Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 810

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Maeve’s Sincere Apology 

“I guilt-tripped him. I told him that choosing you meant betraying his family,” Maeve confessed, her face 

etched with guilt. 

“I pressured him, watched him from the shadows. My Health was deteriorating, and I couldn’t handle the stress, according to the doctors at that time. So, with me constantly monitoring him, picking at his conscience, he couldn’t bear to hurt me or speak the truth. He could only push you away.” 

“At that time, after you left, Tristan was frantic, searching for you everywhere. But I still blamed him, thinking it was all his fault, and that he deserved every bit of suffering. Then things changed. Meeting Charles made me realize that Dame had chosen a kind soul – you. And your mom is not a villain, not at all…” 

The woman paused, took a deep breath, and then bowed deeply. “If you and Mr. Tanner are willing, I want to pay my respects to Aunt Charisa. We Lenoirs have done her wrong, causing her so much pain… keeping you and Dame apart for far too long. And for that, I am truly, deeply sorry.” 

Maeve’s words were humble, a stark contrast to her usual demeanor. Even Charles, standing beside her, was speechless, witnessing a side of his wife he had never known existed. 

Maeve bowed low, resembling a statue of remorse, her body trembling. 

Charles had the urge to ask her to stand, aware that the bowing posture would strain her already ailing body, but he refrained. 

He chose to step back, recognizing that this was her moment, her path to forgiveness. 

Whether it was Raymond or Maeve, everyone had to confront their past mistakes. Seeing Maeve in this state, her pride shattered, made Charles see her in a new light. 

The hall held its breath, every word Maeve uttered carrying profound weight. 

Cherise, gentle yet firm, grasped Maeve’s hand. “Hey, Sis. We’re a family now.” 

Savoring the word on her tongue, she took a deep breath and said, “The past is behind us. Holding onto it only holds us back. Let’s move forward, loving and caring for each other. That’s all that matters.” 

With that, Cherise lifted Maeve up and asked Charles, “Isn’t it time to go, Charles? I heard the maid calling, mentioning that Marcy misses her daddy and mommy. Dame and I will stay back, so don’t worry.” 

Maeve bit her lip, a tear cascading down her cheek. 

Charles stood by his wife, relieved, “Just let us know if you need anything. We’ll head out now.” 

With that, he assisted Maeve, wiping her tears away as he guided her away. 

Cherise observed their departure in the corridor, her heart filled with mixed emotions. Never did she imagine receiving such a heartfelt apology from Maeve. 

The revelation that Dame was helpless when they parted ways five years ago was equally unexpected. 

Instinctively, Cherise turned around. As she did, the man embraced her tightly. Startled, she said, “Dame, 



“I understand what you’re thinking. But let’s not dwell on it. It’s all in the past now,” the man said in a deep voice, tinged with resignation. 

Cherise and Damien didn’t linger in the hospital for too long. 

With Maeve and Charles gone, Cherise suggested grabbing a bite. 

“I’m not hungry,” he declined. 

Cherise playfully tugged at Damien’s sleeve, lips pursed, “Even if you’re not hungry, I am. Can you bear to let your wifey starve?” 


Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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