Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Chapter 501

Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Chapter 501

Chapter 501 

Ten minutes later, Silvia walked out of Full Moon Hotel with a black backpack

Hanson’s domain was located in the underground slum in the northeastern corner of the city. Every time the authorities tried to strike the gangs, they would use the poor to threaten the authorities. So, even though the authorities had sent multiple teams to capture Hanson’s gang, their hands would be tied

The gang members had a special tattoo on to differentiate themselves from the poor. It was also the gang’s logo

Silvia had dealt with gangs before. She could tell from a person’s gaze whether he belonged to a gang or not

The moment she stepped into Hanson’s territory, two people pointed their guns at her. Who are you?they asked her

She immediately went into action

Before they could see what she was doing, they felt a painful sensation in their wrists, and their guns were taken

Bring me to Hanson.” 

Her steely expression shocked them. Immediately after, one of them sneered. Who do you think you are? Do you deserve to meet our-” 

Before he could finish his sentence, a bullet shot through his glabella. He widened his eyes and fell onto the ground stiffly

Silvia blew the smoke from the muzzle and smiled. If you don’t want to die, you should lead me to him right now.” 

Fear flashed across the remaining member’s eyes. I’llI’ll bring you over,he said in a trembling voice

Silvia was indifferent. She followed him and pretended not to see the hatred in his eyes

Soon, the gang member led her through winding paths to a residential building. At the same time, a dozen gang members appeared at the staircase. Every one of them was pointing a gun at Silvia as if they were ready to fire at her

The person who led her there immediately approached the gang members and stood behind them. He told them in French that Silvia had killed one of their members

Kill her!their leader said in anger

A string of gunshots followed suit, and after ten minutes, the corridor was covered in dead bodies

The walls were also covered in blood and bullet holes. The scene looked extremely scary

The only surviving gang member stared at Silvia in fear. She was unharmed, and he backed away from her

Silvia walked toward him with a gun in her hand, and she appeared ruthless. Where’s 

Chapter 501 


The gang member gave her an address in a trembling voice. The next second, his eyes widened as the life drained out of him. As Silvia left, he just stared blankly in her direction

Silvia walked toward Hanson’s location and killed a few other gang members on the way there. She was halfway there when she heard some gunshots

She found a place to hide so that she could observe the situation. When she saw the person who was dueling against Hanson, she immediately ran over with a cold expression

Neil was covered in blood

After he got off his flight and entered his ride, Neil already sensed that something was wrong. But he only found out later that Troy’s socalled younger brother was fake information from Liam

Liam’s goal had been to get him overseas so that the gang could kill him

When he reached his destination, Neil found a chance to snatch the gun from the person next to him and fought his way out

However, he had too many opponents, and he was unfamiliar with the place. Therefore, he could only snatch their guns to protect himself and find a chance to escape

Unfortunately, more gang members kept appearing, and he had run out of energy. He had also sustained two gunshot wounds

When he fired his last shot, his body reached its limit, and he fell to the ground

However, he was not greeted by death. Instead, he fell into a warm embrace

A familiar scent surrounded him. He could not believe his eyes as he fixed his gaze on Silvia’s face

Although he could still hear gunshots around him, he could only focus on her

Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Full Novel

Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Full Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: December 22, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Novel Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Full Episode

Silvia Pond thought that she could make Neil Remus fall in love with her three years into their marriage. Yet, all she got were photos of him having s*x with her twin sister!Silvia eventually gave up on him and decided to free herself from their marriage. However, when Silvia passed Neil the divorce agreement, he tore it up right in front and threatened her. “You want a divorce? Over my dead b*dy!”Silvia only felt indifferent when she saw his enraged expression. “You can only choose one. It’s either me or Ada.”In the end, Neil chose Ada. But when he lost Silvia for good, he finally realized that he had fallen in love with her a long time ago.
Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce

Summary Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus)

"Mr. Remus, Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce" by Silvia Pond delves into the high-stakes world of power, wealth, and personal relationships, focusing on the turbulent marriage of Neil Remus, a charismatic entrepreneur, and his billionaire wife. Neil Remus, known for his tech innovations and sharp business acumen, has always been in the public eye. Yet, behind the glitz and glamour of their billionaire lifestyle, cracks appear in his seemingly perfect marriage to an even more successful spouse. The novel unravels as Neil receives the shocking news that his wife, the formidable billionaire, wants a divorce. Silvia Pond crafts a narrative that is both suspenseful and emotionally charged. As Neil grapples with the reality of losing his wife and the potential implications for his empire, readers are drawn into a world of intricate power dynamics and personal vulnerabilities. The couple's relationship is portrayed as a complex interplay of ambition, love, and the struggle for dominance. While Neil is a force to be reckoned with in the business world, his wife's wealth and influence introduce a dynamic that challenges traditional gender roles and expectations. The divorce announcement becomes not just a personal crisis but also a threat to Neil's carefully constructed public image. Throughout the novel, Pond skillfully explores the nuances of marriage in the context of extreme wealth and societal expectations. The story delves into the sacrifices, compromises, and insecurities that often accompany such relationships. As Neil navigates the emotional turmoil of the divorce proceedings, he is forced to confront his own shortcomings and reevaluate what truly matters to him. The supporting characters in the novel add depth and dimension to the storyline. From Neil's loyal confidants to his wife's influential circle, each character brings their own set of motivations and desires, contributing to the intricate web of relationships and power struggles. In conclusion, "Mr. Remus, Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce" is a compelling exploration of love, power, and the human condition. Silvia Pond's masterful storytelling and intricate character development make this novel a captivating read that resonates with readers long after the final page. Whether you're intrigued by the world of the ultra-wealthy or drawn to stories of personal redemption and growth, this novel offers a rich and engaging narrative that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Mr. Remus Your Billionaire Wife Wants a Divorce (Silvia Pond and Neil Remus) Full Novel


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