Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 20

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

As expected, on the other end of the phone, Daisy exchanged a few symbolic pleasantries before getting straight to the point. Grace, your brother doesn’t have enough money to cover his medical expenses this month. Can you lend him some money?” 

Daisy’s straightforward words left Grace feeling a sense of unease

In the past, she didn’t have a job, but Brian would provide her with a monthly allowance. Having grown 

accustomed to frugality, she managed to save a considerable amount of money. So, whenever Daisy asked her 

money, she always gave it without hesitation


However, now, although Brian provided her with a monthly allowance, her recent expenses for taking care of Louise had been substantial. As a result, she did not save much money

Moreover, with a child on the way, there were even more expenses to consider in the future

Daisy didn’t hear an immediate agreement from her, and she became anxious. What’s wrong? Don’t you want to lend the money anymore?” 

Mom, I’ve been going to the hospital often lately, and I don’t have much money left,Grace stated, pursing her lips and speaking solemnly

Daisy didn’t even listen to the words going to the hospital.All she heard was her saying she didn’t have any money

You married into such a wealthy family; how could you possibly be short on money? Even if Brian only supported you for three years, he wouldn’t mistreat you during that time!she said harshly

I know you’ve always been prideful. Have you rejected all the things he gave you? Here’s the deal: if you don’t give me money, just pick any item he has gifted you over the years and give it to me,Daisy said, adding a sarcastic remark, Dealing with ungrateful people is a real challenge!” 

Grace’s heart grew cold, and she didn’t want to argue with Daisy anymore. How much?she asked

Two thousand dollars,” Daisy replied

I’ll transfer it to you shortly,Grace responded



Two months later, once she had persevered through, her brother would have had enough money for the surgery. Everything could come to an end, and she would also have welcomed a new beginning

Louise’s injury had almost completely healed. These days, she could walk on her own. As soon as she could walk, she insisted Grace teach her how to make a puff of pastry

Recently, she had been in the study accompanying Brian while he worked. Seeing Brian frequently indulging in meals every few days, the thought that Grace had prepared all of these made her feel uncomfortable as if something had bitten her heart

If Grace were to leave in the future, would Brian miss the things she made

With such thoughts, she considered it very risky. She wouldn’t allow Grace to leave any trace in his heart

Seeing her struggle to cook while using crutches, Grace felt a bit uneasy. Miss Adkins, why don’t you take a break for a while and learn after you’ve fully recovered?she suggested

Louise clenched her fist, a faint surge of anger rising within her, but she maintained her composure, smiling as she said, I can walk now.” 

She insisted on entering the kitchen, and Grace had no choice but to go to the kitchen and teach her

Concerned about potential accidents, Grace practically guided Louise through the process, explaining as she worked while Louise watched attentively

Finally, they placed the wellmade pastries in the oven, and Grace felt a sense of relief. She helped Louise to the living room to rest

Feeling drowsy, Grace lay down on the sofa and began to doze off. After around twenty minutes, she suddenly heard Louise shouting from the kitchen, Grace! Come quickly!” 

Grace jolted awake, not even having time to put on her shoes before rushing over

As she reached the kitchen, she saw Louise opening the oven door and getting ready to take out the baking tray

Don’t move!Grace shouted

Louise, startled, shook the baking tray, and with a loud crash, the tray fell to the ground


The scalding hot baking tray landed on the top of Grace’s foot. Grace gasped, quickly kicking the tray away

Instantly, several rows of bright red marks appeared on the top of her foot

Is your foot okay?Louise exclaimed in shock

Grace quickly ran to the bathroom and rinsed her foot with cold water for a while. Blisters began to form on the top of her foot at a visibly rapid pace

The commotion in the kitchen alarmed Melvin. Seeing the injuries on Grace’s foot, Melvin anxiously said, I’ll call Mr. Brian right away.” 

No need, it’s just a minor injury,” Grace stopped him

She was afraid that when Brian came back, he would mock her and accuse her of playing the sympathy card again. She would rather not let this incident be known to him

Ignoring Grace’s words, Melvin had already taken out his phone and dialed Brian to inform him

He made the call right in front of Grace. To her surprise, Brian unexpectedly said he would come back immediately

After hanging up the phone, Melvin said reassuringly, See, Mr. Brian is still concerned about you.” 

Grace stared blankly momentarily, then quickly reminded herself not to entertain any illusions

Brian returned quickly, and Grace sat barefoot in the living room. She watched as he hurriedly entered, not even bothering to close the car door

Her heart suddenly raced. Was he genuinely concerned about her

However, the next moment, she realized she was completely wrong

As soon as Brian entered, he didn’t even glance at her but went straight to Louise

He nervously inspected Louise from head to toe before asking, How are you? Did you get burned?” 


Chapter 20 

Louise felt a sweet sensation in her heart and shook her head, saying, No.” 

Grace’s heart sank to the bottom

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Indeed, when there were no expectations, there were no disappointments

Brian made sure Louise was fine before approaching Grace. Grace, feeling disheartened, lowered her eyes, unwilling to meet his gaze

How’s your foot?” 

Thank you 


your concern, Mr. Brian. A few days of rest, and it will be fine,Grace replied with a self- deprecating smile, lifting her head to glance at him

She saw a hint of disdain in Brian’s eyes as he said, Don’t know why you’re always showing off. If you don’t have the skills, don’t embarrass yourself by taking on delicate tasks. It’s shameful.” 

A wave of discomfort settled in Grace’s chest. Indeed, she was the one embarrassing herself. She shouldn’t have intervened with Louise

However, these words remained confined to her thoughts, and she didn’t express them out loud

In the end, Grace stood up abruptly from the sofa and limped back to her room

You get upset when I say a few words?Brian frowned at her appearance

Grace’s figure paused for a moment, wanting to explain something, but the pain in her heart prevented a single word from escaping. She chose silence, entered her room, and closed the door in one breath

She didn’t come out until dinner time, and Brian didn’t inquire about her wellbeing at all

Grace’s heart felt numb as she lay on the bed, sinking into a deep sleep

In the dining room

Louise sat in her chair, eating absentmindedly. Occasionally, she glanced toward Grace’s room. Brian, shall I call Grace to join us for dinner? If it weren’t for me asking her to teach me how to make pastry, she wouldn’t have gotten injured.” 


No need to bother with her. Must we send someone to invite her for a meal?Brian sneered

Louise felt a secret joy. It seemed that Brian didn’t really care much about Grace. His concern was always for her

After finishing their meal, Brian sat in the living room, scrolling through his phone. Seeing he didn’t head to his study, Louise asked with curiosity, Brian, do you have any work to attend to this evening?” 

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

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The Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Novel - Grace Sherman was married off to Brian Francis by her parents three years ago just to raise money for her younger brother, who was suffering from congenital leukemia. She knew it was all a contract, but she still fell in love with Brian. Married for many years, she willingly acted as his stand-in girlfriend, always fulfilling the duties of a wife. Soon, the three- year deadline was about to end, and Brian's proud and beautiful girlfriend was returning home. Compared to her, Grace was just a fake substitute, so she fled and hid.Brian Francis was a handsome and wealthy CEO who became Grace's husband for three years because of a contract. After three years, his girlfriend was returning home, and he resolutely abandoned Grace, only to discover that he no longer loved his girlfriend but his contractual wife.One day, Brian finally found Grace and pleaded, "Grace, come back, please. I know I was wrong." Would Grace go back to him?

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns

In a fancy room at the Francis estate, romance filled the air. Grace Sherman lay on the big, soft bed, traces of k*sses on her neck barely visible. She turned to the man beside her and tentatively asked, "Can you stay tonight?"

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns


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