Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 938

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Cherise’s Pierogis

“The pierogis are getting cold. Would you like to eat now, or should I reheat them for you later?” Frances’s voice instantly brought Cherise back to reality. Blushing, she quickly pulled her hand from Damien’s grasp and hurriedly sat at the dining table. “Let’s eat!”

Damien looked at her charming appearance, a smile unconsciously forming on his lips. The man carried the large bouquet of roses to the dining table, placed it on the corner, and turned to go to the bathroom. As Cherise sat on a chair and waited earnestly to eat, she carefully glanced at the large bouquet of roses from the corner of her eye. It’s beautiful.

Shortly after, Damien came out of the bathroom. Upon seeing that she hadn’t started eating, the man smiled. He picked up a pierogi and placed it on her plate. “Let’s eat. If you like the flowers, I’ll buy you a bouquet every day from now on. You don’t have to stare at it like that.”

Cherise was dumbstruck. “I… I wasn’t staring at it.” Cherise came to her senses, blushing as she retorted, “I was just lost in thought while waiting to eat… Upon witnessing her vehement denial, Damien stopped arguing with her.

The man smiled as he ate a pierogi and said indifferently, “Did you make these pierogis?”

“Mm.” Cherise nodded earnestly. “Frances said you liked the pierogis I used to make for you, but I don’t know how they tasted back then, so I just made the filling according to my taste. Then, Frances taught me how to make pierogis…” After that, she looked up at Damien expectantly. “Quick, try it. Does it taste like the pierogis I used to make?”

Damien smiled and picked up a pierogi. Before eating, he had actually prepared himself mentally. The current Cherise remembered little about the past. She may not have remembered how her pierogis tasted, or maybe what she made wasn’t very tasty. But no matter how bad it tasted, he would eat it all and praise her sincerely.

But Damien was caught off guard… After eating a pierogi, he stared at Cherise in surprise. “Did you really make this?” Cherise pursed her lips, nodding with a guilty conscience. “Yes… I made it…” She observed the man’s face. “What’s wrong? Does it not taste right? Is it too salty or too bland?”

Damien looked at her affectionately. “It’s just right.” It tasted exactly like the pierogis she used to make. While eating, he even thought for a second that her amnesia was just an act. Why does it taste so perfect?

Cherise finally felt relieved when she heard what Damien said. She picked up her utensils and kept serving Damien pierogis. “If you like them, eat more.” Cherise felt a sense of accomplishment as she watched him eat her pierogis.

When half of the pierogis were eaten, Cherise told Damien what had happened in the morning. “A woman named Lucy Staber called me and said she was my friend.”

“Mm. Lucy did have a good relationship with you in the past,” Damien said casually as he ate pierogis. “Even if you ignore me, you would never ignore her. That’s the kind of relationship you have with her.”

Cherise was stunned, “Do we have such a good relationship?”

Damien nodded. “Mm.”



Chapter 938 Cherise’s Pierogis

“If we have such a good relationship, why doesn’t she want to tell me about my past?”



Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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