Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 806

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Reconciliation Between Kareen And Cherise 

Kareen smirked and rolled her eyes at Cherise. “Girl, you’re so naïve and trusting. I just called you a fool, and now you’re proving it.” 

“I’ve been friends with Gwenn for ages. Just because I was nice to you for a second, you think we’re BFFs now? Don’t tell me you’re not scared that I might be some secret spy sent by her!” 

Cherise grinned. “Spy? Your poker face needs more practice. You can’t even fake being mad for a minute without looking like you’re about to crack up. You’re way too obvious and definitely not cut out to be a spy.” 

Stumped by the witty retort, Kareen mumbled, “No way.” 

Cherise looked at her thoughtfully and stated, “Yes, you do. Your eyes are telling me you’re on the verge of laughing.” 


Finally, Kareen dropped her guard and burst into hearty laughter. 

“Alright, I’ll stop playing tricks on you from now on. But really, thanks for helping our family deal with that big problem at the wedding. My dad just took Chad and Patricia to the DNA testing center. He suspects Chad might not be his child, and I’m sincerely praying and hoping Chad isn’t his child. Maybe after this, he’ll come to his senses and appreciate me and Zac.” 

Just as she finished speaking, the phone rang. It was Walter. 

On the other end of the phone, Walter was furious. “Forget the DNA test, Kareen! The vile woman has just confessed Chad isn’t a Miles! Can you believe it? She played me like a fiddle, turning me against you and Zac all these years! Twenty years of lies, I can’t believe it! They’re out of the family tonight, I swear! So, you and Zac can move back in…” 

Kareen held her phone, her hands trembling slightly. 

After a while, she uttered a single word, “Okay.” 

Walter’s voice droned on, but she wasn’t listening. 

Kareen hung up, the phone falling silent. Her strong façade crumbled as she threw herself into Cherise’s arms and sobbed. 

The tears of relief broke out like a dam in that instant. 

“Cherry, Aunt Charisa was right. She always told us not to hate Dad; he was just lost and blinded. She always asked us to wait for the truth and redemption… and the wait was finally over. The truth prevailed. Thank you. Thank you for helping us uncover the real enemy and solve the decade-long puzzle. Aunt Charisa must be so proud of you and smiling down…” 

Cherise’s hand stroked Kareen’s back, her own eyes glistening. 

Is Mom watching them from above? Is she relieved and proud? The truth had finally unraveled. The pain of that year finally lifted, replaced by a bittersweet peace. 


Hansen wasn’t a villain; Damien wasn’t the son of the enemy. And knowing that, Cherise felt a flicker of hope. 

Maybe, just maybe, her mother could finally find peace. 

Right in the middle of a hug, a booming voice cut through the air. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Two stunners smothering each other and leaving a lonely man like me out in the cold?” 

Kareen’s face turned red as she pulled away from Cherise. Standing there with a goofy grin was Syatt. 

“Syatt? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Dame now?” Cherise asked, annoyance lacing her voice. 

Syatt shrugged, yawning widely. “Nah. The Lenoirs are here, and Dame is asking for you.” 


Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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