Fat Keily By Manjari Chapter 10

Fat Keily By Manjari Chapter 10

Kelly Manjari 

22% 18:51 

I am going to apply for a learner’s permit,I said, slurping my spaghetti, and get my driver’s license after a month. It’ll be easier since I already know how to drive.” 

My parents looked at me from across the table. We were having dinner, spaghetti and meatballs prepared by my father, and it tasted nice

But my words made us all pause our enjoyment of its deliciousness

Someone’s becoming an adult,my mom commented. First drinking, and now driving.” 

Let’s hope you don’t mix the two together,Dad added


you let it go?I groaned and put my fork down. I’m doing the dishes every night, aren’t I?” 

Like Dad had said when he came to pick me up from Addison’s place, he’d let Mom decide my punishment for drinking at the party

Thankfully, she hadn’t made a lot of fuss and just handed me the task of washing dishes every night. as my punishment. Dad and I both knew my mother was putting her workload on me

But I couldn’t complain, especially when she had a oneonone with me about her teen years, assuring me it was okay to have a little fun, obviously with cautions

My drinking wasn’t a big deal for her. Maybe she’d already expected it from her teenage daughter, unlike my father, who probably thought I was on my way to becoming a homeless drunkard

You’ve done them only last night,Mom quipped

And I’ll do them tonight,I reminded, and also the countless nights to come.” 

We let you get off easily.Dad shook his head before biting into his meatball

I frowned

Emergency calls only 

022% 18:51 

She’s eighteen, Will. We should let her net like it.” My mother took my side, and I felt a little relieved, until she turned her gaze to me

She should start making her own decisions, and In return, I expect her to be responsible.Her tone told me not to take my new freedom for granted

Thank you so much for that,I bowed my head mockingly. And like a responsible eighteenyearold, I want to get my driver’s license.” 

And soon, like a bratty eighteenyearold, you’ll ask us for an expensive car,my father said, but his 

tone was not serious

Buying a car just for my last year doesn’t seem like a good investment. I am totally fine hitching rides with Addison; she doesn’t mind it either.” 

I just want to get a license for emergencies. Also, it’d be nice to have it before college.” 

It was a halftruth. During our ride back home from school, Addison had given me a headsup that I’d be going out with her to a lot of parties

I didn’t want to be a drag that she and Sadhvi had to always carry around; that was why I wanted to get the license, so I could share the designated driver duty

Dad had already taught me to drive back in Remington. But I hadn’t had many friends to go out with or make plans with, making me lazy about applying for my permit

However, now, after experiencing a bit of teenage normalcy, I didn’t want to delay it any further and stand out like a sore thumb among Addison and her friends

I bet James would think of me as a loser for not having a license

Wait. Why do I care what he thinks of me

With the way things are progressing, by next week, you’re going to bring a boyfriend home.My mother gave a teasing smile that reminded me of Addison’s. You’re being so mature” 

Don’t put those ideas in her head, Karen,Dad said immediately, his mouth full and chewing. She’s too young for that sort of stuff.” 

Will, please tell me you’re kidding.” 

I’m not,he retorted sullenly

Mom sighed before turning back to me with a curious face. Tell me, Keily, are there any guys in Chapter 10 of 34: Chapter 10 


Emergency calls only

2022% 12.52 

school that you’re interested in?Her voice was purposely highpitched to annoy Dad

I’m sure a cute girl like you must be getting a lot of male attention. Is there anyone after you?” 

Yeah, an asshole is after me, but definitely not the way you want

Mom, I’ve only been going to Jenkins for a week, a very short time to spin a tale of high school love,I replied, not that you’re going to get any.” 

Because I’m not the boystype, I didn’t add, too tired to hear them go on another tirade about accepting myself the way I was and not letting others bring me down

I knew what they said was right for the most part, but to abide by those words in real life was hard, much harder when there were people like James who reminded you of your flaws so cruelly

Let’s not talk about it anymore.I picked up my fork to get back to my meal, ending the awkward conversation about my barren love life

My father nodded in agreement

I’m living with prudes,Mom muttered, shaking her head at us

If you need any help with forms, come to me,Dad brought us back to the original subject. I’ll 

for your driving test.” 

also go 



I suspected his sudden change of heart had to do with the fact that I had sided with him just now



I hummed All Too Wellby Taylor Swift under my breath as I passed through the whiteblue hallways of our school

The song had come on the radio when Addison was driving us to school, and like the masterpiece that it was, it had gotten stuck in my head

My cousin, unlike other mornings, wasn’t walking with me because she had to rush to submit her history assignment, which was due yesterday, so Taylor’s voice in my head compensated for her 


My singing stopped once I reached the hall with the seniorslockers. James was standing near his locker, smiling and talking to a cute, petite brunette beside him. My jovial mood abated at the sight


Emergency calls only

WZ2% 18:52 

James looked breathtaking as always, dressed in a casual dark gray Tshirt with its long sleeves pushed up to his elbows, black jeans, and blue Air Jordans on his feet

His dark brown locks were a little messy at the front, letting me know he hadn’t used the gel today, but it didn’t bring down his handsomeness one bit; in fact, it gave him a rugged charm

The devil might lack in the being nicedepartment, but he was definitely stocked in the looking goodone

When he chuckled at something the girl said, an unconscious frown etched on my face

It was astonishing how he looked like such a pleasant and approachable person when chatting with her, but somehow turned so hostile with me

Sure, he was a sourpuss,as Lucas liked to call him, with others too, but never to the point of insulting them for no reason

Is there something wrong with me?” 

James’s eyes spotted me looking at him over the brunette’s head. I immediately averted my gaze and sped to my locker, a light blush coating my cheeks at being caught checking him out

A jumble of curses ran through my head as I started putting my stuff in my locker. It was ridiculous how easily he could make me react

After hurriedly shoving things in my locker, I shut it and took a deep breath to calm myself. Don’t think about that asshole

I jumped when I turned around. James stood right in front of me, looking down at me with amusement and blocking my path. Sadly, I had to admit he looked even better up close

His dark eyes skimmed over my whole figure, making me selfconscious, before returning to my facc

It was too early in the morning to deal with him

James, I need to go,I man to choke out, fighting back the redness that was ready to burst under his forceful gaze. I knew he was here just to toy with me

“Class is about to start soon.Fifteen minutes could count as soon, right

Emergency calls only 

022% 18:52 

What’s the hurry, Piggy?he said, his tone inunting. We still have plenty of time for you to ogle me.He smirked

God, he’s so infuriating

I’m not ogling anyone, especially not you,” I countered immediately, my blush intensifying

Lying doesn’t suit you.His smirk widened, and he studied my face. Well, I’ve been taught to do charity sometimes. If you want, my offer from yesterday still stands-” 

Will you stop it?!My patience snapped at his mention of yesterday’s offer

Never in my life would I ever go for someone like you. So keep your disgusting charity to yourself!” 

Everything from his namecalling to hurting Lucas had built up, and I had finally found my voice to speak or yell

To his every insulting word, I had kept my mouth shut since day one, hoping he’d lose interest if I didn’t react. But he was pushing the boundaries more and more

Watch your tongue, Piggy, before it gets you in trouble.His voice deepened, and it sent a shiver down my spine

He stepped closer, making me instinctively take a step back, trapping myself between him and the lockers. He leaned closer, so our noses were almost touching. I couldn’t look away from the intensity of his gaze

Breathe, Keily

You’d never go for someone like me?he whispered

Nnever,I stuttered. There was a storm of butterflies in stomach


He raised a hand to my face, tracing his finger along my jaw. His touch left a trail of fire on my skin

Are you sure about that?he murmured. He sounded sointimate. So sure of himself. His finger lifted my chin, his thumb just underneath my bottom lip. Never?” 

My knees were turning to jelly

JJamesI whispered

Emergency calls only MO 

He began to lean in, and my heart almost exploded

Oh my god. What is HAPPENING?! 

022% 18:52 

He closed the distance between us, our lips hovering centimeters apart. I couldn’t move. I was a deer in the headlights. Did I want this? Did I want him

He suddenly leaned back, a sadistic smile twisting his face

Yeah right, Piggy. Did you really think I would k*ss you?” 

My eyes widened. It felt like my face was set on fire


I stared down at my feet, unable to look at him. I was so embarrassed I could die

Aw, don’t be sad. Piggy.He ruffled my hair like I was some 

L he owned. He sure knew how to humiliate someone. One day you’ll find another pig to oink in the mud with. Now go on, hop to class. We don’t want you to be late.” 

He stepped back, giving me my muchneeded personal space

With my head down and a bruised ego, I walked away to my class, feeling his piercing gaze on my back until I turned the corner

Fat Keily By Manjari Novel Read Online

Fat Keily By Manjari Novel Read Online

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Disclaimer: Contains instances of verbal bullying and fat-shaming. ******* When Keily Harris joins her new school after moving to Bradford, her mother's hometown, she learns one thing quickly. James Haynes is an asshole! The guy just can't give her a break. Never missing a chance to call her fat, making fun of her weight, and clawing at her greatest insecurity. Biggest asshole indeed! Timid and insecure Keily wants nothing but to stay away from the bad guy, but he seems to have other plans.

Fat Keily By Manjari

Fat Keily By Manjari Summary

After reading the text, I put my cellphone inside the jeans pocket and gulped down the remaining cereal. Collecting my bag and wiping my hands on jeans, I stormed toward the front door. “Mom, Addison’s here!” I yelled back at the kitchen.“I’m leaving. Bye!” “Good luck on your first day!” I heard mom shout back as I closed the door behind me.

Fat Keily By Manjari Novel Read Online


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