Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 72

Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back Chapter 72

Chapter 72 

Hudson knew he sounded unbelievable and unreasonable. He was the rich*st man in Country B, he had more than one car available in his garage, each one as expensive as the one he usually used

ould have

Even if all his cars were in the workshop, he selection of cars ready for him to buy with just a snap of his fingers

But after realizing his feelings for his exwife, he wanted nothing more than, desperate even, to spend as much time as he could possibly be with her, even if it reduced him to a shameless idiot

Cars they were married and the months after

And it was not like he hadn’t done so for the past three years they 

This time Cherise didn’t even bother to mask her disbelief. You can ask Miles or someone else to pick you up using 

re you kidding me 

You have more than one car at the villa

of those cars!” 

It’ll take too much time and I’ll be late,Hudson tried to persuade to think of an excuse

her, and his mind churned fast like a motorboat engine 

Then it came to him, the most excellent excuse he could think of. I’ll pick you up after work. Grandma has been begging me to take you to see her.” 

Those words stopped Cherise from rejecting Hudson’s offer. It had been a long time since she met Agatha

Agatha was the only nice family member of Amery to her. She even treated Cherise like her own granddaughter

Cherise felt guilty for divorcing Hudson without telling her and didn’t contact her at all after that

Cherise sighed and gave in just this one time. After all, she owed Agatha for being nice to her during her marriage to Hudson

Fine,she huffed and walked out of her penthouse with Hudson following close behind her

Hudson couldn’t keep the smile off his face but maintained his cool demeanor again once they stepped into the elevator that went straight to their exclusive parking lot so Cherise wouldn’t see how elevated he

Thankfully he had already called Miles to drive away his car when Cherise was getting ready so his bullshit excuse of his car being looked at by the insurance company seemed to be true

He let Cherise walk in front of him as he assessed her from behind. Cherise, unlike other women working in an office, preferred to wear pants rather than skirts

But he’d be damned if she didn’t look good in them. Today she wore a black suit just like him, which accentuated her slender form, especially her long legs

For once, Hudson wished there were paparazzi to take pictures of them together because they would look great standing sidebyside. Like a power couple

He let out a deep sigh. Why hadn’t he seen this side of her when they were married? He remembered her trying to give him. some advice about his business, but at that time he scowled and sneered at her, thinking what could a mere country bumpkin know about business

Regret crept up on him again. He should have been nicer to her just like Keith had told him many times. He should have erased his prejudices about her, then maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation now

But what was done was done. He couldn’t take back all the hurt he had done to her. All he could do was to try to make everything right make up for every hurt he had inflicted on her, get close to her, get in her good grace, make her fall in 



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Chapter 72 

love with him again, and get her back. 

Suddenly Cherise stopped and turned to face him, handing him the key of her car

Hudson took the key casually and froze when he saw the car. He had forgotten Cherise drove a soft pink car

Cherise saw his expression and smirked. Is Hudson Amery too embarrassed to drive a pink car?” 

Hudson swallowed in nervousness. He really wanted to be with her, b reputation?! 

driving a pink car? God, what would they do to his 

Cherise moved to take the key away from his hand, still smirking, enjoying Hudson’s embarrassment, but Hudson snatched his hand away and strode to the passenger seat to open the door for Cherise, surprising her

She really thought he would give up on driving with her! She couldn’t get her mind on why Hudson would do things normally he wouldn’t do for her, even going as far as swallowing his pride to drive her around

For all she knew, Hudson seldom drove himself. He preferred to be driven by Miles, his friends, or his chauffeur

Bringing her breakfast, eating comfortably together without him glaring at her and even driving her pink sports car were not things Hudson Amery did

But since he was willing to do those things, why not take advantage of it

Cherise slid into the passenger seat elegantly and let Hudson close the door for her. She watched as he circled toward the driver seat and slid in, adjusting the seat and rearview mirror

Hudson caressed the steering wheel, feeling the soft leather yet hard enough for his grip not to falter in case happened


He started the car and enjoyed the rumbling of the engine. This was a car that was only being manufactured in five units all over the world. He didn’t know whether to continue enjoying it or trashing it since Julian was the one who gifted it to Cherise

Where’s the button to close the hard top?he asked, trying to at least maintain his dignity by not allowing anyone to see him driving a soft pink car

But of course Cherise wouldn’t give it to him. She smirked again and said, I prefer to enjoy the wind.” 

But it’s cold,” Hudson complained softly, knowing this was a battle he wouldn’t win

Heck, he didn’t even try too hard to convince her they needed to close the hard top

At this point, he might just about do anything she asked him to do other than staying away from her

Cherise shrugged and took a lipgloss and compact mirror from her bag, applying it as she told him, This is my car. Take it or leave it.” 

Hudson sighed helplessly and started driving, glancing at his exwife out of the corner of his eyes from time to time

Seeing her leaning her head back and enjoying the cold autumn wind around them with her eyes closed, a small smile playing on her lips brought a smile to Hudson’s own lips

That didn’t mean the drive wasn’t torturous for him. Her lips glistening from the lipgloss she had applied seemed to be calling out to him and he had to ground himself from stopping the car on the sidewalk just to have a taste of those luscious lips

When they reached the Angelworld building. Cherise could feel many pairs of eyes looking at them, but she ignored them


11:32 Sat, 27 Apr 

Chapter 72 

She opened her door, slid out, closed it, and turned around to face Hudson, issuing him a warning. One scratch and I’ll make sure you won’t be able to produce any heir for the Amery family.” 

Hudson winced inwardly, knowing she meant every word and could deliver her threat without even batting an eyelid, but outwardly, he showed his usual aloofness

He nodded and said, See you later after work.” 

Cherise tuned to enter the building without looking back while Hudson kept watching her until her figure disappeared before driving to his office

Miles was already waiting for him when he reached the Amery Group’s building and he and the other employees nearly dropped their jaws to the ground when they saw their cold CEO getting out of a pink convertible car

Say one word and I’ll fire you,Hudson warned him and gave him the key so he could park them in the underground parking lot


Oh, and one scratch on the car and I’ll cut your balls off,Hudson warned him with the same threat Cherise had issued him

Miles nearly peed on his pants when he heard his bossthreat. He had never driven a limited edition car, how could his boss threaten him like that?! 

But being the perfect PA, he kept quiet and slipped into the driver’s seat and carefully maneuvered Cherise’s car into the parking lot, all the while praying for his poor balls that had been threatened

The first thing Hudson did when he sat on his chair in his office was to call his grandmother

Finally stopped being stupid?Agatha’s voice rang in his phone the moment the call was connected, without even bothering to say hello

GrandmaHudson greeted helplessly

What do you want to tell me this time?Agatha asked impatiently. If it’s something about that scheming woman, I won’t listen to it.” 

I know I was wrong,Hudson apologized. I’m just calling to tell you I told Cherise you sked me to bring her to meet you for dinner.” 

There was silence for a few seconds before he heard his grandmother sneering, You finally realized what a perfect woman she is and used me to get her back?” 

Hudson pursed his lips, not knowing how to reply, but then he heard Agatha’s curious voice

So, did she agree?” 

She did,Hudson replied

That is good news!His grandmother practically screamed with joy into the phone and he heard her ordering the maids to cook Cherise’s favorite dishes

Hudson could only shake his head at how different the treatments his grandma was giving him and Cherise

We’ll see you at dinner, Grandma,” he mumbled, knowing Agatha was already only halflistening to him

Yes, yes. Go and do your job,Agatha said and hung up the call without even a single goodbye

Hudson looked at his black screen phone before setting it down on the table and started working, wishing the day could be 

shorter than usual

Chapter 72 

During her break, Cherise thought of what to bring when she was meeting Agatha later on

After thinking for a while, she called Julian and asked him if she could take some of his tea collections

Julian, as the protective big brother, had already heard from Neil about Cherise and Hudson and asked her about it

Cherise had no problém telling him about what happened and why she needed the tea

Julian knew Agatha was the only one who treated Cherise nicely during her hell of a life as Hudson’s wife, so he had no problem giving us tea to her

He asked Neil to get them from his mansion and reminded Cherise to be careful of Hudson

Cherise laughed and reminded him of how she trashed Hudson’s apartment the last time he tried to touch her, and even though Julian was still worried, he believed his sister could protect herself from Hudson, especially since Agatha would be there with them

When Cherise had finished all her work for the day, she took the tea and went down to the lobby to find many female employees loitering around instead of going home as usual

Some of them were giggling and whispering with each other, but most of them were gawking toward a spot outside of the building

When they saw her, they parted a way for her to exit the building and Cherise’s steps halted as she saw the source of the female employees’s giggles and whispers



Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back (Cherise and Hudson) Novel

Sorry Sir I Don’t Want You Back (Cherise and Hudson) Novel

Score 9.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 16, 2024 Native Language: English

Sorry Sir I Don't Want You Back (Cherise and Hudson) Novel Read Online

The Novel Sorry Sir I Don't Want You Back by Little Angelic Devil - It was love at first sight when Cherise met her husband for the first time. When his grandmother asked them to marry, she had no objection at all. No one in the world would be stupid enough to miss the chance of marrying someone they loved, right?But three years passed, and all she got was mistreatment from the Amery's mother-daughter duo, and her husband brought back his pregnant mistress - his first love from overseas, while she was deemed unworthy to have his child.

Sorry Sir I Don't Want You Back by Little Angelic Devil

The worst part? She was accused of harming the mistress and killing her unborn baby!Enough was enough! Enough of being mistreated! Enough of trying to be the perfect wife of someone who didn't even love her!With that, Cherise asked for a divorce and returned to her family, taking back her birthright and showing everyone the side of her that had always been hidden - the true heiress of the Alster family, one of the most influential families in the world.Once everyone knew of her identity, they all fawned over her, and even her jerk of an ex-husband wanted her back, promising to give her everything he had.But what could he give her? She was one of the rich*st women in the world, much wealthier than him, and he had treated her unfairly during their marriage.So when he begged her to remarry him, she only had one answer for him: Sorry, Sir, I don't want you was her time to make the Amerys and those who had looked down on her suffer!

Sorry Sir I Don't Want You Back (Cherise and Hudson) Novel


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