Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 65

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Not for Sale 

When Natasha saw the audience’s reaction, she knew her decision was correct. It was the right decision to arrange for Gianna at the finale show

Maverick was as shocked as anyone else

He didn’t expect to meet Gianna again. Before that, he was full of melancholy and frustration. He felt he had been fooled by fate and regretted abandoning the destined girl

He even decided to pay for his mistake and no longer bother Gianna

Upon seeing Gianna on the stage, his heart couldn’t help but beat wildly, just like when they first met on the rooftop that night

Mom, look! It’s that bitch again!Alaia, sitting in the corner, cautiously pulled Sienna and said. Sienna said rudely, I’m not blind. You don’t need to tell me.” 

Well.Alaia shut her mouth. She was scolded for entering the police station for the second time, and nothing she did was right for her family

Sienna looked at the Tear of the Ocean and had another idea. She decided to buy the necklace to regain the Rivera family’s reputation

The reputation of the Rivera family was damaged. Sienna was humiliated by Gianna’s black card in a luxury store, and Alaia went to the police station again because of the diamond bracelet

Sienna and Alaia were notorious among wealthy ladies in Silver City. As others thought of Sienna and Alaia, a few words might pop up, which were poor, pretending to be rich, and pilfering. Because it was the final exhibit, Gianna did not leave the stage after showing the necklace. Natasha expressed thanks as the chief designer

Thank you all for your love for Vere Jewelry. Thanks to the staff behind the scenes, who have been working hard silently. Moreover, who I want to thank the most are” 

At that moment, Natasha was interrupted by Sienna in the audience, Ms. Clare, I like that necklace very much. I will buy it no matter how much it costs.” 

Natasha glanced at Sienna coldly, Hello, it is impolite to interrupt others.” 

Other audiences also cast disdainful glances

Sienna was arrogant, and the pride in her eyes was evident. You are talking so much just to sell the jewelry. I’m offering you the chance to sell it to me soon.” 

Sienna was wellprepared and borrowed a card with a high limit from Bernard. She had madeup her mind to regain the reputation of the family in Silver City

Gianna said coldly on the stage, The necklace is not for sale.” 

You are just a model who is viewed as an exhibit. Do you have the qualification to say is it not for sale?Sienna stood up without hesitation

Natasha smiled. I’m sorry. She has the qualification.” 

Everyone, please allow me to introduce Gianna Lewis, the necklace designer and my Muse.” 

As soon as she said that, everyone’s eyes once again focused on Gianna, who was perfectly charming

It’s amazing that such a beautiful necklace was designed by her!” 

Did you hear that? Ms. Clare, the famous designer, said Gianna was her Muse.” 


Chapter 65 Not for Sale 

Oh my, I appreciate her more and more!” 

Sienna crossed her arms and sneered, So what if she is a designer? What I want to buy is Vere Jewelry. As long as I want to buy it, you have to sell it.” 

Natasha once again shattered Sienna’s illusion. “Unfortunately, all the raw materials for the necklace are Ms. Gianna’s private products and are only borrowed for the exhibition.” 

Sienna was speechless and looked like she had eaten a hundred thousand dead flies

The discussion drowned out Sienna’s voice again

It turns out that Gianna is an incredible woman who combines beauty, talent, and wealth! She is so cool!” 

Is that her exmotherinlaw? She had gone too far.” 

Designers are proud. How could they give in to her rotten money?” 

The nouveau riche looks so funny.” 

Sienna was pulled back by Alaia and sat in the seat. Just as they were about to leave in embarra*sment, some reporters held microphones and blocked them

Mrs. Sienna Rivera, do you feel embarra*sed to be publicly rejected by your exdaughterinlaw?The necklace is worth at least one billion dollars. You couldn’t even afford a necklace worth 180 million dollars in a luxury store. How could you buy this one? Is it just a pretense to regain the reputation of the Rivera family?

Ms. Lewis was humiliated by the Rivera family members, but you want to buy something she designed. Do you know that you were wrong? Do you feel guilty about her and want to compensate for it?” 

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

Ex-wife’s Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel

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Chapter 1 Narrowly Escaping “At 12:30 AM in Zenith City, a plane bound for Silver City unfortunately crashed upon landing, resulting in the death toll rising to 136 people, with only three survivors remaining.” The real–time report of the air disaster was broadcast on the hospital’s large screen, pulling Gianna Rivera’s thoughts back. As one of the survivors, she lay in the ICU bed, her legs wrapped in bandages and covered in injuries. Her phone, clenched in her hand, vibrated frequently with the words. “The number trying to reach is not reachable. Please try again later.” you are Since the accident occurred, her husband, Levi Rivera, hadn’t answered a single call. She couldn’t believe he was completely unaware of this nationwide shocking air disaster. The scene of the accident was filled with bodies scattered everywhere. The kind of fear that almost took her life still left her unable to breathe. While she desperately needed companionship, the man she had been married to for three years was nowhere to be found.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins

Some Important Questions Related to the Story

1. What is the name of the main character in Chapter 1?
  • The main character in Chapter 1 is Gianna Rivera.
2. How did Gianna survive the plane crash mentioned in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna survived the plane crash, but she sustained injuries and was one of the three survivors.
3. Who is trying to reach Gianna on her phone in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna's husband, Levi Rivera, is trying to reach her on her phone, but he hasn't answered any of her calls.
4. Who is Maya Rivera, and what is her relationship with Gianna?
  • Maya Rivera is Levi's grandmother, and she is the only person in the Rivera family who cares for Gianna.
5. Why does Gianna want to leave the hospital in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna wants to leave the hospital because she believes that Rivera Manor is more suitable for her recovery, and she also needs to attend to her responsibilities as the executive secretary of Rivera Group.
6. What surprising discovery does Gianna make about Levi's whereabouts in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna discovers that Levi was at the hospital but did not notice her. He was with another woman and appeared to be deeply affectionate toward her.
7. What information do the nurses share about Levi and the woman in Chapter 1?
  • The nurses mention that Levi Rivera, the heir to the Rivera Group fortune, is at the hospital with his girlfriend for a prenatal checkup. They state that the fetus is already 12 weeks old.
8. What realization does Gianna have about Levi's schedule in Chapter 1?
  • Gianna realizes that Levi's travel schedule included a week-long business trip two months ago, which corresponds to the timeline of the woman's pregnancy.
9. What do the nurses say about the relationship between Levi and the woman in Chapter 2?
  • The nurses express their belief that Levi treats his girlfriend very well, and they speculate that Levi and the woman will soon make their relationship public.
10. How does Gianna confront Levi about his whereabouts in Chapter 2? - Gianna confronts Levi by questioning his claimed trip to Verdant City, stating that there was no record of his flight to Verdant City on the itinerary, which suggests that he may not have been where he claimed to be. Levi becomes defensive in response.

Ex-wife's Disguised Identity by Josie Atkins Novel


In the story, Gianna Rivera, the main character, discovers her husband Levi's infidelity while recovering from a plane crash. The revelation of Levi's affair with another woman deeply affects Gianna. The story revolves around her emotional turmoil and the strains in her marriage, setting the stage for further developments.


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