Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 802

Marrying the Man in the Dark Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Did You, Uncle Raymond? 


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“Why bring up the past again? Even if I admit to and take responsibility for what I did back then, it won’t bring your wife back from the dead! Besides, she wasn’t just yours anymore; she ‘belonged’ to ‘us’!” He wiped the blood off his face, the grin growing colder. 

“Screw you!” A furious spat echoed. 

This time, not only Beckham but Damien stepped forward and punched him in the face. 

“Uncle, no matter what you did wrong, my dad always supported you. And what happened? You shamelessly cheated on your wife using his name, committing such a terrible sin! You’re also the reason for his death!” Damien angrily pointed at Raymond, his eyes burning with rage. 

Patricia’s revelation about “Hansen” hit Damien like a gut punch. He knew, deep down, it had to be his uncle, using his father’s name as a shield. 

But when Raymond confessed, the anger Damien had been suppressing erupted like a volcano. 

Raymond’s youthful recklessness, his careless association with the wrong crowd – it all came back to haunt them, tearing his parents’ lives apart in the process. And the devastation wasn’t limited to them! Maeve, forever scarred by the fire that night, wouldn’t be the broken woman she is now. 

Charisa, taken too soon because of his uncle’s past, wouldn’t have been murdered by Maeve at the wedding. And Damien wouldn’t have spent five agonizing years without the love of his life, Cherise. 

It was all because of this man in front of him, this heartless fool who played with fire and harmed everyone in his path! 

“Well, this guy is quite a character.” Out of nowhere, Kareen’s cold voice chimed in. 

She never liked Cherise much, and even though Charisa wasn’t her biological mother, growing up with her since forever made Kareen love and respect her just as much as Cherise. 

Kareen took a deep breath, stepped out from the crowd, and said to Damien, “Look, there’s something you 

need to know. 

Aunt Charisa once confided in me and my brother about her plan for revenge against your dad. She had an insider in Adania. This insider knew she was after Hansen. He reached out, offering assistance.. 

Unfortunately, his mistake led to the tragic loss of your parents, and Aunt Charisa has been consumed by guilt ever since. You see, she only wanted revenge on those who wronged her, not innocent souls.” 

After saying that, she shot a cold look at Raymond’s face, “And this insider from back then, helping Aunt Charisa? He’s your uncle Raymond. He played the victim card, claiming Zac oppressed and mistreated him, so he joined forces with Aunt Charisa. I just never imagined the truth would be this twisted.” 

Kareen’s words left Cherise stunned. 

She couldn’t comprehend how ruthless Raymond could be. He went to great lengths using his own brother’s name, reaching out to the woman he had assaulted, claiming he wanted to help her seek revenge!? 


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Chapter 802 Did You, Uncle Raymond? 


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The truth hit Damien like a bolt of lightning. His voice cracked with barely contained fury. “Did you?” 

Raymond, unable to meet Damien’s fiery gaze, turned his head away, his face contorted with shame and fear. He mumbled, “Y-yeah…” 


Before Raymond could utter another word, Damien lost control. Like a swift leopard, he dashed forward, pushed Raymond down, and started throwing punches 


Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

Marrying the Man in the Dark (Damien and Cherise) Novel

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