Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 804

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Bridal Intervention 

Raymond crumpled under Damien’s relentless fists, a whimpering mess. 

Begging for mercy had long been abandoned, replaced by a suffocating silence. 

Damien, a furnace of rage fueled by years of betrayal, rained down blows. 

Each blow was a prayer for his shattered parents, every punch a demand for blood. He was a whirlwind of fury, oblivious to Raymond’s fading pulse. 

But just as Raymond’s breath hitched, a hand clamped onto Damien’s arm. It was Zachary, the extraordinary groom, looking sharp in his suit despite being confined to a wheelchair. 

His voice, frail as a feather, cut through the air, “Please don’t turn my wedding into a slaughterhouse, Dame. Lyra, my angel, doesn’t deserve this.” 

Damien froze, the inferno in his chest flickering like a dying candle. 

He swiveled his head, his gaze landing on Zachary’s pale face and Lyra, a tear-streaked vision in white, standing beside him. 

Weak as a newborn kitten, Zachary had somehow extinguished the flames of Damien’s fury. 

A hush fell over the room, everyone stunned by the sudden turn of events. 

Then, Cherise shattered the silence. 

“Zac! You’re awake?!” she exclaimed, her voice a rollercoaster of surprise and elation. 

Bouncing excitedly, she rushed towards him, ‘only to collide with Kareen, a silent sentinel nearby. 

In a whirlwind of joy, Kareen surged towards Zachary, her cry of “Zac!” echoing through the room. 

She flung herself at him, and Zachary playfully tousled her hair. He teased, his eyes twinkling, “Easy there, big girl. Remember your manners because people are watching.” 

Kareen, her face shining with tears, held him close. “I’m just…so happy!” 

She gasped. “You’re finally awake! Zac, I…I thought… I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again!” 

Zachary chuckled, shaking his head playfully. “With a brainiac sister like you,” he winked at Kareen, “and—” his gaze softened as he turned to Lyra, who peeked out from behind him, eyes glistening, “and with a stunning lady like my partner here, waking up was the easiest decision ever.” 

Kareen, lips pursed in mock disapproval, popped up from Zachary’s embrace. 

She grabbed Lyra, hidden behind him, and gently pushed her into his arms. She teased him. “Well, shouldn’t you two lovebirds be heading to the honeymoon suite by now?” 

Lyra’s face turned as red as a ripe apple while Zachary smirked like a cat who got the cream. He tilted his head towards Cherise, perched like a watchful bird in the corner. “Speaking of honeymoon suites, I wouldn’t mind some alone time with my bride. However, given my current condition, Dr. Shaw, do you 


Chapter 804 Bridal Intervention 

think it’s wise to dive headfirst into honeymoon shenanigans?” 

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Cherise’s eyes shimmered with concern. “Aren’t you a bit banged up for that? Maybe a trip to the hospital first, then some intimate time later?” 

“And some food! You need your strength, dude. Lyra’s a delicate flower. We wouldn’t want her taking the lead, right?” Damien interjected, pushing a defeated Raymond aside and fixing his cufflinks nonchalantly. 

He smirked, his eyes flicking to Cherise, who flushed even brighter. 

“Aha! So, THAT’s why everyone’s so excited today? Getting married is the new aphrodisiac, huh?” Syatt chimed in with bright eyes. 



Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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