Can’t Win Chapter 1247

Can’t Win Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 

Jameson stopped in his tracks. A sharpness flared in his eyes as a peculiar smile rose on his face. 

Silence was an answer of sorts, too. 

“You … You’re the one who revealed Lyse’s condition to everyone through Zoe? Did you do all that just to separate us and get revenge on me? You were willing to tear open Lyse’s old wounds and torment her all to get back at me. Is this your so-called love for her, Jameson Schmidt?” exclaimed Jasper. 

“What are you talking about? I’m afraid I didn’t understand a single word you just said.” 

Jameson snickered. “Aren’t you the one who ruined her for good? What does it have to do with me? Did your brain get waterlogged from standing in the rain for too long? 

“Don’t think I’m the only person in this world who hates you, Jasper Beckett, nor am I the only one who wants you dead. Someone as unlucky as you should just forget about Lyse and let her go.” 

Axel stood beside the railings on top of the building, his black windbreaker billowing in the cold night wind. 

He had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes but still couldn’t calm his overwhelmed emotions. His fingers trembled around the cigarette he was holding. 

“Are you in Belbanks yet, Axel?” Liam’s voice rang out from Axel’s phone receiver. “Did you have a safe flight? You flew the plane all the way here on your own.” 

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“I did, Liam.” Axel’s grip tightened around his phone as he tried to even his breathing. 

Liam was silent for some time before saying quietly, “Do not under any circumstances take rash action, Axel. Even if we were to do something, I’d rather be the one who’s responsible for the crime.” 

“Haha! Liam, if I really wanted to do anything rash, you wouldn’t be able to stop me.” 

Axel tucked the cigarette between his lips. “Take care of Lyse. I’ll go see her later.” 

Axel was in Solana City and not Belbanks firstly because he still hadn’t composed himself enough to see Alyssa after knowing about her body’s condition. Secondly, Alyssa had sent him a text message before the event ended. 

It read, “Axel, you have to hurry up and find that woman who looks exactly like me no matter what! Only by finding her can we find the mastermind behind all this. It’s of utmost importance to both Jasner 

and I!”. 

Axel sat alone in a bustling bar, staring fixedly at a photo of him Alyssa on his phone screen. Bitterness welled up in his chest, nea making tears prick his eyes. 

Just then, a camera was silently turning its lens toward Axel above 


It was connected to the Millennium. 

Jameson had constructed a large database for collecting information here in the dens of Solana City. The hundreds of screens here spied on all of Solana City’s most elite and powerful people 24/7, as well as certain locations. @ 

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Most of the people spied on had no idea they were kept under close watch every day of their lives. They were like the king dressed in new clothes, oblivious to how little privacy they had. 

“The target you were looking for has shown up, Ms. Altman!” 

Amber’s chest tightened. She immediately looked at the screen the man was pointing toward. 

Her heart quickened when she saw Axel’s face on screen. When she squinted, she found that the man was staring right at his phone screen. 

It was her own face staring right back at her. 

No, it was Alyssa Taylor’s, the woman everyone adored and doted on. 

Amber’s eyes darkened slowly as lethal intent colored them. “Keep your eyes on him. I’m on my way right now. 

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue

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Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue Novel Read Online

Alyssa Taylor kept her true identity a secret during her marriage to Jasper Beckett. She thought her burning passion would warm his stone-cold heart, but after three years as promised, all he gives her is a divorce agreement. Disappointed, Alyssa goes through with the divorce and goes back to being the scion of the wealthy Taylor family.Not only is she filthy rich, but she’s also a skilled doctor, elite hacker, and champion fencer. At an auction, she spends money like water to embarrass the other woman who ruined her marriage, and in the business world, she snaps up all of her ex-husband’s deals. Stunned, Jasper questions her, “Alyssa, do you have to be so ruthless?” In answer, she only smiles and says, “This is nothing but a tiny fraction of what you did to me before!”

Can't Win Me Back by Ginger Sue


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