Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Chapter 52

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Chapter 52

Chapter 52 


You’re going to be a real tasty meal,” the leader of the ghouls says as he studies me. I haven’t had human meat in so long that I’ve forgotten what it tastes like.” 

Well, today’s not your lucky day,” I answer, trying to keep my tone defiant and my knees from trembling

The ghoul’s grin widens, revealing sharpened teeth made more intimidating by the yellow light. A harsh laughter echoes behind him, and his fellow ghouls join in the mirth, their eyes gleaming brighter with anticipation

Feisty, I like that.” 

He reaches for me, but before his twisted fingers can touch my skin, the park lights above us flicker and then burst into a blinding white light. The gang of ghouls hisses and shields their glowing eyes against the sudden illumination. It ends within seconds, and then everything goes dark of the ghouls mutters, I can no longer see him, but I can hear him. Someone or something has stopped the 

time around us.” 

Really?the leader asks in disbelief. Then how come that human over there is still moving, huh?” 

I don’t know, boss! Maybe she is special or something?” 

Someone sniffs loudly, probably the leader. I can almost visualize his nostrils flaring- 

You’re right there is a faint smell of dragon on her skinI think she also spent some time around

The ghoul is cut off by the loudest, most earpiercing screech I’ve ever heard in my life. I cover my ears while the ghouls. scramble away in fear. Some of them fall on their butts and look up at the dark sky

What are they looking at? I don’t have night vision, but I can feel something great moving in the shadows. Winds are blowing around me, and my heart pounds faster. I know in my heart that something great with enough power to terrorize the other monsters before me is here

And my fears are confirmed when fire greets the ghouls. Whatever is behind me hurls it at them until they are melting and screaming in pure agony. Some of them try to run for the forest, but there is no escaping the flames

This is their end

I watch the flarnes swallow up the rest of the ghouls. The leader is still alive, and I shiver when he tries to crawl forward with his hand outstretched. Please, show me mercy! I promise I won’t-” 

The flames take him, and I don’t feel one bit sorry for the ghouls since they had planned on eating the redhead. They couldn’t have been nice people….. 

I see you’ve made new friends, a voice chuckles inside my head, and I freeze


The lights turn back on and I turn around, expecting to see the CEO from earlier. Instead, I’m eyetoeye with the most enormous creature that I’ve ever seen a blue dragon. Its head alone is the size of a bus, and its large, purple eyes are fixed 

on mine as it studies me

Its scales glitter in the light, each a shimmering shade of azure, tinged with streaks of silver. Long tendrils of smoke curl out from his nostrils, disappearing into the night sky. The dragonHenriktilts his head, his eyes twinkling with amusement



Chapter 52 

Now, do you believe me?His mental voice is filled with amusement, and if I didn’t know any better, I would think he was smiling

But I’m not

I’m beyond terrified. Every single brain cell is telling me to run from this beast that’s bigger than every freaking apartment around the block, but there is also a strange magnetic pull between us. It’s like a part of me wants to reach out and touch his snout. But that’s amb, right

I need to get away from him

Without thinking twice. I turn around to escape

But as I do, a sudden gust of wind impedes my retreat, nearly knocking me off balance. I struggle against the force, my heart pounding in my ch*st as I hear a deep rumble emanating from behind. Fearing the worst, I muster the courage to look back and find Henrik’s enormous face inches away from mine

Running away? I thought you were braver than this, his voice echoes in my head

ILMy voice comes out in a hoarse whisper. What do you say at a moment like this

Before I can gather my thoughts, his tail swings around, blocking my only escape route

Calm down, Henrik’s voice resonates in my mind again. I am not going to harm you. His giant eyes watch me with what 

seems like concem

Why should I trust you?My voice is shaky but defiant

Because you’re my mate!” 

That freaking word again! I hate how he keeps repeating it even though we couldn’t possibly be meant for each other. I’m a human, and he is an oversized reptile

I’m not your mate!”“ 

You areHenrik sighs in his dragon form, and I take a step back when hot air leaves his nostrils. Anyway, let’s get you 


My eyes narrow. You’re not going to force me to climb up on your back, are you?” 

He chuckles. No, I was going to drive you home. I parked my car outside the park. But if you would rather climb up on my back, I suppose I could give you the ride of a lifetime-” 

The car sounds good!I interrupt him in a shrill voice. He might not have eaten me, but his dragon form is still terrifying

I thought as much, there is a smile in his voice. Now, you might want to turn around when I shapeshift

Those words fuel my suspicion. Why? So you can stab me in the back while I’m not looking?” 

you really have trust issues, don’t you? I just saved your lifegive me some credit, won’t you?” 

I fall silent because he is right, and Henrik sighs

The reason I asked you to turn around is that my clothes were ruined during the transformation process


Awkwardness washes over me, and it only grows worse as Henrik transforms back into his human form. I know I should 


Chapter 52 

look away, but my gaze remains fixed on his b*dy

Can anyone blame me, though? Henrik’s transformation is a spectacle that defies the logic of nature. His fiery scales melt away like wax, revealing a muscular form beneath

I gulp as I realize I REALLY should turn away, but who would say no to free porn

His hair, light blue and soft, looks incredibly fluffy on his head, but it’s the only thing about him that looks soft. The rest of him is all masculine male. His broad shoulders look carved from granite, and his neck pulutes with veins that hint at the fierce beast that hides within

My throat goes dry as my eyes drop to his thickened abs that contract and relax with every breath he takes in. Each muscle is defined to perfection, every curve and bend artistically etched by the hands of some divine sculptor

Henrik’s torso narrows down to ylines that lead to where his waistband would be if he were clothed. His b*dy swells as if inflated by his own might, virility practically seeping out of his pores. He stands tall and proud, and I look lower and lower until I see it and almost pass out

That thing is THICK

I can’t tear my gaze away from his magnificent cock. I even try to find words within me to speak up, but my tongue seems glued to the roof of my mouth

Ehem?Henrik clears his throat. Enjoying the show, are we?” 

Irony strikes me then as I realize that Henrik had asked me to turn so I wouldn’t see this transformation, but I hadn’t complied. Now, I am caught, entangled in the web of his magnetic charm. He is smirking at me, but I find his expression more terrifying than anything

LIThe words fail me, and my cheeks blush with embarrassment. Sorry” 

Oh, don’t be,his smirk remains. You’re my mate, and I want you to know just how S*xy I can be. Does your boyfriend have abs like mine?” 

The answer is no. Timothy barely leaves our apartment unless he is out of things to smoke

No,I mutter. He doesn’t 

Henrik chuckles. Of course, he doesn’t.He steps closer, his large hand coming to rest on my bare shoulder. It’s burning hot, making my skin sizzle beneath his touch

I shiver, but it’s not from the cold. It’s from him, his nearness causing a strange flutter in my chest. He looks at me, his eyes. probing mine for a reaction

You feel it too, don’t you?His voice is barely audible, a hushed whisper that sends eerie waves of anticipation rippling through me

What?I swallow hard, trying to cover my nervousness with indignation. Feel what?” 

This, he replies simply, and in one swift motion, he pulls me to his ch*st in a hug

I’m about to complain, but his large b*dy pressed against mine feels incredibly right. I can’t help but gasp at the contact. For 

a second, the world stops spinning, and all I can feel is Henrik and the electricity sparking between us

It frightens me 

I pull away abruptly, stunned by what just transpired. However, there’s a peculiar smile on his face as if he had just discovered something monumental


Chapter 52 

What was that?I stammer out breathlessly

That’s our connection.he says matteroffactly

But we aredifferent. You are you, I gesture towards him, trying to illustrate the point

And you are you….He counters, undeterred by my feeble attempts at logic


He silences me with a finger placed over my lips, and for once, I am grateful for the interruption because I don’t think my arguments would be able to convince either of us at this point

We are different, and yet we are one,” he continues in the same calm tone as before. You are hurman, and I am a dragon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together” 

But why?The words tumble out before I can stop them. Why would you even want someone like me when you can have anyb*dy?” 

He doesn’t respond immediately. Instead, he weighs my question for a moment before finally speaking 

Because, in all the universes and in all the dimensions, you are the only one meant for me.” 

My heart hurts as I process his words, but I can’t do this. I have a boyfriend, and Henrik is..too much. Not only is he rich and gorgeous, but he is also a supernatural creature. At this point, it all feels a little too good to be true

I need some timeI say quietly, looking away from his intense stare

Henrik’s expression doesn’t change. He watches me for a moment longer before nodding. Of course,he says, Take all the time you need.” 

The air between us is filled with tension as I begin to walk away, but then I stop and look back at him

Aren’t you going to stop me from walking home alone?” 

His smile is mischievous. I will follow you from the sky.” 

From the sky?My voice squeaks out in surprise. Henrik just inclines his head, the tips of his lips turning upward in a small

confident smile

Don’t worry,” he says. I won’t let any harm come to you.” 

Suddenly, he steps backward, and in one swift motion, his b*dy morphs. It’s incredible to watch as his human form grows. and contorts, fiery scales appearing on his skin before he fully takes the form of a dragon, more beautiful and terrifying than I have ever seen

Rising into the sky on powerful wings, Henrik circles above me once, a massive silhouette against the evening sky before. rising higher among the clouds. I can barely make out his shapes now, but the breathtaking sight of him soaring through the night leaves me awestruck

Okay, so how am I supposed to accept a human as my boyfriend after seeing what this one can do? I’m tempted to break up with Timothy, but he is the safer option, so I won’t do that

Henrik would grow bored of me within a week since men like him only date supermodels and goddesses


Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

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Five hasn't had the easiest childhood. She was born without a wolf that never awakened on her eighteenth birthday, and because of this, her parents mistreated her while the rest of the pack bullied her. It's harsh, but that's how life is for a werewolf without a wolf. Five is worth less than an Omega and expects herself to live as her parent's slave until the day she dies. But her life takes an unexpected turn when her past bullies, the Alpha twins Eric and Logan, take her in as their pet. They are cruel and relentless, so Five doesn't understand her deep attraction toward them. It makes no sense to like your bullies, just like it makes no sense to suddenly discover there might be something special about you after all. Perhaps there is more to Five than meets the eye?

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah Novel Online

In my pack, I’m not seen as a person. I’m treated like an object, and every pack member is allowed to mistreat me or kick me to the ground. That’s why my blonde hair is usually dirty and why there are bruises covering my pale skin. Most of the time, I wish I hadn’t been born. I’m the fifth person in history born without a wolf. It means I’m weaker than your regular werewolf, and because of this, my pack and family decided I didn’t deserve a name.

Shared By The Twin Alphas by Veliciah


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