Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 931

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Lower Your Head

After breakfast, Frances took Soren and Serafina to kindergarten. Meanwhile, Damien’s phone rang several times. They were calls from the Weiss family. Go ahead. You don’t have to stay with me.” Cherise blinked at him, “By the way, what should I do while you’re at work? Without you and the kids around, I’ll be quite bored.”

Damien smiled faintly. “You can stay at home and watch television or play games. You can also ask Frances to go out and buy groceries so you can make lunch and dinner for me.” Cherise was like a blank canvas now, innocent and unblemished. He didn’t want Cherise to interact with too many people or hear unnecessary gossip during this time.

Cherise nodded. “Okay!” After that, she ran downstairs with a grin. She sat on the sofa, grabbed the remote control, and asked, “What should I watch?” Damien furrowed his brow, pondered momentarily, and played a show she used to enjoy.

His phone continued to ring. Damien knew he couldn’t stay with her any longer. After all, matters with the Weiss family needed his attention. Upon seeing her engrossed, the man headed to the door to put on his coat and change his shoes. As he was about to leave, Cherise suddenly turned around. “Hold on!” Damien’s tall figure froze. He asked gently. “Is something wrong?”

“Um…” Cherise ran to Damien. “Lower your head.” Damien furrowed his brows. Although he was perplexed, he complied obediently. As he lowered his head, Cherise tiptoed and planted a kiss on his forehead. It felt like an electric current surged through his body from the touch of her lips.

Faced with the man’s surprised gaze, Cherise blushed her heart racing. “They have farewell kisses.” She pointed to the TV screen. “We’re husband and wife… I thought we should do it too…” Damien’s body froze. He looked down at the woman before him with flushed cheeks. “You…”

Cherise met his gaze nervously. “What’s wrong?” The man’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly. “Um… good job.” The man looked at Cherise and raised his hand to stroke her hand. “Be good and watch television at home. I’ll be back early.”

“Okay!” Cherise nodded earnestly. “I will! I’ll also learn cooking from Frances!” After saying that, she blushed and lowered her head slightly. “I can’t always have you cook for me while I do nothing, right? I think I can cook well, so come back early for lunch. I’ll prepare a table full of delicacies for you!”

Damien’s heart warmed slightly. The man embraced Cherise tightly at the next moment. “Good girl.” After that, he let her go and walked away. Cherise stood by the door and watched Damien leave lovingly. As it turned out, her husband was… such a kind person.

But Cherise didn’t know that her embrace and kiss at that moment gave Damien great strength to face the challenges outside. No matter how strong and indifferent a man appeared on the outside, he would always yearn for a woman’s tenderness. Despite her memory loss, Cherise still warmed his heart.

When Damien returned to Lenoir Group, people from the Weiss family already blocked the building’s entrance. Yolanda and her associates obstructed the entrance of Damien’s company, preventing Lenoir Group employees from entering or leaving.


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Marrying the Man in the Dark


Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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