered was for them to be comfortable

Also, if they were found out, then he would not even have a place to lay his head

You don’t love me anymore,” 

Charlotte complained. Tom was always all over her, but now, he felt so comfortable pushing her away as if she was some kind of bad luck. This was not sitting well with her

Tom was helpless as he sat up on the bed. He and Alpha Nick used to be close until he left for New York. Everything was going well until he visited the Dark Moon pack and drove himself to that gala awards night

It was as if he was bathed in bad luck from that moment. No. I just feel it’s all a punishment from the moon 


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Chapter 85 

goddess for rejecting my mate. He remembered the pain he saw in the woman’s eyes

Still, he could not forget her name. Goldie Warner. They had met at the most inappropriate time, and he did not remember feeling an atom of shame when she saw him with Charlotte

He quickly accepted her rejection as icing on the cake. He did not know whether he would see her again, but the bond was broken the moment they discovered each other

Here lies the case; he could not claim Charlotte as his, as Alpha Nick would not let her go. Nob*dy gave them anything responsible to do in the pack except training with them, where he was also constantly mocked

Neither Beta Dustin nor Alpha Nick would do anything about it. Charlotte pinned the blame on him. Should he have stayed in New York, Alpha Nick would not have been suspicious about their relationship, and things would have been faster between Charlotte and Alpha Nick

With time, she would have transferred enough money to pay off Tom and have a peaceful relationship with Alpha Nick

I told you to leave. You would not have met her, your mate, and everything would have been fine.” 

Tom regretted meeting his mate at a time like that and could not help feeling that she was the cause of all his troubles

After all, it was only after their rejection that things began to go downhill for him. It already happened.” 

An idea popped into his head, and he suddenly asked, Hey, have you been training your wolf? If you are not succeeding with physical training, then why not try the wolf form?” 

Charlotte’s gaze darkened at the mention of her wolf, but she lowered her head to not make it known. If Tom knew what happened to her wolf, he would have left her without a second thought

It was best for her to keep her wolf locked up, which was why she never shifted, despite being in a pack. No. Physical training is more needful, and I suck at it,she quickly rejected the idea

Tom did not push further but wanted the quietness of his room to think. Since he’s around, you better go. If I get banished from here, I don’t even have money for a plane ticket to return to New York. Please don’t put me into trouble. I won’t be able to face the FBI even if I make it there by a miracle.” 

His life was so messed up right now, and he could only blame himself. Charlotte was offended by his constant pushing her away. It was as if she was his S*x toy, and the moment he wasn’t getting it, then she had to go

Tom, are you sacking me?She asked, trying her best to not show her anger. Tom was perplexed, throwing his head backward in deep thought

Why would I do that? Are you not afraid that Alpha Nick would kill me if he sees you in 

my room?” 

Charlotte froze in fear, as she forgot about his return due to the conversation she was having with Tom. You have a point. Let’s meet in the woods tonight. I want to get laid,” she said seriously. Tom smiled a little

Sex was a powerful stress reliever, so if they could not do it in the pack house, then inside the woods was a great choice

The woods are fine. Just make sure that no one sees us headed in the same direction,” Tom cautioned seriously. Charlotte nodded her head in agreement


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Chapter 85 

As soon as Charlotte stepped out of the room, she came face to face with Alpha Nick, Athena, and Tedmond. What were you doing there?Alpha Nick asked with a cold gaze

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 4, 2024 Native Language: English
The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna werewolf Novel is written by Author Glorious Eagle is the story of Sheila and her life up-down. It’s unique plot made it exciting read for everyone. Here is Where you can read complete Novel online on their official platform.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Summary

Years ago, Sheila managed to escape from a trap set by her best friend, Charlotte, who had intended to kill her. Since then, she has been living in disguise. In her quest for revenge, she accidentally crashed the wrong wedding, only to discover that the groom was the man she had secretly been in love with all her life, and his bride had eloped on the wedding day. After some negotiation, she became his contract Luna for six months.

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

When the six months were up, Alpha Nick Thorax served her with divorce papers. “I tried, but I still don’t feel anything for you. I haven’t marked nor mated with you. You will find your mate and be happy.””Can it be delayed for three days? Could you pretend we are in love and go with me to the gala awards?” Sheila pleaded with Alpha Nick. Her hopes were crushed when she was hit with dismay.
He mocked her. “You don’t have anything to contribute there. Besides, I’m going with Charlote. Just name your price.”Sheila had left everything behind, but that night at the Gala awards, Alpha Nick Thorax saw a woman in a red dress while standing beside the woman he loved. This was the first time he had taken interest in any woman other than the one beside him. “Who is that woman in the red dress? I want to collaborate with her,” he asked. The b*dyguard was shocked. “Alpha, don’t you remember? She’s your ex-contract Luna whom you divorced.” Nick’s jaw clenched, and his knuckles turned white from balling his fingers so hard.

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