Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 18

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy Mommy has Multiple Identities Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Ms. Cole, Let’s Talk 

Bridget heard the noises at the gate, went downstairs quickly, and saw the Moyer family. 

Jeremy pinched Hayden’s face. “Still alive?” 

Hayden said, “What? Can you give me some money to celebrate my ‘revival’?” 

Jeremy pressed his l*ps. “You are so greedy! Oh, I’ve found out that you are not my son. Return the 160 thousand dollars to me now 

“No.” Hayden held the bank card in his pocket. “It’s mine!” 

Jeremy wanted to say something, but Roslyn patted his head. “You gave it to him. You got the cheek to take it back!” 

Jeremy said, “He lied to me!” 

“But you fell for it! You gotta pay the price!” 

Roslyn looked at Bridget and glared at Nigel, who was silent. After coughing, she said, “Hayden, can you show me your room?” 

Hayden’s eyes lit up. “OK! OK! This way!” 

Jeremy turned to Bridget. “Hey, you. 

Before he could finish, Roslyn took his ear and made him follow them to Hayden’s room. “Let’s see what his room is like.” 

Jeremy wanted to say no. “I’m not interested in a kid’s room.” 

“You are.” Roslyn took him away forcibly to leave room for Bridget 



and Nigel. She knew that they needed a talk. 

Bridget stood on the stairs, looking down expressionlessly. She seemed cold. 

Nigel fixed his eyes on Hayden’s back. Hayden didn’t even look at him. He knew that Hayden must be mad at him. 

He lowered his eyes tainted with sadness and suppressed his joy brought by the good news. He asked, “You got the antidote?” 

He was in shock. 

On the way, the doctor said that the antidote was not always on the market. It was not expensive, but it was hard to buy one. 

Bridget nodded and said coldly, “They are good. You can go now.” 

She was mad. Nigel pressed his l*ps. 

Yasmin never got too close to him even though she gave birth to Royce. She knew his boundaries. But he still hated her. 

On the contrary, Bridget didn’t keep a distance when they first met. And he seemed to be generous every time they had conflicts. 

But he didn’t stay with women frequently, so he didn’t know what to 


They fell silent. 


Hayden explained as he walked, “My grandparents went to the supermarket! This is my room. That’s Kristy’s. She is having a rest. Why don’t you ch*ck out my room first?” 

His room was simple. The main colors were blue and white. 

“Grandma, sit down!” 

Hayden asked Roslyn to sit at his desk. Then, he put on a surprised face as if he had been afraid that she would see something. He hurried to put away a notebook on the desk. “This is my diary. You can’t read 


Roslyn’s eyes lit up. 

His diary! 

She coughed and said. “Hayden, you are just 5 years old. You don’t have secrets. Let me ch*ck if you have got all the spelling right!” 

Hayden smiled shyly and sighed, “Fine… But you can’t read Page 38. Remember!” 

Then he said, “I’ll take Kristy here.” 

He walked to the door and turned to her at the door. “Don’t read Page 


Roslyn got very curious. 

After he left, she opened Page 38 and saw some words. 

“Today is my birthday, but Mom worked overtime to buy us a birthday cake. I feel sorry for her. 

“Mom asked me to make a wish. I wish I could have 3.2 million dollars on my credit card. Then I would be able to support my mom. 

“I’ve never told anyone about this, because it might not come true if so. I won’t show this page to anyone!” 

40 IVouchers 

Roslyn’s eyes turned red. She sighed, “Bridget must have had a hard time since she needs to raise two kids. No wonder Hayden loves money so much. It’s so hard for them. 

Jeremy snorted, “We’re rich, but you love money too. It’s printed in his DNA.” 


He got his head hit by her. She snapped, “You got the dividends this month, did you?” 

Jeremy covered his pocket and said, “What do you want?” 

“This is your nephew’s only wish. Can’t we make it come true? Give him 3.2 million dollars now!” 

“Why don’t you do it?” 

“I don’t want to.” 

Jeremy was shocked. 

He found an excuse. “I don’t know his credit card member…” 

“Here it is!” Roslyn handed him the diary with red eyes. “He wrote it down!” 

Jeremy glanced at it and saw Hayden’s credit card number on the page with a note saying, “I know my wish will come true, so I have written down the credit card number to make sure I can get the money!” 

Jeremy was speechless. 

Why did he have to give his money away? 

Kristy held the stuffed dinosaur in her room. “Hayden, shouldn’t we go 

to your room?” 

“Wait.” Hayden’s eyes were bright. After he got the message sent by the bank, he smiled, “Let’s go get them some fruits!” 

Kristy said, “For our uncle?” 

“Uncle? He’s our money tree!” 

The laughter upstairs was in a huge contrast with Bridget and Nigel’s silence. 

Nigel looked up and softened up. He said calmly, “Ms. Cole, let’s talk.” 

Bridget sneered, “Talk about how you abandoned the two kids for 


He explained carefully, “Ms. Cole, I was tricked and remember nothing about what happened five years ago. So I got you wrong… You are my kids’ mother. Why are you so hostile? I did nothing to hurt you except for what happened today…” 

Then, here came Wilfred’s voice. 

“Honey, durian is so expensive. We can’t buy it again. The Moyer family banned me. So I don’t have any job or income now. 

“Fanny cut you off because of the Moyer family’s order and refused to give us money. We don’t have many savings, so we need to save money. 

“Hayden is the poorest… He is so young. But the Moyer family even forbade him to go to the kindergarten. We need to save money so that he can go to a good school. 


are they so hostile to us? What did we do?” 

Nigel was astonished. 


Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 10/5/2023 Native Language: English
Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities" A "Pregnancy Billionaire" novel typically revolves around a plot where a woman unexpectedly becomes pregnant by a wealthy, powerful billionaire, leading to complex romantic, dramatic, and societal conflicts as they navigate the challenges of love, family, and wealth. Read More Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Read Online Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Chapter 1 I'm With Her Grandson Ever wondered what it was like dating a ball of energy? Bridget Cole woke up groggy, her head pounding from last night's intense encounter. She thought, "Who would've guessed that such a good-looking guy could go all night like that? He had endless energy and had S** with me several times nonstop! "Maybe he was that excited about his successful proposal last night?" Sitting up in her hotel bed, Bridget realized Nigel Moyer was nowhere to be found. She grabbed her phone, and dialed his number, intending to talk to him about pacing themselves, but the voice on the other end sent her heart sinking. "Sorry, the number you dialed is not in service." Nigel had disappeared. Bridget searched everywhere for him, but no one had seen him. Worried, she finally called the police.  

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

  1. Q: Who is the main character in the story?
  2. A: The main character is Bridget Cole.
  3. Q: What happened to Nigel Moyer after his successful proposal?
  4. A: Nigel Moyer disappeared, and there was no record of him ever existing.
  5. Q: Why did Bridget call the police?
  6. A: Bridget called the police because Nigel Moyer had disappeared without a trace.
  7. Q: What shocking discovery did Bridget make after Nigel's disappearance?
  8. A: Bridget discovered that she was pregnant.
  9. Q: How much time pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins?
  10. A: Five years have pa*sed since Nigel's disappearance when Chapter 1 begins.
  11. Q: Why did Bridget attend the birthday party at the Intercontinental Hotel?
  12. A: Bridget attended the party to confront Nigel Moyer, who had returned for his mother's birthday.
  13. Q: How did the other guests at the party react to Bridget's presence?
  14. A: Many guests at the party were hostile and derogatory towards Bridget due to her abandonment by the Cole family.
  15. Q: What was the tradition of the Moyer family when it came to birthday gifts?
  16. A: The Moyer family preferred cash gifts over physical presents for birthday parties. There were specific amounts required to secure a seat at the party.
  17. Q: How did Bridget respond to the demand for a gift envelope?
  18. A: Bridget smiled and implied that she had the money to contribute to the birthday fund, surprising those who doubted her.
  19. Q: Who is Hayden, and what is his relationship to Bridget?
  20. A: Hayden is Bridget's son, and he is Nigel Moyer's biological child.

Pregnancy Billionaire Daddy, Mommy has Multiple Identities


In this intriguing story, Bridget's unexpected appearance at the birthday party with her son hints at an impending confrontation with Nigel Moyer, setting the stage for a dramatic and mysterious tale of secrets, betrayal, and hidden identities.


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