Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 110

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Chapter 110

Chapter 110 

Louise was very frustrated. She deliberately leaned into Brian’s arms intimately and raised her head to k*ss him from time 

to time

Brian did not stop her and hugged her waist dotingly

Although Louise was looking at Brian, she was still paying attention to Grace from the corner of her eye

She thought that Grace would leave when she saw them being intimate, but Grace did not. Instead, Grace stood there shamelessly and watched

Grace looked at them expressionlessly, while her heart felt like it was being pricked by needles

Just as Louise was about to provoke Grace again, Brian suddenly grabbed her wrist. Stop fooling around. This is a public place.” 

Louise froze for a moment before she burst out laughing. Brian, are you shy?” 

Brian pulled her and stopped her from doing whatever she wanted

Louise was frustrated. Brian must have stopped me because of Grace!Louise thought

Annoyed, she turned to look at Grace. Grace, I’m thirsty. Go get me some water.” 

Grace was stunned for a moment. Oh, okay.” 

Grace bought two bottles of water and returned to where they were before, but Brian and Louise were nowhere to be seen

Grace suddenly turned her head and looked around. There were few people here, and a strong sense of uneasiness rose in her heart

She quickly walked back and sat down where there were people. She looked around. It seemed like there was someone in the bamboo forest

Then, Grace took out her phone and called Brian

The phone picked up on the second ring. Hello?” 

Grace asked nervously, Where are you guys?” 

Brian could hear the slight tremble in her voice. He asked, Where are you?” 

Grace glanced at the signs around her and reported her location. Brian did not hang up and quickly found her

When Grace saw him walking over, her anxious heart finally calmed down

Brian walked up to her and saw that something was wrong with her expression. He asked, What’s wrong?” 

Grace’s fingers twisted together uneasily. Brian looked down and suddenly reached out to pinch her fingers

The cold touch made him frown. Why are your hands so cold in this warm weather? Is something bothering you?” 

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Chapter 110 

Grace quickly pulled her finger away and shook her head

Brian stared at her for a while before saying in a low voice, Since we’re outside to play, you should be happier

Grace smiled bitterly. How could I be happy to see the person I liked being intimate with another woman? Grace thought

Brian stared at the top of her head for a long time. Suddenly, he slowly raised his hand and placed it above her hair

After a pause, a deep crease appeared between Brian’s eyebrows. Finally, he slowly clenched his fingers, and his arm fell 


Brian raised his hand and rubbed his heart. Something seemed to be stirring there. It was uncomfortable and a little vexing

The sunlight was a little blinding. He narrowed his eyes at Grace. What are your plans for the future?” 

Grace was stunned momentarily. She immediately said in a low voice, Leave Capern City.” 

The corner of Brian’s eyes twitched. His expression froze for a moment. Why do you want to leave?” 

Grace looked up at the sky. The world is so big. I have to go and take a good look at it.” 

With that, she looked at Brian and smiled. I wish you and Louise happiness and a long life together.” 

Even though Louise was good at pretending and thinking of ways to harm others, Louise loved Brian, and Brian loved her too. Grace had once heard a saying that one would meet about 30 million people in one’s life, but the probability of two people falling in love was 0.0000049

Look, it’s so rare, Grace thought. So, she wished them well

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns (Grace Sherman and Brian Francis)

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The Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns Novel - Grace Sherman was married off to Brian Francis by her parents three years ago just to raise money for her younger brother, who was suffering from congenital leukemia. She knew it was all a contract, but she still fell in love with Brian. Married for many years, she willingly acted as his stand-in girlfriend, always fulfilling the duties of a wife. Soon, the three- year deadline was about to end, and Brian's proud and beautiful girlfriend was returning home. Compared to her, Grace was just a fake substitute, so she fled and hid.Brian Francis was a handsome and wealthy CEO who became Grace's husband for three years because of a contract. After three years, his girlfriend was returning home, and he resolutely abandoned Grace, only to discover that he no longer loved his girlfriend but his contractual wife.One day, Brian finally found Grace and pleaded, "Grace, come back, please. I know I was wrong." Would Grace go back to him?

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns

In a fancy room at the Francis estate, romance filled the air. Grace Sherman lay on the big, soft bed, traces of k*sses on her neck barely visible. She turned to the man beside her and tentatively asked, "Can you stay tonight?"

Falling for My Contractual Wife by Winni Burns


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